Saturday, May 30, 2009

I’m dyin for shoes n bags!! :(


looks like i’m gettin crazy for shoes n bag.. but i hav no money to buy all of tat.. hiks.. see if i work tomorrow,, haha,, everything is gonna b different!! well, i got a favor at tis web, everything abt fashion news n of course the pic.. hihi.. chk it out!

withMochaNetHEels 2-77 6901-630367-d adanaHeels1 beatrixOngSandals coppeliapicque10-2 eileenshieldsJuliette intermix_chloe 


there r still so much,, but these above r ma favorites :) maybe i’m going to make those shoes, when i hav a chance.. hehe..

Moschino-Bag-Square 6a00d8341c873353ef011168c31c22970c-800wi costumeNationalCrinklePatent

look at the top bag! so cute!! must hav item for summer :)




Friday, May 29, 2009


Childhood is measured out by sounds snd smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.

John Betjeman

The movie is based on a novel wit the same title, by John Boyne. i’ve been so touchy by this film.. yeaa, abt a childhood.. u should spend ur childhood wit child thing.. do not think abt an adult problem,, juz spend it in happiness..

actually the movie story is abt a boy, 8 years old, named bruno. his father is a kommandant in NAZI. his family move to a pedestrian, near the work camp. the camp is built to a recreation place or sumthing.. n the jews must work there.. time after time, they will b burned at the tank.. so yea, finally they will die. bruno who’s really bored wif his life at hum, try to explore. he finds a way to go out of home, until he comes to the camp. he meets schmuel, a jew’s boy. they meet n share everything, play.. yaa, child juz wanna hav fun. but they’re separated by the electric wire gate. until sumday, bruno’s mom thinks tat the environment there isnt save for the children n intend to move out. bruno goes to the camp for the last time, tries to help schmuel who’s looking for his father. bruno wears the pyjamas, digs the soil, n goes in to the camp. both r looking for schmuel’s father room to room. at the last room, the guards tell them to go sumwhere. it’s the tank, to burn people. so the children dont know abt what will happen to them, they juz hold each other hand. at the end, bruno’s mom realizes tat bruno was disappeared,. they follow bruno’s path n get to the camp. bruno’s father tries to find him in a whole camp, but too late.

n i was crying loudly at the end, when they’re looking for bruno. . imagine tat a lil child like schmuel, must work wit less foods n everything tat a child needed.. children must spend their childhood in appropriate way. overall, tis film is really touchy, i like it :)


i juz watched CORALINE.. other nice animation film, wit a very deep message to deliver.. haha.. i like tis movie either! abt a girl, who sumtimes doesnt feel happy coz mom n dad cant fulfill her needs or anything.. n she moves to a doll world, where she can gets all the happiness there, good food, anything she wants. but she must pays a very expensive cost for tat, yeaa, being separated wit her real world forever..

so yaa, we must satisfied for wat we own, no matter it doesnt really perfect for us,, or sometimes maybe it less than we expect, but still we should b thanks for it. =D




Thursday, May 28, 2009

Night At The Museum, always funny =D

Yayyy!! tis film was totally funny!! i couldnt stop laughing.. haha.. ben stiller n the monkey is sooo.. LOL.. n the khamenrakh or sumthing.. he’s so hyperbolic (a.k.a LEBAY) when he talks.. silly.. but personally, i like the 1st film.. it’s more touchy,, n the story is more original.. i dunno,, 


anywae, i aint forget to upload ma outfit tis nite,, ma lovely boots,, hihii.. n again,, ppl were lookin at me like i’m an alien.. coz using a boots in tis city?? come on, there’s nothin wrong wif it.. aih2.. they were lookin at me from top to toe,, geez!!


tis is the very 1st time we took photos in XXI,, so yeaa,, embarassing!!


hihiihii, cant wait to see the champion league final game tonite!! juz one more hour.. hope ma dream team win!! GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED~~~




Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fringe boots n servant (aka B.A.B.U) =(

YAYYYYY!!! after a very very long time,,, finally~~ ma fringe boots is arrived!! i meant was juz arrived, not long after i post tis.. haha.. i’m happy, i’m happy.. i’ll go now, of course wif ma new boots.. hihiih,,, GLAD! =D i’ll watch night at the museum 2, alrite2 tell me i’m soo last year.. haha… no no, last month maybe.. =P


I’m satisfied wif tis boots, for sure.. thx tommy!! juz one lil thing, the fringes arent too fringly.. haha.. wat did i say??@.@ i meant it’s better to make the fringes longer but thinner..

