Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Food Journal : Cafe Coklat

Yup, Coklat (means chocolate in English) is a homy cafe that offers so many kind of chocolates. U can get so many choices of drinks, cakes, desserts, and even a snacks like Pocky and Kinder Bueno. The best thing in Coklat is the comfort place and interior. They also offer free hotspot here.  But this cafe usually really crowded at night. So sometimes u wont get any seat.

The best menu that i’ve ever tried here is Our Recipe. It’s like a chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and strawberries inside the cake. It’s so damn delicious. But if u dont really like sweets, do not order it. I was a lil bit disappointed when i ordered Choco Volcano coz i thought it was like chocomelt. The fact is it was totally different with chocomelt, no melted chocolate inside, and tasted weird fyi. I forgot the name of my favorite drink but it must be chocolate also :) The cakes here taste really good too.

The most important thing is the affordable price. Lovely place to date or hangout with friends and of course a heaven for chocolate’s lover, like me!! ;)

Cafe Coklat is in : Jalan Cik Ditiro No. 16 Yogyakarta

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