Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Journal : Dixie Easy Dining

Dixie is my favorite place for gathering or just hang out with friends.. The place is large and near the city. The atmosphere is really nice, and they have free hotspot here :) They have two floors.. The first floor is for kitchen, some shops, and tables and seats too.. The first floor also provide outdoor dining place. The 2nd floor is full of dining place. But sometimes the weather is hot (dont know if the air conditioner die) and full of smoke.. That’s what i dont like about dixie, smoke.. But there’s also a non smoking room and the weather is cooler there. It’s kinda famous in Jogja, lots of visitor everyday.

They provide continental foods like steak, burger, fried rice, etc. And then there’s Warung Pasta that offers some kind of pasta, which is one of my favorite by the way! :) For the starter u can try chicken with berry mayonaise or fried mushroom.. For main course, i’d like to have salmon marinara steak (my favorite cos i love salmon so much), but u’ll like the oxtail fried rice also.. The most popular drink is death by chocolate, lots of fat of course.. haha.. and u can have a free refill drink too for some kind of drinks like ice tea, lemon tea, milo, etc.

My favorite from Warung Pasta is Creamy Bloody Marie, pasta with salmon and tomato. It’s like a baked pasta.. I always have that one with extra cheese.. It’s sooo yummy!! I think i’ve ordered it times and times.. Well actually u can find so many styles of pasta here, just try it! Meat lover is also delicious..

The Menus

IMG00709-20100910-2055 IMG00710-20100910-2056 IMG00711-20100910-2100

My super yummy Creamy Bloody Marie with extra cheese, Cheesy Cheese, Fried Mushroom and Chicken Berry

 IMG00166-20100910-2117 IMG00167-20100910-2117 x2_2587296

The Atmosphere

IMG00171-20100910-2147IMG00173-20100910-2147IMG00168-20100910-2139 IMG00169-20100910-2146 

Sorry again for the bad quality of pics.. It’s night and my phone camera is bloody bad. The point is u can really choose lots of different menu in Dixie. The price range is in the middle, around IDR 10K until IDR 50K. Warung Pasta generally is cheaper than Dixie.

Find Dixie at : Jalan Gejayan no 40B. Telp : +62 274 560745, +62 274 560746, +62 274 7455971 / 0815 143 666 08.



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