But one thing tat made me so mad today,, it’s ma servant, ma maid, which is totally like an asshole! she’s old, still single, very impolite to her masters, too noisy, she makes comments abt everything, she doesnt want to b blame in everything (in fact we know tat it’s her fault)!! n i’m totally tired of hearing all of tat things!! the point is when ma boots arrived, she wanted to see tat, n tried to open it, wif her FEET!! n i juz kicked her feet away from ma box. haha.. she’s totally an asshole,,damn!! could she use her hand? i’m so angry! sumtimes a maid here is idiot, but still polite wif her master.. but tis one, too smart maybe,, i cant hold it again!! errr… i wish i graduate fast, n juz get out of tis house,, leave her!! yucks! i cant understand why ma mom still keep her here.. ma mom sumtimes has a lot argues wif her to.. me, ma bro, n ma sist, we never wanna talk to her, if she doesnt ask for it 1st.. so yeaa,, well, i believe u never want to hav a maid like her..

Anyway,, i’ll post ma outfit, soon!! =D



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye Gossip Girl


So finally, i watched the season finale of GG season 2.. n there will b next season i think.. will b more intrict.. haha.. cant wait.. G will share a room wif B?? wat the hell will happen then?? hahaha.. n then suddenly S find his father, Van der Woodsen.. n there’s Scott, who had met Dan, but they didnt know each other..

so finally lil J is movin up in upper east side.. yayy!! i like jenny.. B n C make it.. they kiss n C say tat he loves B.. awww =D i love  them!! hihihihi..



Gossip Girl :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It’s movie nite…

Free day of exam,, yayy!! i’m glad i was finished all of exams for tis week.. but still more to go next week.. hikss… jiayou!!

well, well,, accompanied ma cousin to got her photoshoot.. n it makes me wanna get mine too.. but the photoshoot is totally expensive.. it’s abt 500K rupiah.. well, i prefer to spend tat much money for clothin.. pheww..

n then saw angels n demons at nite!! totally nice movie!! i nvr expected tat it’s patrick who killed the holy father.. but tis is a must see film.. hehe,, next movie i gotta watch is night at the museum 2.. will b totally funny.. hehe.. cant wait..


ma outfit tonite,,, tried to combine an old n new fashion style.. the vest is sooo old.. totally old.. i think ma sister had it when she was 18 or younger,, i forgot.. but now she’s 26.. so yeaa.. i combined it to make tat ‘nude’ jumpsuit more colourful..


IMG_7988_resize IMG_7976_resize

so it’s quite nice rite?? =D



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still supa hot day =(

Omg,, i dunno wat's wrong wif the weather these days.. it's always hot n hot!! even at the nite like now!! geez,, pheww..

well, went to the church tis afternoon,, tried a different style, inspired by a blogger at chictopia.. hehe.. i'm so in love wif chictopia now... lots of stylish ppl frm around the world.. well,, look so fabulous..

after tat had a dinner wif besties.. soo big size of food.. hahaha.. double tenderloin steak n a chocolate milkshake.. errrr,, will b fat again.. =P

well, i intend to do ma assignment for tuesday actually,, i alre opened the file,, but havent touched it at all.. haha,, i didnt hav any motivations to do it now.. oh well,, mayb tomorrow, in a rush,, will make ma brain goes harder.. LOL


Good mornin~~

Haizzz, i couldnt sleep last nite.. it’s like i was juz sleepin for only 3 hours.. aihh,, i’ve been goin to ma bedroom since 2 am,,n couldnt sleep til 4 am.. n then sumthin made me wake up @7.. so yeaa,, now i feel so sleepy, but i cant sleep again coz i hav to go.. errrrr,,,

well, mayb ot's bcoz of the coffee i drank last nite.. hisk..


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hot hot day!!

