Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looklet Contest

Still playing looklet :) i’m definitely fallin in ♥ wit this web.. hehe.. there’s brand contest, now a contest to win the tatty devine necklace.. a glasses necklace.. n the set is in library,, so we hav to mix n match the style that suit to tat occasion.. so here r my look!


b52298cc-114b-4290-9f01-3f95f226a296  e10b1a9f-7d93-48bc-9f66-ff5d206d8c279aeb7c19-eec0-4f44-98ef-d7948283a351

Soo, which one is the best from these four pics above? Maybe i’ll make another again,, not now.. i got lot things to do! :)


Celebrating my bday,, make a bday babe ♥

e1ccd2e3-d1bc-41ec-adb5-06f8f760902bI just miss exercise.. huhuuh… i’m so damn fat now.. hiksss..

Well, will continue tomorrow.. c u ♥




Tuesday, August 11, 2009

B’day blast!!

I thank to God, for His bless for me,,, so i can live this world til now.. n for my families n friends,, who already gave their wishes.. Who were greeting me,, by facebook, SMS, phonecall, face to face, all… thank u! Hope the wishes come true :)


♥, Susan

Today, i woke up n then got a phone call frm my friends.. i cant say the name one by one.. i guess i got 200 + walls in facebook.. SMS,, n then when i went to uni, my friends gave me the greeting.. so yeeaaa,, thanks to u guyz.. hmm, gav a lunch near uni,, i really miss the foods near uni,, it’s been sooo long since my holiday 3 months ago? well,,, took the bday cake at the bakery shop,, ready to took the pic,, but then,, my camera died.. dunno why,, damn!! so yeaa.. i was pending the photoshoot.. lol

at the evening, ma cousin n i went to the mall, juz window shopping.. then we went to olala.. i didnt hav any idea at all,, suddenly another friend came out.. damn! she gave me a lil surprise.. brought the mini cake,, without any candles.. lol,, so i blew a firetorch,, hahha.. ate ice cream, chicken sumthing,,, so full :) then when outside,, they splashed me with water!! geez, at tat time i was alre having tat feeling.. lol.. thank God it was juz a water.. haha..

Will upload the pic soon.. guess after my party, aite?? tomorrow will hav dinner wit some friends n then party!! yeahh… c u ♥




Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looklet Week Collection


I HATE MONDAY! It's so last year.. Now u know what to wear to go to work.. A bustier dress with a shirt inside.. It's so pretty yet polite :)


Hey, tuesday is my family day.. i hav to pick up my lil twins brother, n stay in my parents house.. Comfortable is the key :)


Wednesday nite is me n my cliche time!! yeahh,, party over the nite!! So, do u think we're hot?! ;p


Save the nature!! It's my campaigne.. Let's see how they work..


Casual friday is my favorite time! Look like a nerd? Not really eh! The jacket is fave :)


Of course it's the dating! Now u know why my bf loves me ;) Simple yet effortless.

a108a68a-c608-4d71-aae2-3eb0deef3049It's beach time babe!! Holiday! Keep sexy though ;)  




Looklet part 3


Rural look,,,


This is the formal look,,,


Inspired by the roof top!! imagined to hav a party there! this is wat will i wear.. a cardigan to cover the cold :)


Balerina look.. yayy!! still, high heels rock!



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looklet part 2


Fave!! i love the bold look :)


This is felly’s favorite.. coz she loves the sneaker!!


Not a picnic outfit actually… i dunno why i put tat giant bag..


Yup,, socialite :)


This one is my fave too! Introducing neon look :) Cool huh?





Damn!! i was really2 bored lately!! i juz stayed hum everyday, sumtimes went to bball court.. it’s totally sux!! huhh…

Glad tat i found new website,, it’s looklet. i got it from gogirl magz.. it’s about mix n match the wardrobe, choosin the model n the set.. like a fashion editor.. awesome!! definetely fall in love wif tis web! :)

Now i present you my collection :


my 1st editin.. again,, cant wear layer n high boots in indo, so yeaa.. i always get interested wif those things.


i imagined a photoshoot for a teen magz.. so yeaa,, is it nice?


inspired by a fashion blogger, rumi :)


love minis!! cant wear it too, since i ride a motorcycle. LOL

6af4166c-5bb0-46ee-abd9-bb8f1ca68d09love tis look! cool.. is it good for a photographer outfit? haha..

Next collection is abt to throw :)




Friday, August 7, 2009

F21 Addicted!!

This is definitely not good at all.. everytime i open f21’s site,, i juz fall in love wif new stuff again n again.. damn! i really cant wait for imel.. when will she come back to indo?? early september? arrgghh!! so far,, these are items i addicted to.


Still, the 1st dress i’ve fallen in love.  $24.8. Really worth to wait :)


Fabulous find summer dress!! arrgghhh.. only $13.5. damn it.. should i buy it?


Tiedye scarf!! really sweet :) Another fabulous find item,, $4.5. Definitely TAKE IT!! lol


Platform,, i’m lookin for platform since i was in jakarta,, hopefully there’s the black one for this shoes..


Very cute flat shoes.. ain’t decide yet..


Huaaa!! panel skirt!! hot hot!! must hav item.. i was shocked when i saw this skirt on i juz sent message directly to my friend,, told her to buy this skirt :)



Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s August!

Yayy… August finally arrived!! :)

So my bday already closed! haha.. i’m gonna b 21.. kyaaa!! big number eh?? adult woman eh?? i dun think so.. LOL.. think of throwing a party @12 august,, juz throwin, i dun buy them drinks anyway.. hahaha..

well, i alre went to campus… laallala.. met the lecturer, talked abt the class shedulin for next semester.. huhuhu.. damn it,, finally i didnt take KKN.. gonna miss my friends.. huhu..

eh eh,, tis is the borobudur pic :)

5612_227758880857_725165857_8184493_5985363_n 5612_227760450857_725165857_8184516_4926563_n 5612_227760455857_725165857_8184517_8293040_n 5612_227761725857_725165857_8184527_6435263_n 5612_227761735857_725165857_8184528_4807316_n 5612_227762870857_725165857_8184553_6885226_n

The last pic was kopeng.. n the mountain,, i think it’s merbabu one.. eehehe..

ps : i’m waiting for imel! really waitin for her.. LOL