Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US TV Series

Holla!! This is the first post after i made the new look of my blog.. Not really new though, i just made a new banner and footer. And also change some colors for the background and the font. And also added new musics for the player. Hohohoho.. It’s just more whity, and blue and pink.

Okay, topic now, US TV Series, which is my to-do list every week. I mean, i keep watching it weekly, by streaming. Though i really hate my internet connection. It’s f*ckin slow. One question, how can Americans make so many good shows everyday? Unlike Indonesian with their sinetrons, eww!!

Sinetrons, drama and drama, with very bad appearance of the casts, too much makeup, and the story usually too dramatic. When there’s  no drama, they give us a cheap action movie with very2 bad special effect and just very bad in everything. No wonder i’m barely watching my TV. I prefer to sit in front of my laptop everyday..

Sooo, what i’m following now, still Gossip Girl, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Life Unexpected, and The Mentalist. Gossip Girl, despite the intrigues every week, i really love this show! The casts, story, and everything is just perfect and every week it’s getting more and more entertaining. And the fashion for sure, also Blair and Chuck’s relationship. Glee, how can they make such a good visual and musical show?? I just love it, to the max! The Vampire Diaries, i  know this is a nonsense show. I admit that i was tempted by the casts. But it’s really great show though, it’s different from Twilight.. The girl is tough and the villain isnt really a demon, in fact he’s the hottest villain in history :D Life Unexpected, i loveee the show!! Too bad they will end it soon. I hope there’s gonna be next season. The Mentalist, it’s like a CSI movie, u know, detectives catch a bad guy, solve a case.

gossip-girl-season-3-cast-photo season-2-promo-photo_436x326 life-unexpected-promothe-mentalist-poster_558x745

The other series i used to watch was Flash Forward, this is a great great science fiction show. I cant wait for the next season. 90210, another teenage and adult drama, look alike Gossip Girl. Heroes, i watched it until season 3. I watched a lil bit season 4 but had not continued it. This show was really great on the 1st season, but getting worse after. Too bad :( I think i’ve watched so many series, but i cant remember all of it. Sometimes i didnt watch it continually, just like CSI, a lil bit Prison Break, Smallville, n Desperate Housewives.

I’m looking for watch Pretty Little Liars, based on a book. I think it’s pretty good show, and only had 10 episodes for the 1st season. They’re going to have another season on 2011. People recommended How I Met Your Mother to me, i havent had any chance to watch it. Also Entourage and the newest one is The Walking Dead. Have u ever imagined a zombie series?!? Hahaha, cant wait. I love zombie :D

Pardon me for this mumbling.



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Job Is Not Your Career

I just opened my blogpost about 2010 New Year’s resolution.. And well, to get a job in this year was one of my resolution. But from my judgement day till this day, i havent got one yet. I’m pretty frustrated. Though my rector said that average of UAJY’s alumni need 3 months to get a job, according to the datas. And yeah, i just graduated at the end of October.

I read a book, titled Your Job Is Not Your Career. It’s an Indonesian book, written by a headhunter. What i got as the point was u have to know your passion first, then follow it as your career. Passion is what u enjoy the most, like u do it everyday but u wont get bored of it. And your job isnt your career.

I question my self, i really dont know what’s my purpose in life. What i know, i wanna have great career, and develop myself to the max. From that career, i’ll get money and power. And i must fit into my job, which means that i have to like it first.  If you ask me about my passion, well, i have to say i’m confused. I like trying new things, but i usually didnt focus on that new thing. From this, i know that i’m a generalize typical person. I like being a general that thinks the strategy, than a specialist that does the stragtegy. I like inventing an idea. I like creative things, art, music, fashion. I also love singing, and writing. I’m quite creative, right?? Last time i realized one thing, that i always interested on sports, basketball, taekwondo, athletic, eventhough i dont really understand about the rules or anything, but i enjoy watching it. Sooo, what the hell is my passion?

I got a feedback from my last interview, she said that i’m a high drive person, which is really good. She told me that i could be good at anything i do. But i have to focus first, and determine my purpose. I failed 4 times on my interview. I always passed the psychotest, and failed on the interview. One at the user, and 3 others with the psycholog. I dont know why. What was my foul? Maybe, i just carried away by the way they interviewed me. Maybee, they saw me as a young girl that hasn’t ready yet to work. From the way i spoke to them. And sometimes i wasnt sure on my answer. Specially when they asked me about the marketing things. They could read it, from my face and expression, that i wasnt sure. I guess i need more practice. To be like a professional.




Sunday, November 21, 2010

Food Journal : Yo Cafe

Back with food journal.. I tried new cafe in my town, named Yo Cafe. It is placed in the new Graha Natasha Skin Care, at Jalan Kaliurang Yogyakarta. Basically, they provide light meals, like snacks, beverages, pastries, and lot of desserts!! :D

I ordered lots of dessert yesterday, but my favorite is chocolate truffle!! It’s sooo chocolate :) the cake is more like mousse, because really2 soft. But i loveeee this one..IMG00403-20101120-1929

Eclair, with pisthacios at the top.


American Chocolate Cake, tastes almost like chocolate truffle.IMG00405-20101120-1930

Orange Charlotte, tastes fresh. The cake is a bit sour.IMG00406-20101120-1930

Mango Pudding, the pudding is more like mousse, with slices of mango at the top.   IMG00410-20101120-1935

Black Russian, this cake consist of vodka, so i dont really like eating this too much. But if u like something different, u should try this.IMG00411-20101120-1938

Spinach beef Quiche, tastes really good!! My favorite for the pastries!!IMG00413-20101120-1947

For the beverages, we ordered Orange Peach juice and Tropical Tea. The orange in orange peach juice isnt really tasty, only slice of orange at the top. And the tropical tea is more like passion fruit for me :D

IMG00409-20101120-1932IMG00412-20101120-1938  IMG00408-20101120-1932

Beside the order, they also offer beverage like coffee or latte, and also pasta for eat. Quite good for a new cafe.