Pheww~~ today is supa supa HOT!! i cant stop sweatin~~ hmm, startin tis day wif assignment.. anw, i’m glad coz almost of ma final exams is juz submitin a paper.. so yeaa, will b a lil bit free.. yayy!!

monday, supply chain management paper : DONE!! =D

tuesday, computer integrated manufacturing paper, i havent do anythin abt it at all.. hahah.. n ABAU paper.. almost done..

next monday, scheduling paper n automation exam.. haizz..

next tuesday, MPTI paper.. ouch!!

hmm, hangin out wif cousin.. haizz, the risk of being single, again.. hahaha.. eatin @wendy’s n then goin to excelso.. oh oh, watchin epl, man utd vs arsenal.. 0-0, but tat was enough to make Man Utd won the EPL!! hurayyy!! =D

ma outfit today,, very2 cheap outfit.. the necklace is abt is only Rp 50000..haha.. n i bought it bcoz of ma fringe boots.. in fact, ma boots hasnt come to me till now.. n i dunno wat’s happenin wif the seller.. he juz suddenly disappeared, nvr go online on YM,, geezz!! where r u??




Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy bday AKUN!!!

Well,,, postin ma work wif besties today.. a ‘big’ surprise for the bday boy.. hahaha.. big guy i meant, he’s 21 now.. well, well,, a ‘big’ number for a boy, rite??

tis was the b’fast time after 7.30 class.. n he didnt know at all abt the plan.. well, well.. so we hide it successfully.. ^^V




Our ‘workpiece’ :



The parade… took the cake in parsley,,, looked like everybody was starin at us!! hahahah.. fortunately the window glass is dark,, so yeaa, they couldnt see inside the car.. the bottles behind the car were soundin so loud!! ahahahha… on the way back to campus, the we opened the left window.. hahaha,, now he couldnt do anythin.. juz drove in a very2 shy face.. LOL


The bday boy is gettin faint.. =P


The scandal cake~~ =D



Tat’s all,,, wait for next post.. there will b more pics.. hehe.. happy bday dear,,,



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boutique nite…

Woke up @ 12+ (geez, so lazy of me..), spent ma time in front of ma lappie.. n then watched the basketball game on tv,, huhuhu,, poor CLS, i thought u would give the best today.. but the truth was sucks.. very2 bad game..

n then went boutique to boutique tonite wif ma cousin.. hehehe.. finally bought the cheap mini dress tat really match wif ma fringe boots.. in fact i havent receive ma fringe boots.. i’m still waitin for it.. but it will come tis week.. yayy!!


hikss, finally i got cough =( juz went to swim in the mornin once n got cough? so pitiful~~ wish i get well soon!!


anyway, bought a sticker for ma keyboard,, so cute of them.. hehee..




Tiring day ever!

Oh, oh, my God.. i’m so tired, sleepy, n anything tat make me wanna sleep… phewww~~

woke up @6.30,, n then went to swim in the morning wif colleagues.. wiwww, so fresh!! n so cold.. n when we came in, ppl was like staring at us n thinking “wat kind of tribe do u all come from?” LOL.. imagine 12 peoples in a tiny pool.. hahaha.. the pool suddenly looked so full after we got in.. hihihi.. n then we frequently moved spot to spot,, overcome tat spots.. silly~~






after less n more 2 hours.. the stomach was sooo sooo hungry~~ went to JogChick.. wiww,, i didnt eat there for so long time.. yummy!! n of course very2 cheap =D the price there is their excellence.. imagine eatin 2 pcs of chicken, big bowl of rice, n ice tea,, n it only costs Rp 8500,,

finished our bfast, then went back to novi’s dorm,, slept there,, so so sleepy~~ n now, dunno wat happen wif ma throat.. i’m feelin not good at all,,, i think i’ll get cough soon~~ arghh!!

well.. look at wat they did to me while i was asleep~~ so evil!! huh!! really bad face i made,,, damn2!!


