Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Kaleidoscope

In the first couple months, I was just busy spending time and having fun with my greatest friends in Jogja : Chries, Ling, Evan, Voodoo, always in my heart.. *najis gak* hahahaha… and of course another gorgeous fellas!! I miss you guys!! :* We were exploring Jogja’s restaurants and also another cities near Jogja, it was really fun! Eating, playing cards, monopoli-ing, camwhoring, I really miss those things!! =) Also making a birthday surprise which is sometimes really absurd haha.. 247839_1942225629310_1052539577_32127074_8254068_n248249_1916252179990_1052539577_32090038_2946027_nIMG-20111225-00307

So, after every denying and phobia, after so many years, I went to the dentist! Hahaha.. ain’t afraid no more!! LOL


and this was another happiest moment in my life, what I’ve been waiting for and fighting for. Thank You Jesus for your blessings! Got a lot experience from the office, hiking in the forest for the first time, didn’t go shower for 5 days, dancing in front of the directors, it’s been a blast! =) But the most is because I have new family here :

BDP 14

-Agnes, Dila, Dira, Bella, Dewox, Ngae, Arya, Ivan, Lily, Choky, Gio, Mami, Monche, Nnx, Nat, Ricky, Rizga, Sam, Sety, Tamim, Ve-


First time! Watching international concert of my favorite artists!! Bruno Mars and Train!! Woohoo!! Both of  them were great n very entertaining!! Already have concert schedule for next year : NKOTBSB and Gaga! Let’s roll baby!! :))edit_¸±±¾IMG00779-20111205-2247

What’s different on this year?!

The happy feeling of having my own money, buying things with that. Haha!! And the sad feeling in the end of the month, LOL. I admit that I’ve spent a lot, I feel like I go shopping almost every week! –____-  Note! Note! This will be one of my 2012’s resolution, I MUST LEARN TO SAVE MY MONEY! Haha.. :D

Being far from my hometown for quite long time. I went to Jakarta on July and never go back til Christmas. So yeah, spent my birthday without my family. I never wanted to go back to Jogja, but I’m kinda miss Jogja when I’m in Jakarta, I miss the foods!!IMG-20111225-00283_¸±±¾

It’s been A YEAR OF BLESSINGS. I couldn’t stop say thank God for everything happened in this year. I feel completely blessed, there are so many grace in my entire life this year. I feel like He always gives me His help in the very right time. Never stop being faithful to Him, search Him and everything will be added to you :)

Last but not least, another happy moment is meeting you, my baby buncit, AOM  See you soon! :*



Welcome 2012!! xoxo!


Monday, December 12, 2011

BC* Days

I love taking part in a big event :) So for about 5 months in BCA, I already took part in 2 events.. haha.. Free dinner and fun ambience!

The first one was for BDP’s graduation ceremony, it was held to celebrate the graduation of BDP 1 until 8. Actually they already finished the first year long time ago, don’t know why it took so long to celebrate it. And the next graduation will be held in the next two years!! Which is gonna be my graduation too.. Hahaha..

So I was dancing with some friends from my class, Kalimantan Dance called Giring2, also Papua Dance. and another dance for closing part. Hahaha.. I was quite nervous at the opening dance, because the only audiences were the board of director and another important guests.


The next event was a national seminar about Indonesian economy. Well, I was just being an user for the guest, registering them to the list. It was pretty busy and too crowded to be handled. The layout was very disorganized. Hufh.. I believe the guests were also unsatisfied. But I guess the event itself went pretty well, the sources were good, they gave great informations about economical class in Indonesia. I didn’t really hear the presentation lah. I was busy camwhoring all the time, lol.Tanah Abang-20111207-00189kemp6star4IMG00064-20111207-1444

Cant wait for the upcoming event!! Wish I can take another role there! haha..


xoxo, S

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Office!

Hey hey readers, glad to be back! It’s been really long and I didn’t have enough time to blog, yet I didn’t have any interesting topics also.. haha..

Anyway, I just want to share a lil news, I already passed my first elimination round and moving to the second one. Which is on the job training at one of the branch for the next 4 months, as an Account Officer. And once again, I feel really blessed because I got into Wisma Asia branch, which is really closed to my boarding house. So I didn’t have to move. Actually it’s still the same building as when I got trained in class. Hehe.. also I’m accompanied by one friend. Big thanks to God ;)

My on the job training was started on 10th November!! I went to the operational division first, before went into the credit. Well, I just wish that I can blend in easily, and everything goes well with my job, I work with passion and enthusiasm, get lots of memo and customer. Haha!

Now here it is, short look of my office! Temporarily :p


-The building-


- The AO’s room-


-My cubical-


See?! My desk is still so empty, and I’m really excited to decorate it! Haha,, It’s even only a temporary desk for me, lol. I feel like I wanna buy this or that for my desk. The stationery, mirror, pens, I don’t know. I’m really2 excited! :D

Well, I think that’s it. I’ll update the pic once I decorate my desk! Ps : I already bought the Starbucks tumbler! Yeay! Pps : I already bought a netbook for myself, and I get my modem works really well, so I can do skype-ing with my man now :)

xoxo, S

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grace. Grateful. I'm (not) Single anymore :))

