Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost forgot tat i have a blog! LOL

Geez,, i’ve never updated my blog lately.. i really forgot about this.. it’s been almost 10 days,, hasn’t it? hehe.. so wat did i do for the last 10 days?? hmm,,

actually after got back from jakarta, i still enjoyin my time at home,, yeahh, no vacation anymore.. but i really wanna go back to jakarta.. hikss,, too bad tat i becomin poor again.. ehehe.. coz finally i bought a black bag, the Loreal True Match Mineral, n a Lee Cooper jeans..

ah, havent told u abt the history of my black bag, rite? it’s like, before i went to jakarta, i alre saw tis bag on body n soul,, but i decided not to buy it bcoz i’d like to lookin forward in jakarta.. so yeaa, after got back from jakarta n got nothin, i juz bought tat without any considerations anymore.. but suddenly something shocked me out! 2 days after i bought it, the shop was throwin 30% discount to all of those clothes n bags! hell yeah! how could they do tat to me!! arrghghh… i was like,, havin bad mood all day long! :( it was really really sucks, for sure!!

Then, i met my besties since i was in highschool.. finally we met, after she got back from aussie.. hihihi.. i miss her a lot! n she brought her suitor wit us.. then we went to borobudur temple,, it was really hot n i believe tat my skin is darker now.. then we continued to ketep pass,, watched the merapi mountain through a binocular or anythin.. the wind blew so hard at tat time n the weather was totally cold too.. brrrr.. i’m waitin for the pics anyway!! :)

N tis week i alre watched 3 movies.. He’s Just Not That Into You (call me ‘so last year’ ;p), Public Enemies, n UP!! the 1st movie is generally nice.. but kinda boring.. n i juz realized tat scarlett johansson is definitely HOT! wowww.. as a girl, i juz said tat scarlet is hot.. but yeah, it’s true.. i’m kinda jealous wit her body. LOL. Public enemies is dark,, but the action thingy is sooo COOL.. really.. i never thought tat johnny is cool before, but when i saw tat film, i was melting by his appearance.. bye bye black bird :) well, the last one is UP.. two thumbs up! i meant,, wit that short film,,we can take lots messages.. lots comedy,, funny things,, but there is also sad thing. i almost cried actually,, well, u must watch tis movie!! i believe the 3D version will b much cooler!!





Monday, July 20, 2009

Enjoy Jakarta :)

Yayyy,,, i’m arrived in jogja again finally.. hallowww everybody!! haha.. it was a very short trip,, a short trip abt shop n eat.. yeahh,, we went mall to mall everyday n eat yummy foods everyday!! haha…


me n mom were boardin at 5.30 pm,, the flight were delayed for 1 hour.. arrived at jakarta,,stucked a lil bit on the traffic situation there.. then  ma sist took us to eat pork!! call it ‘babi kacamata’. hohoho,, it’s so damn yum!! lots of fat of course..


went off from our hum at 11.30. 1st destination was eatin! ate at soto betawi,, then continued to Grand Indonesia.. allrite,, it’s so silly dummy there.. i couldnt stop stare at forever21.. great!! i was up n down, in n out there for many times, for abt 1 hour, i guessed.. geez! i really fell in love wif sum dresses,, but too expensive.. hiks..


mom didnt allow me to bought tis dress (below pic)!! hiks.. i’m so damn cute on tat dress.. LOL.. but tis is too nice,, really.. i almost bought tat.. T____T


i couldnt find the black n white rose dress,, but i found the black tank which is look like the one at hollyhoque.. but unfortunately, the size was only available in L.. great! the smaller size were only available on gray colour.. hell yeah!! a lil bit frustrated again, coz the bag at ninewest, which is i WANTTTT, not in sale,, great! so damn expensive! hikssss… finally i bought a blue tank from zara n polkadot jumpsuit from gaudi.. tis is wat i wore tat day,, dress by zara. sandal by charles n keith..


