Friday, February 21, 2014

Playing Tourist in Jogjakarta

Been almost half a year since my last visit to Jogja, so my last visit this December-January was quite long. I took 5 days off from the office. Well anyway, it’s quite fun to come back home and playing tourist in my hometown, haha..

I spent my New Year’s eve on Ellen’s home with some old friends and new friends that I’ve first met. But the NYE night was started with a dinner with my family at Holycow steakhouse, our fave restaurant in Jakarta that newly opened in Jogja. Same taste, same price, but different atmosphere and class here. Holycow can be categorized as expensive and elegant dish here in Jogja. Maybe because the place is at a hotel, while it's more like 'warung' in Jakarta. But still, i enjoyed my food so so much. Yum! Happy tummy, happy me! :)

Back in Ellen’s house, we had a random talk and had a beer pong competition! Only saw it on TV series and always curious to do it, and i just did the game! So fun! And to be honest it's hard! Haha.. It looks easy but actually the ball just wouldn’t go to the glass easily. Geez. I paired up with Denis. Won in round 1 but lost in round 2. I ended up drinking 3 glasses and i got hot and red already lol. I really cant drink. :p

I also had a grilled marshmallow. Also a new thing i tried and only saw it in TV series before. Haha. Well actually so many foods provided by Ellen but i couldn’t eat anything more since i got so full in Holycow but i managed to eat a grilled gindara and some marshmallows. Lol. It was such a great night! Basically it’s a night where we allowed to get drunk by the beer pong, and another beer round for the losers of other game. Haha..


First pic of 2014!!!


Did I get skinnier? People said I lost some kgs, and I thought so too. Haha.. I need to get more skinnier this year.

Rain was falling along the first day of 2014! Crazy! So we went to my dad's cemetary at noon. Been exactly 18 years and i feel that it was super long time ago. I don’t really feel dad's existence in my life, i don’t even have any precious memories with him. So yeah, i can say that my mom builds my life, she's the superhero who taught me everything and made me the woman i am today. Maybe we don’t look close to each other but we’re definitely close in our own way. A weird way, haha.


2014 is such a great year to start a new thing and a new experience. Beside the beer pong and grilled marshmallow, I went to Ullen Sentalu Museum for the first time in my life. I stayed in Jogja for more than 10 years but I never visited this museum. So one day I played tourist with my friend, Meme. Too bad she already went there before so I took the tour inside the museum alone. Alone! Between the real tourist group inside. Lol. The admission fee is 30K and the tour takes approx 50 minutes. They also give us a traditional drink for our health.


Inside the museum, it's all about Javanese culture and history specially Jogja and Solo history. Inside there are lots of batik, sculpture, painting and also the portrait of the king, queen, princess and the prince many years ago. There are also many letters from friends and relatives to the brokenhearted princess, and there was one letter that caught my eyes. It said :

“How happy i am to see that light only comes from the darkness and shadows. So does happiness.”

I think it’s a good quotes and also true!

We went to Jejamuran after that trip. I really love to eat there! Jejamuran sells everything mushroom! There are a lot of mushroom dishes they made, from satay, tongseng, crispy mushroom, rendang, soup. Ah, it’s a foodgasm! Not to forget it’s really cheap. It’s a MUST to go there if you’re visiting Jogja.


In my last day in Jogja, I went to Mirota Batik, a place you should go when you're in Jogjakarta, the center of batik, souvenir, stuff, handgift, actually just everything related to Jogja. And today was also my first time to watch the Oyot Godhong cabaret show. It's quite fun and entertaining but the seat was horrible! They should make a proper stage and seat. I posted some videos of them on my dayre. Anyway, we don’t have to give them tip here. Haha. Not like in Thai where the ladyboys are super super materialistic. And also the ticket price is super cheap, 30K for VIP and the regular is 20K. You better get the VIP one or you'll end up sitting in the back with backache.

Well, for me this is quite unique for a performance in Jogja, and maybe the only one in Indo. Never saw another one in Indo before. Haha. So it's kinda nice. Just make sure to come earlier to the venue before you run out of the ticket because every show they only sell 40-50 tickets (if I’m not mistaken). It’s so limited.

I actually love my last visit to Jogja since I tried so many new stuff. I look forward for another exciting new thing and experience in this new year. :)

May everything goes well as His will.




Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dayre : mobile blogging

Hello dear readers, just want to inform you all that I have another blog in Dayre. It’s a mobile blog application and you can download it for free on iPhone or Android.


Kinda follow me there because it’s super easy to access from your mobile. Also the layout is easy to use. Blogging has become more fun! You can add a sticker (but the choice is not much), check-in in a place, upload a picture and video, or simply just put your babble over there.

I often posted my babble over there recently. I tried to update it daily but sometimes I’m just too busy, but there were already many posts there. Haha.

Okay, see ya there! :*

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Kaleidoscope

Back again with the annual kaleidoscope! 2013 have been an amazing year so far, so many great things happened, also bad things, good and sad memories that accompanied me all along the year.

I travelled a lot on this year! Yay to this! The best time of the year was of course my travelling time. Malaysia and Thailand, a short visit to Bintan and Singapore, and even a local place like Pari island and Malang. They were all great and awesome and I wanna do it again and again. Going on holiday have never been failed to amuse me. Love love love travelling to new country and places! I hope there are many places to go too in the following year. Well, actually Singapore and Taiwan are already booked for next year. Haha! :D


Had a graduation ceremony from BDP BCA. Finally after a year graduated we celebrated the ceremony where we got the certificate and placate. Complete with traditional look for each batch. My batch wore Dayak traditional costume from Kalimantan. It was awesome cos I got the chance to gather again with my batch. I missed them so so much! I always love hanging around with them all. Some of us are really really close because we can go crazy together, talk about other people lol, and of course because we shared the same experience and history during our learning time in BCA.


I had completely moved on from the Russian Guy, thanks to my random friend who appeared in my dream one night. lol. It was such a random dream but it convinced me that I deserved better. Someone who of course appreciates me for who I am, values my dream and wants to grow with me. #code

“Where the hell is this prince charming in a white horse??”

Why are you taking so long to get to me? I am patient but it’s hard to find a man in the right time and place. But as people said, God’s timing is perfect. So I just have to wait as I develop myself and prepare to be a good woman and spouse and wife and mom. :)

Anyway, December has been a great month! Doing Christmas stuff in office like gift exchange and camwhoring all the time with Christmas stuff. It’s fun! Even my bosses joined the photoshoot lol.


Back in my hometown, I found so many old stuff that is very memorable. Also tons of my old pic that are really cute. I already put some in my new frame and I’ll bring it to Jakarta and put it in my room. Hihi. I had a Christmas dinner with my family and had another dinner with my bffs 2 days later. We also had a gift exchange. I love my bff and glad to have them as my friends. One of them is my cousin and the other has been friend with me for 12 years. Too bad some of them couldn’t join our dinner.  IMG_3327IMG_3419IMG_3427

Work for me was like a rollercoaster and unpredictable. Sometimes I love  it, but I also hate it. I just wish that I can find something else that fitted me more and earn more money. Something I love more.

2013 passed by so fast for me. Really, it passed super fast, I remember that NYE last year I spent it with my family in Jakarta, watching movie while waiting for the count down. Anyway, thank you for everyone who was with me during 2013, who shared my ups and downs, thank you. It’s been an awesome year for me. I’m grateful for every lessons, experiences, things that I learned during that year. I wish that the new year brings more surprises and miracles and that my dreams come true. Wish that 2014 become a great year and even better year than 2013. Also I wanna grow closer to Him.

Happy New Year 2014!!