Hello readers!! It's been a long!! I'm enjoying my time in Jakarta so far.. How's life everyone?! Hope you all happy and free from suffering :)
Me? Still busy with those tests and classes, also I have English class everyday and it starts on 7 am. Kill meeeee!! You know it's very hard for me to wake up early, and I almost come late everyday.. Hehe.. My class is almost over! I'll go to the branch on mid of November. Wish me luck!! :)
Here we go, a lil interesting summary in my life last couple months, I finished my duty officer (DO) with a presentation, and I got a pretty good grade, best in class. Thanks to my partner, Ivan, for his creativity on making those slides and also for his 'ojek' service during my DO time, and for being cooperative with me lah!! Haha.. Though actually DO was worse than jungle, for me. It's kinda boring when you have nothing to do there, standing and walking around and you can't sit either! But the worst part was my high heels. It was bloody hurting and tiring!! Urggghhh!! You start wearing it on 8am and take it off on 3pm. With one hour rest time. But still not enough. Would be very great if we could just wear flat shoes. Once in a life time though, thank You Jesus.
Sad thing happened in early October, one of my classmate must left the program, he didn't pass the grade's minimum limit, and we were crying at that day!! :'( it was the first elimination round and we already had the feeling about him, we thought that TC would be a lil nice to him and saved him, turned out it all wrong. Well, just praying the best for his life forward.. You are a wise person bang, believe in Jesus and you know you'll get the best just in time. Good luck!!
Now what, my bad habit!! Couldn't save my money till now! This is newly work syndrome! I didn't intend to spend all my money, BUT it was always empty at the end of the month! Geez!! I always bought something new once in a week, either clothes, shoes, watch. LOL. Seriously, I need to stop this. Haha. and I just bought around plane ticket from Jakarta to Jogja for this Christmas and it cost me a LOT!! -______-
Last but not least, the most interesting part!! I'm not single anymore! Haha! Once I changed my relationship status on facebook, people were like shocking! Since this is my first time after 3 years off of bf. My story with Olaf is pretty interesting yet sometimes it's still unbelievable.. How can we meet again after 8 years separated n lose contact to one another? Was it God's will? Don't know, but I believe this one's for the best. I've had his fb account for quite long but we just wrote on each other's wall once or twice.. I forgot how, but suddenly I found his ‎​bbm in my junior high school group and added him to my contact, and that's it, no bbm at all. and how did we start everything? It was on Lebaran when I was in Bandung, I didn't know why but I sent him bbm, a cliche one I think, asked him about the route to some places. Lol. But he was really helpful at that time! Haha.. Then when I was in Jakarta, particularly when having a high tea in Kempinski, I asked him to meet up. and so on and so on.. and it all just happening! Real fast! :p
Remember that I ever wrote that I feel like no guy can amaze me, then I'm amazed by him, by his knowledge and his character. Our weekly meeting were more like 2 old friends meet each other and asking story about each other, than a couple trying to flirt each other. I feel like every meeting turned so fast, we haven't finished our conversation yet but then we had to go home :( and I always hoped that he asked me out again. Hehe.. Then I felt different, and I was in sort of dilemma. I was super curious at that time, did he feel the same way or at least did he attracted to me either? Bcos sometimes he could be so flatttt.. and without any signs, the answer came from his mouth. and again, part 2 of dilemma.. I was unstable, I was happy bcos I finally knew the answer but also afraid bcos it was too fast to make a commitment with him. and... He would leave me to Russia real soon! Sooo.. Sooo.. I was doubtful when I took the decision.
But then.. Yeah, despite my babbling above, you guys knew the end already right? I said yes, and I'm officially in a relationship right now. Well, courtship soon :) and I miss him everyday and love him more and more :)) (pardon my disgusting words, it's a newly couple syndrome, LOL).
Guess that's it! I have exam tomorrow! Haha! Ciao!!

Xoxo, S

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woman's Prayer

Taken from somewhere :)
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Hello Goodbye

Gue baru aja kelar baca Hello Goodbye nya Fitrop, dan menurut gue critanya oke juga, krn gaya si fitrop bener2 kyk lg nulis diary gt, jadi bacanya jg enjoy. Gw udah kyk orang kepo gitu yg terus penasaran sm kelanjutan critanya. Sayang akhirnya gak happy. Yg jelas gw ga nyangka si fitrop bisa punya kisah kyk gitu, mungkin kisahnya biasa sih, tp gue suka aja cara pandang si fitrop terhadap hubungannya waktu itu. Yes you have to move on and chase your dream.
Trus tiba2 gw mengingat-ingat past relationship gw sendiri. Have I ever felt that kind of el-oh-vi-ee that she describes on the book? I guess I have. Once. a love that makes you wanna do anything to him, you have butterflies inside your stomach, you can easily cry because of him, and of course you can't be separated with him. Oh wait, I'm afraid it was also lust. Ha! :P But I did feel it though it was ended too just like fitrop.
I don't usually remember or count my relationship too. Jujur aja gw bukan tipe pengingat sesuatu, yg curcol sm gw aja bisa gampang gw lupain topiknya. Tapi kayaknya seru jg nih bongkar2 crita lalu. Haha.. Pertama pacaran ato monyet2an sm cowok itu kelas 6SD. OkE, sebenErnya gw lupa jg sampe pacaran kah kita ketika itu, yg jelas sih gw dijodoh2in sm dia. Trs yg gw inget gw putus trs gw sok chEesy suka ngirimin lirik lagu M2M ke dia. Wkwkwk.. Setelah putus gw jd kyk musuhan sm dia, dan diem2an sampe smp. N then gw udah jarang bgt deh kEtEmu dia. Next, pacar pErtama di SMP adl bintang basket, bad boy plus playboy cap kadal gitu deh. Jadian krn maen tembak2an dan cuma seminggu kalo ga salah. Yg plg gw inget sih gw kalo pacaran nyumpetnya di aula, duduk di box buat lompat jauh sambil pegangan tangan. Wkwkwk.. Yg gw inget selanjutnya cowo gw jaman kelas 2, cowo yg tiap hari ketemu di sekolah trs tiap hari telpon2an sampe tidur. Ibarat tiap hari ngobrol dan cuma diselingin makan, mandi sama tidur. I know he was really care about me but then I made him a lil bit disappointed :( kalo ga salah sempet putus nyambung juga). Haha :D abis itu banyak monyet2 semasa smp, ada yg cuma itungan hari, minggu, bulan, haha.. Yg cukup diingat slanjutnya adl pacar yg awalnya temen dkt gw. Well, I rEally enjoyEd our short relationship though, I felt very comfortable with him actually, tapi gara2 msk sma yg beda, lama2 gw jd bosen dan putus lah kita. But I have my own song with him, My Boo! Hahaha.. The lyrics speak it all :))
Oke, di sma gw sedikit jd ga gaul sm cowo (berhubung sma gw cewe smua yee) so cowo pun bisa dibilang ga punya. Paling sedikit fling sm 1 atau 2 orang aja. Untung gw masih doyan cowok! Haha.. Next di jaman awal kuliah, gw ada naksir sm kakak angkatan gw which was my asdos, dan dia pun sebenernya 'kayak' ngasih sinyal, tp setelah banyak pertimbangan akhirnya ga jadi deh.. Dan gw lupa gara2 apa, yg gw inget kita sempet jalan ber2 gitu deh.. Dmn y dia skrg?? Gw jg sempEt punya cowo yg super duper over-reacted dan protektif, suka ngElarang dan ga beralasan, tp di sisi lain dia tu pilar2 Ekonomi gw jg (my bad), so it's kinda hard to let him go. Tapi lama2 gw ngerasa gila jg, luar biasa terkekang dan yg jelas jd sering bohong demi menghindari pertengkaran. and it's just so wrong, so broke up was the only way. and I felt completely happy after that. Ceilee!! x)
Let's see, now this is it, the one who I think I was madly in love with. Waktu itu kita ldr-an, tapi hampir tiap minggu dia dateng sih. anyway, all I could think is him, like I could skip my class only to meet him, brokE my mom's heart just to be with him. and so did hE, I know exactly how much his sacrifices for me and also I was introduced to his family already. So yeah, for us at that time love was always in the air. WE were trully madly deeply in love. Untilllll.... Mungkin ini bukan yg dipikirin anak umur 19 taun sih, sebagai anak yg baru kuliah pasti saat itu moto hidup gw adl go with the flow dan yg jelas target utama gw adl lulus kuliah as soon as possiblE. Blom kepikiran mau jd apa abis itu. Tapi entah kEnapa waktu itu gw jd mikir about us in thE next 5 years maybe. How I will work dan jadi wanita karir, sementara dia bakalan bErkutat dgn hal yg sama (hobbynya) dan gitu2 aja. Suddenly I felt this isn't what I wanted, I felt moving forward, while hE stuckEd, I was afraid he couldn't chasE me. Just like fitrop too, I knew exactly his drEam, but it's gonna be so hard when you had no targEt or goals or timE limit to get thEre. So the love was gone, evaporated.. It just wasn't suitablE anymorE, at least for mE. and it was supEr hard to be separated. But I think I took the right dEcision. Now I SEe him still in thE same place as I was lEaving him. Wish the best for him though..
ahakk.. So whEn they ask me what kind of man I'd like to have, again I'll say the godly man who's financially and mentally stable :) Gila ya crita cowo mah emang ga pernah ada abisnya. Haha.. Okey now, I'm not lookin for a bf, but a futurE hubby! Lol..
Hello hello courtship!! :))

