Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work Style

Well, i have to work asap, and i think it’s important to be stylish at the office.. haha.. Your appearance matters so much. I keep thinking what should i wear, what kind of mix and match should i do.. And voila!! I created a looklet creation called Work Collection :) Enjoy!!

 42c51a56-862b-4ce6-b9ce-d0af7b5e78a580918e7d-ceb0-402f-89e4-c22dff48a9e31853756a-0abb-491b-bdea-d815a6c07b1f9e873688-bab2-467b-b083-9f3b9aa209d7 30bf31c0-abaa-463e-823b-045123e65417 a5e79e9c-7691-4deb-be0a-24f81146bf1d486b050d-adba-4658-84f2-48ec954871f015f98000-33c3-4875-a8fa-c4298832faa2    cc0ee62c-229d-47ce-ba48-cb22e5986cf1126247b7-9e54-463b-afe0-82ffbac3cccf    e036e8ae-50ad-44c4-8129-abc6c8ef2e16

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