Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank God It’s August

Sorry for the lack of bloggin.. I was kinda, uhm, lazy.. Not busy.. Haha.. I had nothin to do actually, and jobless.. Yeah, i hope there will be a company that calls me soon.. Beside, so many things happen in this beautiful August, except my graduation.. There was also my 22nd bday, my bro’s bday.. Felly’s farewell party, she was going back to beijing to continue her Chinese study.. And also i got 2 girls that are in relationship.. So happy!! =) i really wait for my turn.. hehe.. I meant, come on, i’ve been single for 2 years, and i havent got any bf till now? Am i that retarded?? LOL..

100_1198 -Had dinner in Sapi Bali on my birthday-

100_1228 -Had dinner in Kmeals on bro’s birthday-

41200_1487214054305_1052539577_31389367_4373911_n -Great friends on Felly’s farewell-

Well, i just gave a shockin surprise for my friend, named Jobi (his real name is Chandra btw), in the most big mall in Jogja, which is Ambarukmo Plaza.. Our plan was gave him a sleeping dress, balloons, party hat, and a sign board that today is his bday.. So yeah, voila! This is how he looked like today..xD

100_1245 Well,uhm, his suffering was not ended yet. Beside his costumes, we took him arround the mall, took him every floors.. haha.. People were staring at us, callin his name, gave him wishes also.. Yeah, it was really a big big moment.. I even found an unknown twitter user talked about this scandal..haha.. U’ve been really famous, Bi.. Guess he wont step his feet into Amplaz for couple of months =D

100_1253 100_1264 -With the whole criminal crew-

I love to dress up like this recently :)

100_1202IMG00403-20100814-1916 45593_1487204774073_1052539577_31389353_3497252_n100_1231



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Club 22

Woahahaha…i’m 22 now!! so what i’ve been done since last year? what did i achieve? was there something big in my 21st?? hmmm.. My biggest achievement came by the end of my 21, yeah of course it was my graduation :) it’s still the best bday present ever, early bday gift. haha..

First of all, thank God for giving me another years of life. I’m glad that i’m still here, healthy, and happy.. Though sometimes thing doesnt happen like what we wish, but yeah, everything happens for a reason, and it must be Your will. So yeah, thanks for Your blessing, Your everything :)

I wish :

  1. I have a great job and career which means the atmosphere and the salary should fit me perfectly ;)
  2. I have a better life, from every aspects : health, personality, attitude
  3. I can give a good influence to people near me
  4. Closer to You
  5. Keeping my family and people who cares about me proud of me and happy
  6. I have the man of my life, that comes from You (not really important but i think i almost forget how it feels to be loved and loving)

Thanks for all friends who already sent their greetings!! Amin for all the wishes :)


xoxo, S

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looklet again

After almost 1 year being an inactive user of looklet, i finally play mix and matching again..hahaha.. Lots of new item, i love it! :) Lots of this collection inspired by the last K-drama i watched, Cinderella’s Sister.  Moon Geun Young always uses blazer with tunic and jegging.. and combine them with platform shoes or a doc marten.. and her bags, whoaa!! just really2 love them all..

 photo116393 photo116402 photo118690 photo118714 photo121189 1275567460_201006032117542954230001_0 fullsizephoto117158

The Looklet Collection

*Dress as provocative as u can*db3e8181-1402-4d59-aa18-95ec25d98bc9

*i saw  someone dressup like this at carefour yesterday and i think it’s cool*5ced5d6a-98c1-43fe-bbde-de33ac421fbd

*vest with big layer skirt plus belt = superb!* 20ae49c4-ee3b-4aa0-93c7-e28acbbdb9f4

*remember my pc game, barbie fashion show.. then i played some sockhop style*313f6d3b-3fb8-4bfe-a64e-91ab218c838d

*totally inspired by cinderella’s sister, but i’d like to have the same style for me*521c47f5-916e-4f11-9a48-126b1a738ecd

*inspired by korean style..full colour but nice*816bfc19-7670-4f57-8cc9-15a7a42be9e0

*another cinderella’s sister creation*2529800f-a36e-433f-900b-b1de07748e0d

*stabilo color is a trend now*d907f5f5-e949-4bd7-8341-07714d262eb7

*love this effortlessly look*db2f01b9-0cc9-4532-9335-d39ddf679004

*rebel look inspired by cinderella’s sister*3f3ece8e-9481-4e42-9b0a-c2baf0a10ca6

if u like my mix and match style, do visit me on looklet and click the love button on every styles i made and my profile too! billion thanks! =*


xoxo, S

Monday, August 2, 2010

Final Destination – Pendadaran 02+08=10

I’m officialy S.T. (Sarjana Teknik) or u can say Bachelor of Engineering..hoaaaaa..i’m really happy!! cant hide this feeling :) It’s all Jesus’ work, He’s great. Thanks a lot JC. I can do it when I’m with U..

I woke up at 7.30 and prepared myself. Went to uni by myself. Kinda shock when lookin that they changed my lecturer. They should be Bu Ririn n Pak Parama, but then it was Pak Yosef who came to the room. Whoaaaa.. I was quite freakin out, cos he’s really2 critical person (in positive way i meant).

I came to the room, presented my thesis, they asked me in the middle of my presentation. I finished it clearly. After that we moved into discussion session.. Hola! Pak Yoesf asked me something and i couldnt answer it. I struggled a lot on that question but still couldnt find the right answer. Damn it!

My jugdement was quite fast, it took only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I came out. Not so sure about what happened inside. I was scared that i wouldnt graduate.. huaaa >< Alvin kept cheering me up, convinced me that i would be okay. Anyway, there were so many people outside my room.. We took tons of photos.. Thanks to all who already came :) i’m so glad to have u all.. cant mention it one by one.. U can see by looking on my photos today.

Well, they called me to come in. I sat on the chair, then Bu Yanti gave me advices. And finally told me that i could be graduated. I’m sure that i just laughed at that time.. Thanks to Bu Yanti and Bu Yayan for everything, also to Pak Yosef and Bu Ririn.

Give this graduation specially for my family.. And also myself.. I’m proud of myself :)


i borrowed all these items i wore.. haha.. shirt and tie from meme, skirt from tepho, and shoes from ingke. thanks all :)


40253_420876484081_627424081_4486626_8008134_n 40253_420876494081_627424081_4486628_5351097_n


thanks all!! <3

xoxo, S