Xoxo, S
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

23rd Birthday

My 23rd birthday was quite different. I think this is the first time I was away from home on my bday. But i'm also relieved cos that means my friends in Jogja couldn't make fun of me! haha.. Because i was one of the creator for some crazy ideas for my friend's bday. And they demanded a payback!! So yeah, sorry guys, i passed your treatment this year :p Also mom always gives me small bday cake.. Kinda miss her :')

It was 12 o'clock and i was praying to God. It's been a great year for me and I couldn't thank Him more :) I feel really blessed. And then after that, Nonix as my roommate gave me a lil cake! Thanks, honey! I did know about it earlier, her movement was so suspicious. haha.. So the rest of the night was camwhoring to get the best picture. Because i looked really plain and ugly. lol.

The big-day was quite fun. It was working day and we had our first class at hotel, Ciputra. And our mentor's so young so she knew how to treat a bday girl. She told the class to sing the birthday song and make a wish for me, everyone, a different wish for me :) like a real wish, but there were also some absurd wishes, haha.. Well, i took the positive one.. Thank you BDP 14 :) And we ate like crazy at lunch, the menus were soooooo tempting! We got too many appetizers, too many desserts. I was madly full with cake! haha..
Luckily, i have many friends which have the same month of birthday. And today was the celebration! :) Got cake and present from the class. It's great to have them while i'm alone here. Last but not least, happy birthday to me! Also to my classmates : Choky, Rizga, Ricky and Gio. Wish all the best for all of us, graduate together and success! Amen.

xoxo ;)