continue the journey to plaza indonesia,, took sum cool pics, ate sour sally, for the 1st time!! wif kiwi topping.. hihihi.. delicious! :)IMG_8462 IMG_8464

ate nasi uduk for the nite,, n then continued our journey to kelapa gading mall.. juz enjoyed the euphoria,, there was a live band,, mini eiffel at kelapa gading mall.. nice :)



ate noodles for breakfast.. i like it.. hehe.. went to ITC kuningan,, bought a very cheap sling bag.. dun hav the red one, tat’s why i bought it.. n i was very frustrated at tat time, bcoz i didnt get a black bag.. argghhh!! n then a mint cardigan :) didnt get the platform n bag,, so continued to kelapa gading (again), ate burger king!! wohooo!! yum yum :D n really made my stomach full!! went to my sis’ friend wedding,, it was in bella rosa kemang,, an art gallery which is soo soo beautiful.. wore sis’ dress by mango, sandal by charles n keith.

IMG_8501 IMG_8478 IMG_8479 IMG_8483 IMG_8490


woke up very early!! bcoz my flight would departed at 3 pm.. but then suddenly i got text msg, said tat the flight was delayed to 5 pm.. yayy!!! glad coz i had more time to walked around the mall.. hohoho.. ate bun ong for breakfast.. pork again.. then went to senayan city.. fall in love wif debbenhams,, geez.. i really like redherring n dorothy perkins.. but still, too expensive.. i’m poor :(

i bought a scarf in orange.. hehe.. then got nothin,, i found a pair of steve madden shoes, n zara shoes.. the steve madden was there for me,, coz it’s black, n size 6. huhu.. the ankle boot from zara is really2 fabulous!! but didnt get the fit size for me.. so yeaa~~ no shoes,, hiks.. ate duck king for lunch!! aww yeahh., yummy!! hahaha.. i really really need to accept my increasin weight..LOL.

from 4 days 3 nite,, it was fun.. though i didnt get wat i want.. mayb i will find it in jogja.. hehehe.. bye jakarta,, wish to had a next trip, ASAP!! :)


Stuffs XD

 IMG_8517 Untitled-1





Friday, July 17, 2009

Jakarta here i come ;)

YAyyyy!! finally tomorrow,, will go to jakarta.. 4.30 pm plane.. hehe.. cant wait to arrive there!! will b off for abt 4 days.. n will start the blog tomorrow wif lots of story of course :)

cant wait to shop!! hunt the nine west bag, a black platform, f21 dress, zara.. anythin!! ON SALE ;)





Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home sweet home :)

Is tat a rite title of ma post?? i dun think so. LOL.

today is so boring!! i got a phone call from the telkom office, asked abt the phone’s problem tat i had.. n yeaa,, finally they fixed it. ma phone was going well.. n then the problem came to ma internet link.. hav no idea wat was happening.. i thought after we repaired the phone’s link, ma inet would b run like usual.. so i called up the speedy office (again),, reported it to them.. actually the problem was in the server or sumthing.. i dunno,, dun understand abt tat.. 

so after 3 days off, without any internet link,, i spend tis whole day in front of ma laptop :P  aww yeahh,, opened ma FB, n then sum sg online shops tat really make me wanna stole it! haha.. n then opened f21 web, nine west.. hunted for sum items tat possibly available in jakarta.. hahaha.. i really cant wait to shop!! :D

SG online shops were annoyin me (n ma pocket i guessed)!! in fact ma eyes cant stop starin at those items.. must blame ma friend who introduced me to those shops.. LOL. OMG,,, sum items r too tempting to resist ;)


items above r from forever 21.. i’m dyin for the below pic!! haha.. hope i find it in jakarta :D

3685767609_67d94860d4_o 3686373886_1910d4db0f_o blackcoraldress

items above r from hervelvetvase.. i think the green n grey bustier is sweeter.. hehe. but the ascott dress is awesome too!!


items above r from hollyhoque!! i hav new interest now,, a bustier?? it’ll be look gud on me maybe.. n the tank on upper pic.. she said it’s f21 inspired tank.. but i think it’s much better than f21 :) i really really heart it!! awwww… i alre asked abt the shippin cost to indonesia.. uhuhu.. i hate when the shippin cost is more expensive than the item itself.. ughhttt,, must safe much money to tis bad habbit!! LOL..

