Sunday, September 5, 2010


Okay, instead of spending a large amount of money by doing nothing important, having fun, hedonism, well i chose to go to Jakarta last weekend.. With another culinary experience.. Haha!!Well, guess i really need a job.. I want my own money!hahaha..

I got a call from Kalbe Nutritionals, where Ivonne works also. Went to Jakarta on 28th August, and the psycho test held on 30th. I passed the test and also the English test. I already had a plan to going back home at 31st, but then they called me again, told me that i had an interview on 2nd of September. So yah, i cancelled my flight home, and attended the interview. The 1st interview was with HRD department, i passed and i got another interview with my user the next day. Well, i asked them to arrange the next interview after Idul Fitri, if i pass again,. Let’s hope the best.. I feel optimist :) my interview with the user was really fun, i meant i already imagined that it would be really serious or something like that, but definitely i was wrong. It was the most fun interview, c’mon.. she could be my boss.

I didnt buy anything since my mom didnt give me money.. Thankfully, there’s my sister there.. haha.. So i got a new pair of grey shoes from Pull and Bear (i love them at the 1st sight, dont care whether they grey), bought a black pants and a shirt, and they all are for work needs!! My sist didnt allow me to buy another thing beyond that. Last day i was at Senayan City, and i found this gorgeous short in x(SML), lil high waist with a skinny belt. Just like what i want! hikss.. this one.. i really should buy it when i go to jakarta next time.. well, also wanna buy a zara blouse for work.. the environment in kalbe is really fun.. u can wear a blouse to the office, u dont need to wear collar everyday.. and also shoes! how cool is that?!?! :D

Well, wish me all the best :) i really hope i can join the kalbe nutritionals kingdom..hehehe..


Believe it or not, i got a fashion disaster when using this outfit. there was a girl who wore the exact skirt like me, and she also wore a white top.. wtf!

I think i’m fatter, i dont know.. I ate a lot when i was in Jakarta.. Let’s record it.. First dinner at Koi Teppanyaki, didnt really like that, less fish and lots of veggie..hmmm.. next day i got Ikan Nila Pak Ugi for lunch and Pancious for dinner.. Had soto from Dapur Oma for lunch and Burger King for dinner at the next day!! :) The following day i became poor cos my sist went to Balikpapan.. hehehe.. But i still had pempek 161, Bakmi GM, Kwetiaw Akang, Babi Kacamata (it’s a must!), Sushi Tei (for the 1st time anyway), Bebek Kaleyo. The last day in Jakarta i had Iga penyet Leko for lunch and grilled dori fish for dinner in Urban Kitchen Senayan City. It’s been a great culinary pleasure!! :D


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