A Nightmare With Cherrybelle(ken) :p

Di suatu malem yg hening, niat lg nungguin EPL maen, terdistract lah saya oleh sebuah FTV di SC*V, yg ternyata dimainkan oleh sebuah girlband baru beranggotakan 9 orang, namanya Cherrybelle(kan), yg artinya.. (lebih baik tak usah disebut daripada muntah). LOL. Okey, jd intinya saya mengikuti tuh ftv trs shock pas dengerin single laen mereka yg nada n iramanya sama persis sm Kissing You -nya SNSD, yah ada beberapa yg beda denk (biar ga disebut2 jiplak). Tambah lah saya illfeel sm ni grup. Singkat cerita, mulai lah acara hujat menghujat di twitter di antara manusia2 yg geli ngeliat si cherrybeleken plus anggota SONE (semacem anggota fan base SNSD gitu) sama admin CB (@cherrybelleindo).
Bener2 kemaren malem heboh banget gara2 perang sm admin si cherrybeleken itu. Oya sebelom itu, awalnya saya tau tentang CB itu dari temen saya yg nggak sengaja nonton mereka di tv, dan kita semua menyimpulkan kalo mereka itu sok SNSD! 9 orang yg ga jelas, maksa dan ga berkualitas. Kenapa? Krn pertama suara mereka jelas pas2an, dance sangat gak powerful, gerakan sok imut, fashion style aneh, dan yg paling ngeselin ya punya musik yg sama! Mending belajar dulu lagi deh...
Saya akan meng-copas tweet2 conversation kami yg super lucu. Oya biar ada bukti, ID twitter saya adl @missyoe :D.
Diawali dgn tweet dr tmn saya yg ngakak: "@evandimanamana: Dipikir wes koyo wong korea po pie mbak?!Rupamu koyo pot pohon palem ngarep sate podomoro! #sarkas" -kmdn saya retweet ke admin si CB.
Setelah itu gantian saya yg ngetweet: "Mbak2 wes rupo pas2an, musik jiplakan, dance bosokan, baju maksa.. Polusi visual dan suara di malem hari.." -dan temen saya yg gantian forward ke admin. Okay salah gue juga gara2 ngomong jiplakan, harusnya ikut2 aka COPYCaT!! Haha! Dan tweet2 penuh hujatan ini pun didukung sepenuhnya oleh salah satu SONE Indonesia yg mulai ikutan panas, yofve, serta retweetan dari beberapa orang lainnya. Saya sendiri sebenernya ga kenal sm dia :) Finally, tweet jawaban yg ditunggu2 itu pun datang..
admin : cuma nanya bole? Peraturan jiplak lagu itu int'l rules 8 bar, menurut kalian? =) -> lo pikir gue bego? Mana gue tau aturan bar2 itu, cih kebanyakan alibi aja mereka.
Gue : Udah pernah denger lagu Kissing You SNSD blom?? Menurut kalian? Ohhh, cuma terinspirasi yaa..
Gue : Saran nih ya, drpd ikut2an, mending cover lagu snsd aja skalian, kyk glee, lebih bermartabat..
admin : jgn marah dulu atuh, tau arti kata jiplak ga? Liat di kamus bhs indonesia online yuk =)
Evan : Tp ya alangkah lbh bagus ga ush ada sama 1bar pun lho ya..Atau cm TERINSPIRASI? Menurut kalian?
admin : memang dari awal sudah mengakui kalo terinspirasi kok, tapi tidak menjiplak =) -> teteup donk yaa.. Pinter berkata2 dese..
Si yofve pun tambah panas dan tetep keukeuh sm pendapatnya.
admin : gini deh, ada notasi lagu kissing you? Kita samain gmn? Kalo bener2 sama, chibi mundur, kalo beda gmn?
Si yofve tetep ngejawabin dgn semangat 45, trs si admin minta bukti chord dan si yofve sampe mau cariin chordnya lohhh.. Trus dia ngasih link ini :
Haha, this was so fun!! Sampee akhirnya bala bantuan pun datang!
@iwakasu: Jiplak/cover g urusan yg pnting vokal & dance dilatih lagi yes @Cherrybelleindo? -> Trs gw tambahin : kalo perlu training dulu 5 taon.
@iwakasu : yup..g hrs 5 thn sih, kl emang mo niru GB korea gpp asal totalitas..sbgn besar mrk training bertahun2 loh..
admin : itulah kehebatan disana bs training bertahun2, kita belajar dari situ, hanya tdk segampang membalikkan telapak tgn kan? =)
@iwakasu : haiyah..Jgn cm kagum dong.. beneran udah niru??kok cm kaya gitu??Emang dgn modal sgitu cukup??
Gue : Setuju, klo gitu seharusnya jgn buru2 diorbitin demi ikut2 trend aja..Mending dibentuk basicnya dulu kan? @Cherrybelleindo
admin : modal kita emg nekad, tapi kita percaya Tuhan kasi jalan utk Chibi, dan hasilnya kalo kata syahrini alhamdulilah yah
@iwakasu : hah kok modal nekad??dan sterusnya akan nekad terus??Ah jgn bawa Tuhan dan syahrini, saya gak kenal mereka.. :) -> jawaban cerdas bung.. ;)
Gue : *speechless*. Even jwban adminnya aja ga berbobot.. Udah ngaku klo modal nekat, ga total, tp ga terima dikritik dan sedikit hujatan.. #Cherrybeleken
Case closed for that night. Tapi ternyata banyak juga pemerhati perang kita loh! Banyak juga yg bantu RT tweet kita. Haha.. Sampe sempet dapet tweet ini : "daddy @Cherrybelleindo + @vctrkho vs Haters @@yofve96383 + @evandimanamana + @missyoe.. lebih seru dari pada #chibiftv.. *brb gelar tiker*". Duh saya sampe ngerasa parno kalo tar tiba2 jd eksis n booming di dunia twitter ini.. Lololol.
Yg paling ngeselin tu ada oknum penyusup yg kalo dari profilnya sih tulisannya fan base si CB, cuma followernya cuma 60 ekor! Ha bloody ha!! Dan dia yg ngotot belain si CB. Bahkan peperangan kita berlanjut sampe tadi pagi dgn omongannya yg ga cerdas dan ga berbobot. Udah males nanggepin, akhirnya saya block dan report as spam. Hohoho.. Tapi tweet2 bodoh mereka terlalu sayang utk dilewatkan..
@ChiBi_Licious : biarkan mereka daddy . mereka hanya sirik krn TIDAK MAMPU menghasilkan krya sprt CHIBI
Gue : *heeehhhh?!* Kita emang ga bikin karya, kita cm penikmat musik. Tp kyk gt masih berani disebut karya?
Pagi harinya.. Si twitter bunyi2..
@ChiBi_Licious : lah terus kalian ngapain sibuk bener ngurusin @Cherrybelleindo ? scr tidak langsung kalian merhatiin juga
@ChiBi_Licious : hahaha cuma bisa ngakak . kasian sama kalian hatinya penuh kebencian kedengkian dan syirik . hidup CHIBI .
Evan : Haa? Males bgtt.. --' ga ada yg perlu dijatuhin.. Orng udh di bawah gt.. Swt..
Pagi2 sebenernya dateng bala bantuan laen dgn tweet yg lucu2 juga. Njonjo ngomong : kasian kali si CB, kyk sekumpulan TKW gagal berangkat. Lol. Chries : udah ngapain kalian ngomong sama artis kls teri.
Si gadungan itu trs ngomong kalo kita mau numpang tenar, yg kemudian dibales si evan : "Hiii.. Numpang tenar? Yg ditumpangin aj ga tenar kok mw numpang tenar.. Amit2.. Ngmng ga dipikir.. Ababil" gyahaha!! Kocak banget!
Pada akhirnya gue jwb : Semoga berkembang dgn baik ya.. Plg ga pny jati diri sendiri deh.. Don't try too hard to be snsd.. Cheers ;)
Dan si gadungan tetep tweet2 ga penting sampe kita pun bener2 males. So setelah gue block hidup gue pun tenang kembali..
Intinya menurut opini saya, smua girlband or boyband yg sok korea itu pd dasarnya emang terinspirasi dari sana. Tapi ya paling ngga coba samain kualitas mereka lah, jgn cuma asal kluar sekampung tapi kemampuannya NOL. Vokal pas2an, dance ga enak diliat.. Udah jelas dari awal mereka cuma modal nekat, pengen cepet2 ngejar trend demi untung segede2nya.. Yah, itu sih licik manajemennya sih ya.. Tapi bingungnya, artisnya kok mau gitu loh, orbit instan ga jelas nasibnya kemana dgn kualitas 'karya' yg nggak banget juga. Moga2 era boyband - girlband mengerikan ini segera berakhir.. Kalo emang ada yg mau nongol lagi, mending yg total deh. Cheers! Xoxo ;)