OMG,, plizz fix ma msn.. i dunno wat happen to the connection.. geezz,, i cant open ma msn~~ sh*t! i hate MSN!

n i’m waitin for ma fringe boots =D




Thursday, May 7, 2009

I hate being single, sumtimes…

I dunno when it all started,,, only after i got break up wif ma last bf, then all ma opinions abt boy were changed.. what i’m lookin in a boy was literally changed.

it’s like,,, i’m too picky at tis moment.. n i hate the fact tat i’ve always lost sumone i liked. haha.. it sounds silly sumtimes, coz usually sumone i liked isn’t reachable.. pheww.. like the 1st one is a guy who already had a gf.. i like him, instead we dun even close each other n stay in different city. i know him for quite long time, but we dun talk each other.. n i already become his admirer since the beginning. finally we met on facebook, n chat..i was happy when suddenly he gave me his number (in fact i didnt ask for it), n then we often talked each other. until his bday came, he got surprised from his gf, so yaaa, end of story. they became more romantic from tat moment. at least i know tat i cant like him more, coz IF he left her gf to b wif me, there’s possibility tat he would do the same thing to me. bad boy huh? hmm, i dunno..

The 2nd one is sumone out there.. i like him,, never think to make him ma own. i juz like him,, i like talkin to him,, yeaa, hav a chat almost everyday.. so bad we juz can hav a chat without seeing each other,, my minus point tat caused very bad thing at the end.. finally he found a girl. not so long after he said tat he may go to meet me. ironic? yeaa.. but tat’s the risk, of being far. untouchable,, n doesnt really know the real life of each other.. but the most ironic thing is,, he ever said tat the gal (who’s dating him now) is look like me.. eh eh~ nothin else i can say~ Lady Gaga

From now on, juz let it flow~~ wish to see u soon, my Mr.Right =D


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy hour after the test,,,

Omigod~~~ very2 bad test today~~ the result will b so bad.. hiks.. now i'm regret, why i didnt study seriously last nite?! haizz~~
well,well,, forget it.. let's pray for the best.. LOL

i saw the ManUtd game~~ n yippie!! they won!! outstandin goal from CR7,, stupid fletcher for wat he did~~ huhhh...

time to play now,,, after a very2 hard test today.. hihihi~~ juz watched wolverine.. Logan = COOL!! hehehe,,, i like it~~ n i was shocked when i saw daniel henney's name at the opening,, he's ma favorite guy!! sexy =D
The fact, he plays as Agent Zero.. too bad he need to die.. n hugh jackman is sooo,,, i dunno,, quite sexy too,,, bt still, i prefer jason statham!! LOL..
anyway, the diamond skin is so nice~~ hahaha,,, well, i will rewatch x-men movie,, coz before i never really watched it seriously... hehehe,, bt after tis wolverine film, i juz started to like it.. hehehe..

hizz,, next movie to watch is CRANK 2,, well i forgot,, did i ever see the 1st crank??


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yayy =D

finally got ma new haircut today!! got more layered hair,, cut off the damaged hair~~ hehe,, i like ma nu hair!! =D

so lazy today~~ coz no class held today,, yeahh!! last nite slept @4, woke up today @1 pm.. omg, really2 lazy gal.. hehehe,,, today wont hav enough sleep again maybe,,, will watch the champion's league (go go ManUtd!!), n hav to wake up @6,, hizzz,, tomorrow will hav a final test for ma industrial control system practical class.. geezz,, i'm not ready at all~~ cant imagine wat kinda question will they ask to me.. hhehehe... i hav to go now, study2 =(

anyway, i'm sooo glad,,, no more TPFM~~~ it finally finished.. alre took the final test~~ pheww,, wish i got A!! hahaha...

gtg now~~~


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Congratulation for all Atma Jaya Basketball Days winner!

I wanna say CONGRATZ to all winners of Atma Jaya Basketball Days~~
Man :
1st place : F.Ekonomi
2nd place : FISIP
3rd place : F.Hukum
MVP : kodox (FE)
1st place : FISIP
2nd place : F.Ekonomi
3rd place : F.Teknik
MVP : monic (FISIP)

So bad ma faculty didnt make it like last year~~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday fever!!

Haizz, got very tired at mornin till afternoon~~
woke up @8 on saturday?! geez,,, went to friend's place, finishin ma template, make it perfect,,
n then had a lil trouble wif referee for the atma jaya basketball days~~ everything was done in a rush!! phewww~~
after finished the game, went back to friend's place, checkin the template again, n ready to print!! thx to harris who let me to took his place at the queue~~ LOL
n then back to hum, hang out wif ma besties~~ no purpose,,, finally decided to go to a cozy place, nice view, bad taste n size of food~ haha... the boys still hungry all the way.. so continued to mc'd..
no wonder i get fat easily~~ now u know!! hahaha~~

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