3 days left to be a poor gal :(




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Indonesian President Election

So, finally,,, the day tat we were waited has alre came.. yeahh,, it’s the indonesian president election.. 3 candidates, one vote.. the 1st candidate r Mega and Prabowo,, the 2nd one r SBY n Boediono.. h the last one r Jusuf Kalla n Wiranto.. straight to the point, i chose no 2!! yeaahhh!! so why did i choose him? 1st.. i like Mr. Boediono’s face,, look kind n so nice. not like JK or prabowo tat look like an evil.. haha.. n then since SBY lead tis country 5 years ago, ma life was OK till now.. no war, no criminal, for an ordinary people like me.. i meant yeaa, of course we want more for indonesia.. not  jus always b a developin country, we must go to a leadin country.. i know it needs a lot of time,, wat a young generation like me do is givin ur vote,, n helpin them to rebuild tis country to b a better country.

well, after finished the election, me n friends went to the starbucks to got the FREE coffee,, hihi.. i chose the cold one bcoz the weather tis noon was so so hot.. yes, jus show ur finger (after we gave our vote, usually we would hav a mark at one of our lil finger) n then a free coffee comes to u.. yayyy!! :)


Until tis nite, SBY was alre lead the votes.. he got more than 58 % votes all over indonesia.. let’s hope the best for his government next 5 years :)




Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free week ever!!

Oh well,, tis week was totally awesome.. i didnt need to go to the factory n did research.. hahaha.. i juz stayed at hum,, sat in front of ma lappie all day long,, looked like i got autism~~

well,, tis week play started wif a girl nite out wif besties.. celebrated ma friend’s holiday here.. so yeaa, met up wif her n other gals.. n of course,, took lots lots of pic! LOL.. had a karaoke, which was make me lost ma voice.. great! haha..

What i wore tat nite : Top – Mango, skirt – Urban Dose, wedge – VNC, cardigan – unbranded :)

n then at saturday~~ found a surprise tat he called me on ym.. hahaha.. after a week tat we went together.. but still~~ hufh,, cant really understand tis.. a lil bit bored at nite.. waited for ma friend,, starved so bad! urrghghh… ended tat nite at a cafe n took pics again :P

5494_210770875366_848685366_7644912_1957684_n 5494_210776865366_848685366_7645053_2952907_n  


Wat i wore : top – unbranded, boots – handmade, necklace – diy project

Last, on sunday.. had a shoppin window wif mom.. i guess it’s been really long since the last time we went to the mall together.. n yeaa,, i got ma new sandal!! yayy :D


i’ve been fallin in love wit tis sandal since i saw it in bali last december.. haha.. yayy!! still lots of  shoppin list to hunt! :)

well, couldnt stop ma hobby to buy underwear..damn! i bought 2 pieces underwear from pierre cardin,, ma mom wld kill me if she knew.. LOL




Thursday, July 2, 2009

I’m not available for anythin’

Hufhhhhh~~~ beberapa minggu trakhir ini bener-bener malessssss ngapa ngapain.. mau brangkat KP males,, mau brangkat ke lapangan juga males… lama2 internetan juga bosen.. juz facebook n facebook,, really boring.. ngeblog juga males.. arrghhh!! please bring back ma courage!!

it’s alre july,, n i cant hold it anymore,, to hav a holiday!! jakarta, here i come~~~ shopping!! specially after i got tis scholarship!! yeahh :D i’m so so glad! wihhh,,, i hav lots of shopping list..

1. black high heels with straps like tis :)


2.  black bag


3. colorful purse

4. colorful sandal or flat shoes



n of course sum clothes n dresses :D

anyway, i alre bought another cardigan.. yayy! i hope it wont disappear again.. i’m glad bcoz i found the cardigan tat exacts like the old one.. hhihi..