Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grace. Grateful. I'm (not) Single anymore :))

Hello readers!! It's been a long!! I'm enjoying my time in Jakarta so far.. How's life everyone?! Hope you all happy and free from suffering :)
Me? Still busy with those tests and classes, also I have English class everyday and it starts on 7 am. Kill meeeee!! You know it's very hard for me to wake up early, and I almost come late everyday.. Hehe.. My class is almost over! I'll go to the branch on mid of November. Wish me luck!! :)
Here we go, a lil interesting summary in my life last couple months, I finished my duty officer (DO) with a presentation, and I got a pretty good grade, best in class. Thanks to my partner, Ivan, for his creativity on making those slides and also for his 'ojek' service during my DO time, and for being cooperative with me lah!! Haha.. Though actually DO was worse than jungle, for me. It's kinda boring when you have nothing to do there, standing and walking around and you can't sit either! But the worst part was my high heels. It was bloody hurting and tiring!! Urggghhh!! You start wearing it on 8am and take it off on 3pm. With one hour rest time. But still not enough. Would be very great if we could just wear flat shoes. Once in a life time though, thank You Jesus.
Sad thing happened in early October, one of my classmate must left the program, he didn't pass the grade's minimum limit, and we were crying at that day!! :'( it was the first elimination round and we already had the feeling about him, we thought that TC would be a lil nice to him and saved him, turned out it all wrong. Well, just praying the best for his life forward.. You are a wise person bang, believe in Jesus and you know you'll get the best just in time. Good luck!!
Now what, my bad habit!! Couldn't save my money till now! This is newly work syndrome! I didn't intend to spend all my money, BUT it was always empty at the end of the month! Geez!! I always bought something new once in a week, either clothes, shoes, watch. LOL. Seriously, I need to stop this. Haha. and I just bought around plane ticket from Jakarta to Jogja for this Christmas and it cost me a LOT!! -______-
Last but not least, the most interesting part!! I'm not single anymore! Haha! Once I changed my relationship status on facebook, people were like shocking! Since this is my first time after 3 years off of bf. My story with Olaf is pretty interesting yet sometimes it's still unbelievable.. How can we meet again after 8 years separated n lose contact to one another? Was it God's will? Don't know, but I believe this one's for the best. I've had his fb account for quite long but we just wrote on each other's wall once or twice.. I forgot how, but suddenly I found his ‎​bbm in my junior high school group and added him to my contact, and that's it, no bbm at all. and how did we start everything? It was on Lebaran when I was in Bandung, I didn't know why but I sent him bbm, a cliche one I think, asked him about the route to some places. Lol. But he was really helpful at that time! Haha.. Then when I was in Jakarta, particularly when having a high tea in Kempinski, I asked him to meet up. and so on and so on.. and it all just happening! Real fast! :p
Remember that I ever wrote that I feel like no guy can amaze me, then I'm amazed by him, by his knowledge and his character. Our weekly meeting were more like 2 old friends meet each other and asking story about each other, than a couple trying to flirt each other. I feel like every meeting turned so fast, we haven't finished our conversation yet but then we had to go home :( and I always hoped that he asked me out again. Hehe.. Then I felt different, and I was in sort of dilemma. I was super curious at that time, did he feel the same way or at least did he attracted to me either? Bcos sometimes he could be so flatttt.. and without any signs, the answer came from his mouth. and again, part 2 of dilemma.. I was unstable, I was happy bcos I finally knew the answer but also afraid bcos it was too fast to make a commitment with him. and... He would leave me to Russia real soon! Sooo.. Sooo.. I was doubtful when I took the decision.
But then.. Yeah, despite my babbling above, you guys knew the end already right? I said yes, and I'm officially in a relationship right now. Well, courtship soon :) and I miss him everyday and love him more and more :)) (pardon my disgusting words, it's a newly couple syndrome, LOL).
Guess that's it! I have exam tomorrow! Haha! Ciao!!

Xoxo, S

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