Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank God It’s August

Sorry for the lack of bloggin.. I was kinda, uhm, lazy.. Not busy.. Haha.. I had nothin to do actually, and jobless.. Yeah, i hope there will be a company that calls me soon.. Beside, so many things happen in this beautiful August, except my graduation.. There was also my 22nd bday, my bro’s bday.. Felly’s farewell party, she was going back to beijing to continue her Chinese study.. And also i got 2 girls that are in relationship.. So happy!! =) i really wait for my turn.. hehe.. I meant, come on, i’ve been single for 2 years, and i havent got any bf till now? Am i that retarded?? LOL..

100_1198 -Had dinner in Sapi Bali on my birthday-

100_1228 -Had dinner in Kmeals on bro’s birthday-

41200_1487214054305_1052539577_31389367_4373911_n -Great friends on Felly’s farewell-

Well, i just gave a shockin surprise for my friend, named Jobi (his real name is Chandra btw), in the most big mall in Jogja, which is Ambarukmo Plaza.. Our plan was gave him a sleeping dress, balloons, party hat, and a sign board that today is his bday.. So yeah, voila! This is how he looked like today..xD

100_1245 Well,uhm, his suffering was not ended yet. Beside his costumes, we took him arround the mall, took him every floors.. haha.. People were staring at us, callin his name, gave him wishes also.. Yeah, it was really a big big moment.. I even found an unknown twitter user talked about this scandal..haha.. U’ve been really famous, Bi.. Guess he wont step his feet into Amplaz for couple of months =D

100_1253 100_1264 -With the whole criminal crew-

I love to dress up like this recently :)

100_1202IMG00403-20100814-1916 45593_1487204774073_1052539577_31389353_3497252_n100_1231



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