Friday, November 19, 2010

My Shopping List :D

Most visited shop in Singapore : Charles and Keith!! Hahahaa.. The price is way cheaper than in Indonesia, and i also had my friend’s discount card. That’s why we adored C&K sooo much :D River Island is great, but too expensive for me. Well, Rubi and Giordano became a favorite too!! Here is my shopping list :)


-The crop top, bought in Bugis village, $15-

IMG00392-20101117-1152 IMG00394-20101117-1153 

- Bag, $59.99 to $53.99; wallet, $29.99 to $26.99; Charles and Keith-


-Sandals, $29.99, Rubi-


-T-Shirt, $13, Giordano-


-Name stample (the upper part is dragon), $15, Chinatown-



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Singapore Trip


Lalalala… After through every obstacles, i made it!! Hohoho.. My first trip abroad, and the destination is Singapore. I couldnt miss it.. I would be really sad :( Damn you Jogja’s airport, they closed it until 20th November 2010.

Me and mom were going to Semarang first, by Joglosemar, then went to the airport to flew to Jakarta. The next morning, me, mom, my sist and her bf flew to Singapore. And we met my sis’ friend from Surabaya at the airport. So the journey began…

Arrived at Changi, my first lunch menu was Burger King. Hohoho.. And i drank only mineral water lah, cos foods and drinks are pretty expensive there. We took a skytrain to terminal 2 and took the MRT to go to Orchard street. I was amazed. The MRT system is really easy to use, and really simple to understand. The ticketing machine is really cool, it can count the money, can give you the change. Awesome!!

Our first destination was to Sentosa Island. We took the MRT to vivo city, took a walk there a lil, and then bought the ticket to Sentosa and watched Songs of The Sea. It was pretty good, the light, water, and fire play was beautiful :) We took a walk to Universal Studio Singapore, took a picture in front of the giant ball, and went to Hershey’s chocolate shop. Too bad it was night already, and our cameras didnt have good quality :(

- Day 1, camwhoring ;) -100_1385DSCN5349100_1388  DSCN5353 DSCN5360DSCN5367 DSCN5380    IMG00254-20101111-1942  IMG00267-20101111-1957100_1409

2nd day, went to city tour with Hippo bus. Our driver’s name was Mr. Roger and he’s really friendly. He told us to take a package for $63, and we could get duck tour and rivercruise, and also tickets to go to Singapore Flyer, museums, garden, etc. If you only took the bus, u only paid $33 for 2 days. They have 2 different buses, one for city sightseeing, and the other is for heritage tour (visit Little India and Chinatown). So we spent the 2nd day for tour. We took the city tour and ended up at Suntec City. We continued taking the Duck Tour, we were on an amphibi car (it can be used in street and also water, cool!!). The car was touring around marina bay, and we could see the Merlion, and also the new building which has a Titanic on top. Time passed and we took a walk to Merlion, took pictures with the signature symbol of Singapore. Next we went to the flyer, enjoyed the whole Singapore from giant tube at sky. So pretty!:) You will charged $30 for the flyer. In the afternoon, we took the rivercruise around Singapore river, and enjoyed the atmosphere of Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. They had lots of restaurant and cafe there!! with also expensive price. Couldnt afford it.. We went back to apartment. Fyi, my apartment was on Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road, and it was so closed with another mall and MRT station. You can go to Takashimaya, Wisma Atria, Ion Orchard and the MRT station by underpass. Awesome again!!! :D

- Camwhoring at the 2nd day -100_1419DSCN5426DSCN5411  DSCN5463  DSCN5454DSCN5472_¸±±¾DSCN5488_¸±±¾IMG00313-20101112-1446_¸±±¾  100_1437 IMG00342-20101112-1557 IMG00356-20101112-1637IMG00377-20101112-1753

     Third day, continuing the tour, but this time we took the heritage tour. We went to Mustafa centre, a very big department store, with very complete goods inside. Next destination was Bugis, we tried to find cheap goods there. I bought a top for $15. Next stop was Chinatown, this is also a place for handgift. We visited the China Heritage Museum, a museum that told us how Chinese could get into Singapore long time ago, and also another history inside. We decided to go back to Orchard at night, and walked around the mall. Our legs were really2 tired.

- Day 3!! Still camwhoring!!- DSCN5497100_1445 IMG00390-20101113-1545 DSCN5504

Last day before leaving Singapore, walked around the mall again to killed the time. Bought bag and wallet!! :D Well, my trip was great! I had a great time, since this was my first time abroad.. I was really excited! I just missed Universal Studio.. I will be there again!! I promise!! Hehehe.. One thing for sure, DO NOT USE high heels!! You will end up breaking your leg and feet.. Cos we walk everywhere.. And bring your mineral water everywhere, cos mineral water is quite expensive there. Beside, i didnt get delicious foods during my trip there. I ate at the foodcourt everyday, but the foods were tasteless. My favorite menu is fried oyster omelette. I also tried the curry rice.  

Overall, I love Singapore!! I’m amazed with this city!! Thanks for the great time!! :D I’ll see you soon..DSCN5506IMG00395-20101117-1154