Thursday, September 9, 2010

Food Journal : Pasta Gio

Well, i’m thinking to be a food blogger.. haha.. i love eat, and my friends always take me to eat! everytime we go out, we always search a new place to eat.. so yeah, why not trying to review it? It’s too bad cos i was just thinking about this.. I mean why not a long time ago?? Well, everything here is based on my true experience.. So i taste it by myself, n i’ll tell the truth about the taste. But dont judge if your taste different with mine :)

I think i’ll only catch up the restaurant or cafe in Jogja, for now.. So let’s talking about Jogja kuliner (culinary). The first place that i’ll review is PASTAGIO. It’s Italian and Western food. They have a homey atmosphere cos they use their garden home to create this restaurant. They have lots of pasta, chicken steak, etc. What i order today is Australian blade steak, Beef straggino (or something), penne soleho, spaghetti bolognaise, and chicken butterfly. I’m sorry for the poor quality of pictures, i wasnt preparing for this before so i didnt bring a proper camera :(

Dont ever think to order a beef steak, cos it’s extremely harsh, hard to bite, whatever u called it. U cant swallow it.. Geez!! it’s very2 unrecommended.. Roasted chicken is good enough, not special, they serve it with potatoes and creamy spinach. The creamy spinach is great, even for me who doesnt like vegetables. The pastas are quite good, my favorite one is Soleho, it’s salty, with lots of chicken. The other is chef ala gio.. it’s good enough also. And u can choose the pasta anyway, spagethi, fettucinne or penne..

Penne Soleho


Spaghetti Bolognaise


Beef Straggino


Creamy Spinach


Tio’s Potato


Cheesy Chicken


DSC01670 DSC01680

The price range is in the middle, beverages are under IDR 10K and the foods start from IDR 10K till 50K. It’s open on afternoon at 5 pm.

To find the place u must reach Hyatt Hotel first (Jl Palagan Tentara Pelajar), go straight until u find a t-junction near Pari Pari Restaurant  and turn right. Go straight until u find a small crossroad then turn right again (it should be Jl Kranji if i’m not wrong). Go straight until u find a red lantern at the left side and then turn left. Red lantern means that the resto is open. The street is narrow. But u’ll easily find the place when u get there because lots of car parked across the place. Dont hesitate to visit Pastagio when u’re in Jogja :)



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Anonymous said...

Thank you untuk arahan ke pastagio..
Kalo ga ada arahan jalan.. Pasti nyasar.. Ni lagi mencoba