Sunday, September 12, 2010

Food Journal : Parsley Bakery & Resto

Well, earlier Parsley’s built as bakery shop only.. Then they developed it to be a garden resto in Jl. Kaliurang. The garden resto sells international food like steak, pizza, etc.. The last building they made was in Jalan Adisucipto, which was bakery shop at the first floor and restaurant at second floor. But it was a lil bit different with the restaurant at Jalan Kaliurang, instead of international food they chose to offer Chinese food.

Lots of dimsum choices, porridges, noodles, and the main course like chicken kungpao, etc. I went there with my family today and we ordered blackpepper crab (kepiting lada hitam), kepiting goreng telur asin, cumi cabai garam, and sapo tahu.. The blackpepper crab is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, the spice and taste is just perfect.. And it’s not too expensive, IDR 80K for 2 crabs. Kepiting goreng telur asin is great too, u can eat the whole crab, even with the shell. The others are so-so, i think Red Bean has the better cumi cabai garam than Parsley.. The fried rice and noodles are quite good. i love ifumie too, but the portion is too large for my stomach. Haha.. Most recommended porridge is pitan porridge.. The dimsum tastes good too! You should try it :D

The place is great for hangout with family or friends, big enough. The service is great, and u’ll have free parking here! :) ahh, plus no service tax included.. How great it is!

The bakery shop sells so many great bakeries and also cake. My favorites are chicken tempura and the opera cake :)

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Parsley has 5 stores :

  • Jalan Magelang no.5 Yogyakarta (bakery shop)
  • Inside Ambarukmo Plaza, Ground Floor (bakery shop)
  • Inside Jogja International Hospital
  • Jalan Adisucipto km.6 no.155 Yogyakarta (bakery and restaurant)
  • Jalan Kaliurang km 5,5 Yogyakarta (bakery and restaurant)



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