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alien Invasion

It's a lil bit scary when you get home and find out that your stuff isn't exactly at the first place you put it. And that's what happened to me yesterday! I was got into my room, and thought it was lil weird to see my paper under the tv cabinet scattered at the floor. And some stuff also lying on the floor. I'm pretty sure I was leaving it tidy. Then we took a look at the bathroom, and yeah, the water drainage at the floor was opened. At first, I thought it was someone, trying to clean out our bathroom. But we didn't have that kind of agreement before, so it's nonsense.
Then, after dinner, I wanted to drink Yakult. I got 3 more and I put them above my drawer. I was shocked to see that all of the Yakult seals were opened, there were holes! It became more and more suspicious! First analysis, if it was human, and the Yakult was accidentally fell, then there should be Yakult spill on the floor. But it was clean! So yeah, it must be an animal, and I think it was RAT!! Yucksss!! I couldn't believe it, how come a rat came from my water drainage, walked around my room, and even bit my Yakult seals! Rawrrrr!!
And the most is if it still here, inside the room. Well, I don't know what the real creature was.. Let's hope that he's back to the drainage already.. *fingers crossed*

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My 1st Jungle

I'm homeeee!! :) :) :)
So relieve and happy to sleep in the bed and eat what I want, not only indomie or super bubur.. But the most to have shower and scrub my body! Haha.. I haven't washed my body or hair for 5 days!! :D
Okay, gonna share my survival story in the jungle for 5 days!! Pake bahasa Indonesia aja lah ya biar lebih menghayati critanya :D
Jadi hari Selasa kemaren semua anak BDP 14 ikutan jungle survival. Dari kantor berangkat ke Bandung after lunch. Sampe disana langsung dibagi tim n dikasih backpack. Ganti seragam ala tentara yg item2, pake sepatu boot kulit, terus milihin barang2 yg boleh dibawa. Cuma boleh bawa 2 kaos, termasuk 1 yg dipake plus 3 undies. No bathroom things, tissue basah aja ga boleh! Pdhl dah diem2 nyembunyiin :'( My bag is superrrr heavy! Secara isinya tuh ada botol minum, matras, sleeping bag, ponco (sejenis jas ujan tp jauh lebih lebar, bisa buat bikin tenda) trus masi ada setelan buat senam pagi, sweater, dll dll. But the worst part was I got my period! *sigh* Terus dibagi 4 grup gitu, merah kuning ijo biru, dan aku msk ke grup kuning! With Choky, Margie, Bella, Dila and Arya. Glad to had them because they were fun and very cooperative! :) lanjuttt.. Disuruh lari buat masuk ke hutannya, and very very tired haa.. Kaki mau toklek, napas udah mo putus.. Paling ga suka aktivitas lari2!! *double sigh* Sampe di tanah yg rada datar kita dikasih nasi kotak gitu, last rice we ate for the rest 5 days. Trus dalem 5 menit kudu ngabisin tuh nasi beserta isi2nya tanpa tersisa (kecuali sambel, tulang ayam sama kulit pisang), tragis... Padahal isinyaaa nasi lumayan banyak, ayam, tahu, sayur, lalapan, pisang, kerupuk, sm minum. Enak sih tapi kenapa makan kudu diburu-buru begono.. Maen aman aja lah drpd muntah di tempat. Haha.. Tapi akhirnya pada gagal trs kita switch makanan gitu. Thank God the next food I ate was only a few! Selesai makan akhirnya lanjut naek lagi sampe ke tempat tenda. Dibriefing ini itu, trs tidur pake sleeping bag. So cold!! My body was aching. Sayang tenda cewe2 kuning kebagi 2, jadi lah saya bergabung sama tim biru. End of day 1.
Day 2. Dibangunin subuh2 pas masih gelap gitu, gerak hrs cakcek. Kagak ada kamus lelet2 d hutan. Fyi, bener2 buta waktu slama di hutan lah pokoknya. Dan karena panik dicepet2in, dari semalem ga tidur pake matras, jadi lah itu tanah kerasa semua.. Haha.. Abis acara senam pagi trs lanjut rebus2 air, makan indomie, sikat gigi, beres2. Pelajaran hari itu acara PBB.. Sempet hampir pingsan gara2 kecapekan, tiba2 keringet dingin ga jelas, tp begitu tiduran ngadep langit langsung sehat kembali.. Apalagi liat kakak pelatih yg manis dan sok tenang ituuuu... :p trs lanjut cara mengenali arah mata angin di hutan.. Lanjut turun ke camp buat latihan bela diri gitu, gerakan2 berbau karate taekwondo itu. Selesai itu ada game sangat mengerikan. Game antar 2 tim, kudu lari, merayap, jalan jongkok, merangkak, jalan, merayap di lumpur, sambil ngumpulin makanan gitu sesuai kode.. Astagaa.. Bener2 badanku sangat mengerikan, ga bisa mandi, kedinginan, bau2 lumpur.. Horror! Akhirnya ada yg menggigil lah, ada yg pingsan pula. Acara malem lanjut ke sesi pengenalan BDP lagi. End of day 2.
Day 3. Subuh2 sekitar jam 2 (bocoran dari pelatihnya) dikagetin sama bom! Critanya kalo ada bom gitu semua barang hrs dibawa keluar tenda, pake pakaian lengkap, trs tiarap jaga daerah kekuasaan. Belajar dari semalem, tidur lah sayaa pakai matras malem ini. Eaaa, panik donk abis dibom, si matras belom dilipet, dah pokoknya cepetan ke lapangan aja. Banyak banget barang2 yg ilang2 ato ketinggalan di tenda. Selesai diomel2in plus dihukum, balik lagi ke tenda buat tidur, kali ini beneran! Bangun pagi dgn rutinitas yg sama dengan kemaren. Pelajaran hari itu, PBB lanjutan, belajar pake kompas siang dan malem, terus evaluasi pelajaran beladiri hari kemaren (thank God semua lancar dan ga disuruh push-up), abis itu games kelompok (this was hilarious bcos we had no idea that we took all the bonuses), belajar turun hesti (pake tali tp ga ngiket di badan) dan masi dilanjutkan dgn kelas malem.
