Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mother and Child

Mother-and-Child-Movie-Poster I love this movie!! Totally breathtaking in the end.. I cried a lot. The story begins with a 14 years old couple who was in intercourse to sex. After that, time moves to present time. Karen lives with her old mom, and has a maid who usually brings her daughter. Karen is a harsh and weird person, but actually she’s stiff, she cant get closer to people easily, including her mom. Time goes by, Karen’s mom finally died. Leaving nothing except a loneliness for Karen. Karen has no husband. One day, Karen looks that her mom’s necklace is worn by her maid’s daughter. She’s angry. So the maid tells her that it was her mom who gave the necklace to the daughter. Maid also says that Karen’s mom felt sorry for causing Karen a miserable life. I dont know why, maybe because the unclosed bond between Karen and her mom.

Now, there’s Elizabeth. Karen’s real daughter whom she gave up at the age 14. Elizabeth got adopted and just grew up and became an independent woman since she was 17. They were never met each other. Elizabeth is a lawyer and has a new job in a law firm. She has an affair with her boss, who is actually old man. And also an affair with her neighboor, who is married. Elizabeth is a tough woman, lives in her independency, her ambition. She thinks she doesnt need anyone so she doesnt have to fulfill their expectation. What she does is just for her.

There’s also Lucy, who wants to adopt a baby. She cant be pregnant. She comes to a fostercare, and meets this young woman who will give her baby. It’s her decision. The husband supports her at the 1st time, but then gives up. And they get seperate.

Time passes by, Karen gets married with her coworker at the hospital. They are happy. Elizabeth gets pregnant and decides to keep her baby. She doesnt want to be pregnant actually, she pissed off the first time she knew she got pregnant. And Lucy, helps the mother’s baby with all pregnancy things. Elizabeth finally wants to look for her real mom, she writes a letter, sends it to the fostercare. Karen does the same thing.

Elizabeth has a problem with her pregnancy, she dies when she gives birth her baby. Lucy doesnt get her baby cos the young woman changes her decision. She wants her baby. This scene makes me cry too. Anyway, Elizabeth’s daughter is a lil bit dark, so yeah, the baby’s father must be the boss. Sister from fostercare gives Elizabeth’s daughter to Lucy, regarding that she has no one.

A year later, Elizabeth’s letter come to fostercare. It was misplaced at the first time. The sister then gives it to Karen and also tells her that Elizabeth had a daughter who’s adopted by Lucy. Karen meets Lucy and Ella at the end.

I like this movie, the fact that i will become a mother someday, makes me a lil bit scare. I’m afraid that i cant raise my child properly. Haha.. I know it’s still so long, but yeah.. I remember Lucy’s scene, the first time she has Ella. She’s really frustrating because the baby cries all the time, taking over day and night. Then Lucy’s mom says, “Do u think u are the first woman who ever had a baby? Grow the fuck up and get your act together. Be the mother!” And i was like, wow! So yeah, if u are not ready enough to have your own child, do not ever think to make ‘it’. Because it’s hard, raising a child. And i was like gonna hug my mom at that time.

I dont really close with my mom, somehow i feel like Karen in this movie. U know, i dont really open up with her. I dont want to talk about my personal life, neither does she. I prefer talking to some friends or my sister. Well, my mom sometimes complains about this too, about how secretly I am, into her. But i have nothing to hide right now, and she knows everything i’ve done in the past. So right now, i feel secure and comfortable with our condition. Except the fact that she’s hiding something from everyone. But doesnt she think that we all already know? And yes, we do know. Oh please mom, dont be so naive. Well, I think it will be more fun if we can open up to mom. I can, but i prefer to write it, on a card, or letter. Haha, so ancient! :p

I also like one scene about bond, after Karen got married with her man, she was having a lunch with his daughter. She says something about his dad that doesnt believe in God, “The most kind-hearted man in the world has turned his back on Jesus. Jesus wouldnt turn His back on u.” Cool! And about the bond, because they just know each other, she says : “Because it’s the time spent together that counts, more than blood.” And she encourages Karen to search for her daughter, before the time ends. That line just stick on my head all the time. Time matters so much, true.

And by the way because of this movie, i fall in love with Naomi Watts, so much! She’s so pretty! :) This is great movie, specially for you all the women in this world: girl, woman, mother.


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