Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010’s resolutions

okey.. menyambut taun 2010, yg katanya adalah taun keberuntungan buat aku (Amin..), ada bbrp resolusi yg mudah mudahan tercapai..

  1. Lulus dari UAJY dengan gelar Sarjana Teknik
  2. Dapet job di luar negeri
  3. Get a new phone
  4. Fixing my teeth
  5. Fixing my acne scar
  6. Have a holiday abroad,, tapi dalam negeri jg gpp sih..
  7. Get a bf (cant stop laughing when writing this)

Memikirkan awal taun rasanya udah berat.. ada beberapa hal yg harus segera diselesaikan, trutama masalah basket yg agak menjadi beban buat aku.. fiuhh.. i need a new partner, a new manager. aku udah menemukan calon potensial sih, tapi blom tanya apa dia mau ato ngga.. heheheh…

abis itu blom ada pikiran mau skripsi ttg apa!!! at least for now.. arrghhh,, i have to look for some ideas!!

well, smoga resolusi ini tercapai dengan sebaik2nya.. Amin.




Monday, December 14, 2009

International taekwondo tournament was super!!

i almost forgot how to blog again, since my internet connection went down.. it has been more than a week i guess.. after the hard rain.. then i bought a new modem, DLINK.. it worked at the 1st time.. but then the ADSL lamp couldnt work properly.. n i have no idea why! even till this day! it just suddenly turns on n off.. fuck!

anyway, everytime i watch the pics of the tournament, i just miss all the things that happened yesterday.. so bad that i couldnt talk too much wif all the participants.. but i’m glad to have laos as my team,, cos they were rocked!! they’re just awesome! they competed on poomsae only,, took 5 classes, got 3 golds n 2 bronzes.. nice work kids! n they won the seagames too =) i’m so gladddddddd.. soukthavy was delivering the 1st medal to laos.. kii got the silver.. the men team got the silver either.. omg, i miss those kids.. i hate the fact that they cant speak we were just like tarzan when we communicated.. hahaa.. btw,, after the tournament, i’ve been searchin lot of things abt taekwondo.. haha.. n i found that mr.jeon is the vice president of lao taekwondo federation.. that’s why he was so bossy here.. haha. but still he has been good to me =) kissed my hand twice.. LOL

i cant forget how funny the thai team were! haha.. mr thor was so fun.. bang is kinda a cute boy, really cute.. but too young.. haha.. and ant, i think he’s a nice guy.. kinda calm.. n i met another cute guy from surabaya who is actually a korean boy, Jun Mo.. n a nice guy named Jason,, well, cant forget all the experience from the tournament.. n not to forget that i met julius again!! n he’s gettin older n hot ;P the only ppl left is japoy! too bad no philippines in that game.. huhuhu..

one thing, i got a lot of experiences n relations from this event.. n it really makes me develop myself more n more.. i hope i can work for the next tournament =)

for complete pics, check this link!


all the LO girls.. 9 of us.. miss u all =)    (up left to right : mba dini, nina, vera, indah, widya, via. down left to right : me, erika, jacinda)


15547_1310441843175_1294471727_30951663_3254020_n [s]149

1st day : my LAOS team. they were rockin the  poomsae stage! haha.. proud of u guys.. all of them got medal.. n they were the general winner of poomsae category..

13544_1299302007478_1378238454_30866898_3936471_n 13544_1299305247559_1378238454_30866900_273402_n 15547_1310437163058_1294471727_30951658_5348849_n

some of the cutie guys.. LOL



100_0165 100_0171


2nd day : the poomsae was over.. so it was time to trip.. i took them to borobudur, prambanan, n then parangtritis.. those were the only pics with master.. but they got my pics on their camera.. look how happy them when they were on the beach.. haha.. we wouldnt go back if all of the batteries werent dead.. LOL.. my camera, kii’s handycam, manirard’s camera, n soukthavy’s phone.. LOL.. i cant understand why they didnt bring any sandals or shorts.. geez.. they only brought that costumes.. training short n shoes.. weirddd ==’


our winning face =D


the girls n our dad, mr.sea hedgehog =)