Akhirnya, 2 hari terakhir yg sangat ditunggu2, puncak kegiatan jungle survival sendiri.. Jeng jeng!! Kami semua dilepas ke alam, sendiri. Oya, sebelomnya sempet ada kelas pengenalan tanaman dulu, mana yg bisa dimakan, mana yg racun. And I ate that! Pakis kentang, careang, dll dll. Kagum sama diri sendiri.. Hahaha.. Pdhl biasanya sayur yg dimasak aja ga begitu doyan.. Okay lanjutttt, ada 2 rute yg dipakai, 1 rute dgn jalan yg relatif sedang tapi jauh, 1 rute dgn jalan yg sangat curam tp lebih dekat. Sialnya aku dapet yg no 2, which was tearing me apart! I was really doomed that day! Oya ceritanya sih individual dulu nih masuk hutannya. Udah semangat 45 melangkah maju, sampai lah gue di dead end aka jalan buntu. Akhirnya sibuk lah gue cari jalan yg bener dan tetep ga ketemu, bolak balik, ga tau udah wasting time berapa lama. Sampai akhirnya dari pihak pelatih nyamperin gue dan nunjukin jalan ke gue, sekaligus bantuin gue naek bukit2 yg gak ada pijakannya. Parah banget deh itu rute.. Sepanjang jalan gue selalu ngerasa dehidrasi, pokoknya selama disana mulut tuh selalu kerasa pahit. Malahan sampe sekarang masi berasa.. :( bibir juga masih kering bangetttt... :'( oke lanjut, sepanjang jalan gue ngerasa sangat lelah, kaki masih bisa diajak kompromi tp napas yg udah mau putus. Jalannya pelan2 udah kyk emak2 trs ambil napas dan menenangkan diri. Bener2 deh, mana pake acara ilang bolpen di post 1 dan sempet dilema mau balik lagi atau ngga. Akhirnya setelah menempuh perjalanan super panjang (rekor terlama selama 13 angkatan lol) sekitar 4 jam-an, plus nyasar2 yg gak keitung brapa kali, sampai lah gue di finish sambil diketawain sama pelatih2 disana yg lagi menyantap lunch box nya. Sigh.. Aduhhhh pokoknya ngerasa jd orang paling ceroboh sedunia deh, gak teliti, gak konsen. Tapi seneng banget begitu ketemu kelompok lagi!! *terharu* Gue langsung teriak, "KUNINGGGGGG!!!" Lol. Dan mereka plus tim merah udah yg duduk nyantai2 udah pada makan gitu, malah ada yg udah tidur segala! Kejammmmm.... Perjalanan lanjut berkelompok. Senanggggg.. Udah jalannya menurun, isinya ngerumpi doank, capek jadi ga terlalu berasa. Di post 1 kita yg disuruh merem terus membentuk bangun 2 dimensi dgn komando 1 org. Dilanjutin turun hesti!! Entah kenapa medan aslinya menurut gue malah ga terlalu mengerikan. Apa krn sehari sebelomnya gue udah nyobain? Emang sih ada yg curam2 gitu sampe sempet bikin ngguling gituu.. Hoahaha.. Tapi lebih lancar dan ga menakutkan aja. Abis itu di post selanjutnya, ranjau, ada si abang manis lagi.. Ihik ihik.. Bikin ga konsen deh, terdistract.. Lol.. Terakhir di post 3 tuh kudu nyebrang sungai tp 1 anggota ga boleh basah. Strategi tim sih udah bener banget, gue yg digendong (bayangkan saya yg digendong, brarti paling kurus di tim! Muahaha!), eh tapiiii ternyata ada yg gak megang gue.. Jadi lah kita disuruh ngerendem bokong di sungai. Dan dengan bodohnya sambil ngobrol kita duduk mapan disana terus. That was real fun.
Setelah sampai di post istirahat kita bangun tenda dari si ponco itu trs masak2an deh.. Sempet ada ketegangan layaknya sinetron malem itu, kasak kusuk kanan kiri, but we are one.. So yeah, the rest was only a history. Selanjutnya, yg ditunggu2 juga, JURIT MALAM! Dasarnya emang bukan paranoid ye, gue jalan dgn sangat santai ke dalam hutan, nyusurin tali gelap2an pake lighter, harap2 cemas nungguin kapan setan2 gadungan itu nongol. Ternyata gangguan dateng di pos 1! Lg enak2 baca soal tau2 ada krasak krusuk di balik semak2, ada suara babi. Gue udah teriak2in sandi tapi ga ada jawaban, aneh.. Akhirnya bikin gue ga konsen baca soalnya deh, jd cuma baca kalimat awal dan akhir, dan menyadari kalo ini cerita yg dikasih tahu sm abang dande (si a'a manis) di makan siang ituuu.. Tp dasarnya gue cepet2 jd gue jawab pake jawaban itu deh, pdhl kata orang2 ada yg diubah gt belakangnya. Teu nyaho lah.. Abis dari post masih digangguin sama bau2an dan suara2. Trs mendekati garis finish tuh udah ada senter2 dan seharusnya gue udah nyandi dari jauh. Tp gara2 gue terdistract sama si tali rafia jadi lah gue melengos dulu. Trs dihukum lah gue krn gak nyandi dr jauh. Sebel ah, sempet eyel2an dulu sm pelatihnya tapi akhirnya diem juga gue dan push-up 20x. Ngos2an lagi.. Perjalanan abis itu lanjut ke finish terakhir brg kelompok.
Sampai di tanah lapang itu udah ada api unggun, bubur ayam, bakso, air mineral!! Berbinar-binar dah mata ini langsungan.. Abis itu ya evaluasi sama pelatih2, terus santap subuh trs upacara penutupan deh!! Acara penyematan pin.. Mana pin gue mukanya cina bangettt.. Haha.. Terus salaman deh sama pelatih2nya, termasuk sama si Abang. Kyaa! Hahaha..
Inti acaranya sendiri sih menggembleng mental n psikologi kita, serta ngajarin tata cara nilai BCA dan aplikasinya di hidup kita. Diajarin buat humble, customer focus, integritas, dll dll lah. I got lot of experiences and also made a deeper bond with friends from batch 14. Plus banyak banget kejadian lucu di hutan, ada yg pipis di sleeping bag lah, ada yg celana sobek di depan mata pelatih, lol. Ada pup yg nyangkut di kayu lah, kegedean sampe ga kebawa air. Huahahaha.. That was hilarious! Everything was soooo fun.. Except the dirt and cold. Bayangin donk udah nyemplung ke lumpur aja tetep ga mandi 5 hari bok. Rambut udah kyk gembel. Kuku kyk gelandangan item2.. Luar biasa lah pengalamannya.. Unforgetable n once in a life time.. And felt really proud to finish all the obstacles.. Memahami kekurangan diri sendiri, improve and improve, mengucap syukur tiap waktu.. Mantab lah junglenya.. Lebih mantab lagi kalo kenal sama si abang.. Gyahahaha..
Alright, keep fighting! Long long journey! God speed! :D

