Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Give My First Love To You (English sub)


The movie i’ve been searchin for is finally found!! Ohh, thanks to this movie so today isnt so boring.. Hahaha.. So yeah, it’s a Japanese movie, taken from a manga with same title, named Boku No Hatsukoi Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu, which is I Give My First Love To You in english. And the best part is i found it in english subtitle. I found in YouTube also but mostly with no text, and the other was in Spanish. So when i found this one, i couldnt wait to share it! So i’ll give the link to watch it online!! Yeay! :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Summary (with no spoiler ;p ) :

Takuma and Mayu's story began when they were only 8 years old. During his childhood, Takuma was constantly hospitalised due to his heart condition. He soon became friends with Mayu, the daughter of the doctor in charge of his case. Day by day they grew closer and closer. However, the summer when Takuma was 8, he made a promise to Mayu that he couldn't keep... Their story unfolds as they grow older and their bond gets stronger...

I love this movie!! I love the manga also! This is sad, romantic, perfect. And the chemistry between the main casts is really deep. Love love it!! Well, enjoy!! and please tell me if u can download it :)



alegna_XD said...

hey! thanks for the link. the movie is awesome, yet sad. but it's really nice movie!

Anonymous said...

That movie is amazing1 thanks for the links! the movie made me cry

Anonymous said...

i can't open it... :(

susan said...

eh??why?? it works really well.. i had no problem to open it.. maybe u can refresh the page..

star said...

part 5 is not working :[[[[

Anonymous said...

i cant open the part 1 , it said 'the content is not available' . is there any website that still can watch the part 1? ohh pleaseee, i'm begging you . :'(
i wanna watch this video .. huaaaa !

susan said...

hey anonymous, u can try on youtube.. but they dont have english sub..
well, it said not available at the moment.. maybe u can try it later.. i'm sorry, this was the only one i could find.

Anatagasuki desu said...

HOw to download it? because it can not possible with YTD