Saturday, September 11, 2010


Think about ex bf or gf, what will u say about them?? Jealousy? Angry? Or maybe a friend? Well, sometimes some people cant make a good relation again with ex, with so many reasons. I think i’m not that kind of woman. I’m still a friend for my ex. But it depends on his side also, for a man who’s easygoing, it will be easier to act like we didnt have any history, and i like it more. So i just can share my mind with them,, They’ve ever been someone that really understand me indeed. But it will be different when he has a new gf.

Well, my last ex, he has a new gf. I dont know when they had it, he never told me. Well, it doesnt bother me actually, to see him with his gf. However we already broke up long time ago, and it was my decision, and i never think about get into any relationship again with him. Period. So i’m glad that he has a new one. But what makes me a lil upset is, why he should use the same old habit (our habit, spesifically) with the new gf.. I meant come on, doesnt she have a special thing? It’s not like that I’m jealous or what, I just dont understand why.

Okay, i lied. Hahaha.. But still, it’s not that i’m jealous.. Maybe i just miss a lil care like that, cos the fact that i dont have someone special now. Hahaha.. And maybe, because he found the new one first,, u know laa, self ego :D But i’m really glad that he found a new one, who can accepts him for who he is.

Still waitin for u, my prince charming.. =*



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