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Day At Office

My first day at the office yesterday was quite exciting.. Met another new members of BDP Batch 14. So we got total 22 people in the class, and all will become an Account Officer.
Actually the first day was only an introduction of BCA and BDP, we just sat and heard the Lady talking.. And it was sooo sleepy.. And also got 2 snack-break and a lunch.. Haha..
I'm about to have a jungle survival this afternoon!! Oh wow!! Will post the experience later :D
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lotte Duty Free 2011 MV

I’m wondering why Korea can be so cool.. Even a department store like Lotte Duty Free can have such an awesome advertising video, with billion hot guys featured in it. And by hot, i mean including my lovely Hyun Bin oppa (feel echanted everytime i see him), Jang Geun Seuk (still cute), Song Seung Heon (okay, i’m not a big fan of him actually, but i felt tempted too specially after watching him shirtless in My Princess drama lol), Kim Hyun Joong (one of the eyecandy man in BBF and became so popular after that, but I prefer Lee Min Ho! :)), JYJ, Big Bang, 2 PM, and the only lady Choi Ji Woo (would be better without her :p). Anyway, those groups are definitely super famous though i’m not a big fan either. Aaaaa, this is too awesome!! I feel like really wanna go there!! With the theme song, “So I’m Loving You”, this video is like a super combo eye amusement. Haha.. I watched it about 5 times and still counting. Haha.. Enjoy!! :D



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Korean Drama List

Talk about being a Korean lover, suddenly i wanted to list Korean series i’ve ever watched. But actually I already forgot a bit about the story of them. :p I’ll give (*) for the memorable stories. That means I like the series, whether it’s from the story or maybe because the casts only. lol.

A Love To Kill

All In

All About Eve

Baker King

Boys Over Flower

Brilliant Legacy

Cinderella’s Stepsister

Endless Love* (the first memorable movie, the sad part is the best, and the casts are also lovely)

Four Sisters

Full House

Goong* (love the story, love the comic, love the soundtrack, but most love Kim Jeong Hoon :D)


I’m Sorry I Love You* (story and soundtrack)

Jewel In The Palace

Mary Stayed Out All Night

My Love Pattzi* (i actually forgot, but i did buy everything related with this series long time ago)

My Princess


Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang

Secret Garden* (현 빈 ‘s matter and all that kissing scenes, drove me crazy haha)

Stairway To Heaven

Summer Scent

Tree of Heaven* (i love PSH and sad love story :))

Witch Yoohee* (love the story)

Wonderful Life

You’re Beautiful* (love JGS and the soundtrack)

I don’t think i write the exact list, will update when I remember it :) I need to watch Coffee Prince, Oh My Lady, IRIS, and My Fair Lady.. People have recommended it but i always forgot to borrow it! Most anticipated series to come are Lie To Me (Yoon Eun Hye), City Hunter (Lee Min Ho), and You’ve Fallen For Me (PSH and JYH).




Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boys and Girls

This is definitely a relationship week. Haha.. I got surprises! I just got a wedding invitation from my junior school’s mate and she’ll have her wedding next week. She’s pretty young, but she has an adult bf so i think there’s no problem. The future husband can guide her. Well, i cant imagine it yet. I dont even have a bf :( Uhm, like for couple of years *double :(* lol

And i found out that my friend has a new bf from West or usually we call them “bule”, and it makes me a lil envious. I mean, who doesnt want to have a bule bf?! Hahaha.. Totally making a better generation for us Asian :D Last thing, my best friend told me she’s in relationship. Finally! I know she has some admirers at her office and now she finally make it. Hahaha.. I’m sad for myself!! But I’m very happy for them! :) I hope they all have a bright future together.

As for me, okay let’s just wait patiently and embrace the career first. With bright career i’ll have extra confidence to show up. LOL. I think i’m not that typically pretty girl that will catch every boy’s attention in a crowded room. But when you seek for something different, u can try me. Ha! Okay, let me stop this babbling. It’s like i’m offering something here! ==’

I feel like very jealous with Korean drama series, with their love story!! Yeah, they definitely know how to make us imagine it (just like what i did everytime watchin it). lol. But really, some rich guys, or very cold but actually warm inside, or a guy who’s willing to give his everything to the girl, so so imaginative. It’s one in a million that those kind of stories would happen in reality.

Anyway, i just read this and paste it here.

Boy : I broke up with her.

His Best Friend  : What happened?

Boy : She’s just too much for me.

His Best Friend : What makes you say that? What did she do wrong?

Boy : Well, for one.. She only cared about her appearance. Always had to look good, always took forever to get dressed! So insecure..

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she wanted to keep your eyes locked on her? She wanted you to see that you have the prettiest girl under your sleeve and not think otherwise? I see..

Boy : Oh.. Well.. She’d often call me or text me asking where I am, who I’m with, telling me not to smoke, not to drink. She’s so clingy!

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she cares about your well being? Because she cares about you a lot? And her greatest fear is losing you. I see..

Boy : But.. Uhh.. Well, she’d always cry when I say something slightly mean. She can’t handle anything. She’s a crybaby!

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she has feelings? And because she just wanted to hear you say you love her? I see..

Boy : I.. Well! You know, she’d get jealous easily. I could barely talk to other girls! She’s so annoying! I had to hide it from her so she wouldn’t bitch about it.

His Best Friend : So, you broke her heart because she just wanted you to commit to her? She thought you were faithful, but you lied so she could find out later and hurt even more? She just wanted the guy she loves the most to love only her. I see..

Boy : Well, she..

His Best Friend : You broke up with her because she’s good for you? She just wanted the best for you? She’s broken now because you were selfish. Are you proud?

Boy : I broke her heart.. Because I couldn’t see what was happening.. What happened to me?

His Best Friend : You lost the girl that loved you like no one else could. You see? You didn’t want her when all she ever wanted was you. THAT’S what happened.

All I can say about that note above is annoying!! Seriously, I completely don’t want to have a bf like that!! Try to flip the condition. It’s very uncomfortable to have someone asking for you EVERYTIME. And jealousy?? C’mon, get a life! For me, it’s just a childish love from the girl above. First, if you think you have a stable relationship, you will trust your spouse and not showing your bitchyness only because you’re too afraid to lose him/her. And also, physical appearance is important too, but your spouse must have accepted you no matter how ugly you are without cosmetics or pretty clothes when they commited to you fully. Though I cant stand for any lie in relationship either. And that smoking thing too! I hate smokers! So yeah, think twice when you have a spouse like the girl above. You must re-evaluate it.

I remember I was asked by my interviewer about my previous relationship, why i broke up the last time, and what kind of guy that i want. That was like the strangest question ever on my interview experience. I was silence and smile and finally answered. I feel like, “Why are you asking this?! Are you interested in me?!” Haha. I definitely need a mature man, who’s stable mentally and financially. So there wont be annoying things like above. But sometimes i’m afraid that it’ll be me who make the trouble. lol. I really like to be as cool as Sloan on Entourage. Oh wait, and I need someone who cares too! And show his love to the fullest. Just like those Korean drama guys :))

Yeah but the fact i never put any interest to any guys recently! Or let’s say for a quite long time. That’s weird. I feel like i know everyone in my social environment. I need to step up to the other world. Really. I havent found anyone that can amaze me. So yeah, all you guys out there, if you feel like the one I described, just come and catch me really soon! :p

*Now i feel like my friend whispering to me, you search for Jesus first, and everything will be added to you.* :)



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Long Holiday

During May, I was super free, I had nothing to do, like at all. Just helping my mom at the shop at noon, and that’s all. I was totally bored to death anyway.

But I had many friends which birthday is in May, so yeah, a lil and big surprise again!! :D Started in 12th May, Akun’s bday. We did plan the schedule after we knew that we would go to the beach on 11th, so the rest of the day was spent to kill the time. Beach, dinner, monopoly-ing. We had a pretty special cake for him, and actually a special treatment. Buttttt, we missed the treatment because the ladyboy we hired didnt come to the place. It sucks. Imagine if he got the hug and kiss from the ladyboy!! Creepy! haha! xD

230859_1894239069676_1052539577_32064486_6488844_n_¸±±¾ 231067_1894248909922_1052539577_32064526_5507347_n_¸±±¾231164_1894244109802_1052539577_32064506_2846764_n -Indrayanti Beach at Wonosari-

 222751_1894218829170_1052539577_32064407_3270337_n226760_1894219389184_1052539577_32064411_2285506_n 227894_1894217229130_1052539577_32064394_923231_n -The cake and birthday boy-

Had a birthday dinner with friends at Takigawa, new Japanese restaurant in town. Expensive costs with ordinary taste. I definitely prefer Sushi Tei :p Oh wait, but the interior is quite pretty. We sat in the tatami room, and my friends went camwhoring with the lamp. I did that too ;)

248249_1916252179990_1052539577_32090038_2946027_n 250058_1916265460322_1052539577_32090076_891321_n 229044_1916245299818_1052539577_32090015_671035_n

Another surprise for friend’s bday on 26th May. Just like old time, car parade for the birthday boy :D We set the car at the uni’s parking lot, and then took him to the street. People were staring, laughing, taking picture. So funny!251461_1925395648571_1052539577_32100444_4505087_n 247147_1925388608395_1052539577_32100428_1870147_n

Nextttt, went to Semarang to another culinary party with the beloved friends. Fat! Fat! Fat! Had our breakfast at warung gudeg in Muntilan, not big fan of gudeg, soooo… no comment! ;p First destination in Semarang was the new mall, Paragon. It’s actually really small! The best part is Charles & Keith store which we dont have in Jogja, the rest is just the same. We went to Alcatraz Grill for lunch, camwhoring inside!! The concept of the restaurant is prison, but they only have one room that suit it and lucky we got that room. It was very empty at that time. Next we went to Citraland mall and some markets. We went to S2 for dinner. They say this is the most happening place in Semarang, where jetset-ers come to dinner. The concept itself is great, Japanese, Chinese, and Western foods in one building but with different room. You can also choose to sit in the middle in open air space. Pretty! Last, we went to try Lind’s cafe for dessert. It reminded me with restaurant in Dago, Bandung, the concept is the same, they offer the city view. Pics below!! :D

 251585_1936545247304_1052539577_32117850_7798539_n 249213_1936555727566_1052539577_32117877_3480459_n 254411_1936538447134_1052539577_32117807_98955_n 254489_1936540367182_1052539577_32117823_5426681_n 247586_1936531446959_1052539577_32117763_3833458_n 251287_1938219849168_1052539577_32120339_6135535_n

Last but not least!! Pehcun day again!! Still in Parangtritis beach, but no eggs this time! We went at the night, time to fly the lantern, just like in Tangled movie!! :D We wrote our wishes and flew it into the sky. Pretty!!246889_1942228469381_1052539577_32127086_3734390_n 248754_1942228629385_1052539577_32127087_6918543_n 255705_1942225189299_1052539577_32127072_419792_n247839_1942225629310_1052539577_32127074_8254068_n

Hihihi, holiday is over!! Time to get money and focus at career!! Hwaiting!! 파이팅!