Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kali Code membawa sengsara


*this is where we walked. sepanjang pinggir sungai gitu*

Jumat kemaren ini baru aja aku susurin tuh kali code.. believe it or not.. aku jalan dari jembatan gondolayu sebelah barat,sampe ke jembatan sayidan.. n then back again ke jembatan gondolayu sebelah timur.. itu brapa kilo ya?? mungkin sekitar 3 km lebih.. brarti kalo bolak balik udah 6 kiloan.. woww!! i was walking for 6km?!! kill me if i’m not getting start point ngumpul di kampus 2 atmajaya jam 9.. nunggu2 org (shit pd jam karet,parah..), dan baru brangkat ke sana jam 10. bayangin siang benderang di bawah terik matahari.. dan tau sendiri cuaca skarang sangat2 mengerikan..panasnya panas banget.. kaki brasa udah mau putus beneran..pegel bangetttt… itu udah beberapa kali istirahat gituu.. duduk2, beli minum..bahkan aqua yg 600 ml aja gak bisa menghilangkan dehidrasi. kurang minum banget aku.. keringet bercucuran..gilaaaaaa… aku ga mau susur code lagiiii….

kita finish tuh jam 13.00.. bener2 udah mau pingsan.. beneran agak sesek napas gitu..udah gitu perut ga enak.. gag tau kenapa.. kayaknya gara2 yg naek tangga super curam..lebar pijakannya plg cuma 15 cm lah..trs jarak antar tangganya 40 cm an.. shit,kyk mau bunuh diri.. pokoknya begitu sampe atas, udah deh badan langsung ga enak, pucet.. mau jalan ke tempat parkir mobil aja rasanya susah banget.. pelan2..*sigh* sampe mobil lgsng tepar di bawah ac,. dan minum sebanyak2nya..n i was getting better.. tampaknya sih gara2 keringet yg dikeluarkan ga sebanding dgn air yg diminum..bener2 ion tubuh terkuras banget.. sampe si evan bisa meres keringetnya..shit, he was so

okey, besok kamis rencana mau nyusurin code cuma di wilayah aku ditempatin, thanks God.. bisa mampus kalo suruh kayak kemaren lagi.. hasil dari ekspedisi kmaren, sampe skarang aja betis masi brasa kondean ==’ trus lengan belang, leher juga merah dan perih2..argghh!! =(

okey,that’s all my story.. wait for next edition,live in kali code, next month..hahahha…


*di trotoar in the middle of the biggest traffic jam in yogya. fyi,hrs nyebrang ini dulu kalo mau ke daerah tengah.*


*tetep narsis walau udah*




Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (Part 3)

Part 3

Today i woke up at 8 am..too early n i still very sleepy now.. i’m ready to sleep again, fyi.. haha.. so my thesis didnt go really far today.. i just made bab 1 last nite.. but it hasnt finished yet also.. n then this morning tante lian brought me to cobra’s warehouse, which is really really big.. n then introduced me to some staffs, for help me on taking some datas or anything.. n i took some photos there.. that’s all.. maybe i’ll write a lil company profile today..


i just wrote some of chapter 4..hahaha..the company profile fyi.. i passed chapter 2 and 3.. i need to go to the library to write it.. since tomorrow is holiday, i dont think i can do it tomorrow.. let’s try on Monday..hohoho..






Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (part 2 )

Part 2

I’m thanking God for today :) He’s sooo good to me :) thanks Jesus..

so basically, everything ran so well today..i’m so glad.. i met bu yanti for the first time, after deciding my own topic.. a lil bit bored before, cos i was like waiting for her for about 2 hours..hmm.. okay,i was nervous, as usual, cos she’s kinda, u know, a lil bit fierce.. she didnt even notice me,haha.. u know what, 1st she asked me why i kept choosing her as my n then i started telling her about this n that.. about what i already know from cobra.. n i think she’s interested on my topic..i dont know if it’s just my feeling.. but then i had a really good conversation with her :) so yeaa, now i’m really on fire to do my thesis..haha.. i just went to cobra after uni, immediately.. took some datas.. i think my thesis will be really difficult, since there are so many items i will examine..==’ but this is a really good progress for me..

tomorrow i’ll take another datas in the warehouse.. my 1st time to go there too.. tante lian will introduce me to some managers there..just wish me luck :)

i just can encourage my self.. fight oh! oh!




Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love is Blind


i got this story from a local magazine.. try to translate this to english.. sorry for my bad english.. but this story is really interesting.. story about a phrase ‘love is blind’

one day, all characters are gathered. they are bored because they have nothing to do. ‘intelligence’ suggests to play hide and seek. the other love the idea n decide that ‘insane’ will take the first place to count. while ‘insane’ closes his eyes and counts, the other go hiding. after finish the counting, ‘insane’ starts to seek the other. ‘lazyness’ is the first one who’s found, he doesnt even want to push his energy to hide. followed by ‘doubt’, who’s still confused on deciding where to hide. n then followed by ‘tenderness’ who hides behind the moon. ‘insane’ finally finds all characters except ‘love’. ‘jealousy’ who’s jealous to ‘love’ because she hasnt been found, tells '’insane’ that ‘love’ is hiding behind the rosebushes. ‘insane’ desperates to look for ‘love’ n he thrusts the rosebushes with a gardenfork random. a sound of cry comes out and makes ‘insane’ stop. it comes from ‘love’ who’s came out from her hiding place with hands covering her face. a fresh blood from her eyes get down through her fingers. ‘insane’ is feeling sorry and regret, “i made u blind,love.. what should i do to fix it?” ‘love’ answered,”u cant fix it. but if u want to, u can be my guide.” start from that moment, when there’s love, there’s insane.

isnt this story so great? everytime u fall in love, just keep your mind being rational.





Monday, February 22, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (Part 1)

alright..start from now, my blog will count the day n the progress of my thesis.. i definitely can be stressed up everytime i think about this. but it wont start if i dont take any action.. so yeah.. i just made a call to tante lian (the owner of cobra dental),told her i would go there,ask n find some datas..i dont know..we’ll see next.. n yay,she’s home =) this is a good progress.. but shit,it’s raining now..NOW! damn!arggghh!! this is surely ruining everything!! =(

*off the record*

i’m scared everytime i think about thesis. i’m afraid to meet my lecturer, i’m afraid if i couldnt finish it at the right time, etc. i dont even know who’s my lect till now. oh geez.. i chose bu yanti yesterday, i dont really know her, not really closed. i enrolled her class once only. overall she’s good, i can easily understand her..but i was really nervous when i first met her. cos she told me to change the place to do the analysis.. i’m afraid if i had to find another place..

i really hate looking for the place for my thesis.. u dont know how many places i’ve been searching.. 1st, at my aunt’s factory..they produce thread., i wanted to analyse the scheduling. but it wouldnt work becos this factory has made a contract with the supplier n the consument.. so there isnt a problem in scheduling. n then K24, a drugstore, they didnt allow any research there because of some store secrets (i didnt understand at all,what secret?!). n then there’s a golf glove factory. oya, and a hand tractor factory not so far from my home..too much procedure  n i chose not to go there. n then there’s a bakery shop named parsley, they afraid my research will disturb the production yeah, finally i moved to cobra dental.. i hope everything is going well here :)

gtg now.. my 1st day..


i’v been in cobra for 3 hours..had an interesting talk with tante lian..n i think i know what i’ll the progress ran well done today :)

n almost forgot,i already knew who’s my’s bu yanti n bu yayan..exact with what i wrote on the paper..please be nice to me..hehe..




Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Traveler’s Wife Review


okey,i’ve been really wanted to see this film for so long..but the copy isnt good yeah,wait for it..n then finally got it! :) good picture but bad usual..haha

okay,so the scene begin at the time when henry was 6 or something..when he had a car accident with his mom, n his mom died..henry time travelled in that car..back to his house about 2 weeks before the accident..young henry met adult henry told him that he can time travel through room n yeahh..

okey,adult henry back to his time..n then he met claire at the library..claire,who supposed to know henry since she was child recognized him..but henry at that time didnt recognize who claire was. n then they got know each other..

claire met henry when she was 8 years..henry came from 30 something (i forgot)..but the point is, at the real time before he went time travel, henry is already getting married with claire. well the story continued,henry get along with claire, they get married..sometimes henry goes timetravel.. claire feels it sucks to wait n always wait..without an exact time or date.or loose him without any one time when they have a gathering, a future henry will come in an injury condition.

problems came when claire got pregnant. she lost her baby maybe bcos the baby has the same genetic with henry, which is she can timetravel too.. they kept arguing each other.. claire hated the fact she couldnt get a normal life. henry told her that he was never met their child before at the future.. henry decided to do an operation (i dont exactly know what operation it is). henry met 18 years old claire, n it was her first kiss there.. henry back to his real time, told claire that he did that operation.claire was upset. one night, she got a phone call from  a younger henry, told her to pick him up.n then they made up. claire got pregnant and this time her baby was saved.

one time 38 years old henry timetravel to the future..where he meet his 10 years old daughter..they named her alba..alba has the same ability like her father..but this time,she can control it. she can go wherever she wants n in what time. alba tells henry that he would die.

n so on..the story goes..alba grows up..n the time is finally come..henry got shoot when he went timetravel to future (it’s his dad in law who shoot him, think that he shot a deer). life goes on.. at the end,39 years old henry back to the future when alba 9 years old..he meets her n claire. voila :)

it’s so touching.. i cried.. i love rachel mcadams..she’s just very2 beautiful..well,this film kinda makes me wanna buy the novel..damn..1st,lovely bones,n then my sister’s this one.. this fil is fully drama..but i didnt get bored..haha..thumbs up!




Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY n Valentine (-1)

Wake up in very early morning..kyaaaa…cos my sist came n woke me up..oh, thanks sis..haha..but she brought me charles n keith sandal..yeeayyy!! :)


i have been busy this morning till afternoon..haha.. made some pies with friends :) everything ran good,n we were busy with making the topping for the pie..we forgot that we still have some pies in the! n the chocolate topping,it’s supposed to be chocolate mousse, that can stand up..since we just boiled a chocolate block, the topping couldnt stand properly.. u can see the result..

100_0336 100_0337  100_0340 100_0342  100_0345

100_0352 100_0349


the last is mine :) 4 pies for me,mom,sis n bro..haha.. no special person ;p

So, Happy Chinese New Year n Happy Valentine to all of u!!




Valentine’s Day Review


This movie is sweet :) suka suka suka!! simple, funny, i didnt feel bored at all..hahaha.. artisnya oke2 banget.. ga kaya newyork, i love you yg totally failed..oya, val’s day ini random story sih tp saling berhubungan orang2nya..

so critanya hari itu adalah valentine’s day..dan entah mengapa hampir smua scene dr orang2 itu started from the bed.. pasangan pertama, Ashton Kutcher (okey,he’s definitely so hot in this movie :D) n Jessica Alba,si Ashton ngelamar gitu, n Jes said finally Jes blom siap berkomitmen trs ninggalin si Ashton deh.. nah critanya si Ashton pemilik toko bunga gitu.. krn coincidence apa gt,dia masuk tv,jdlah toko bunganya dia super rame..

n then, Ashton punya sahabat, si Jen Garner..nah dia menjalin hubungan sm dokter gitu.. tapi dia ga tau kalo ternyata si dokter uda punya istri.. n even celebrate their 15th anniversary that day.. Ashton tahu ttg cowok ini gara2 si dokter ini pesen 2 bunga di tokonya Ashton.. dia brusaha ngasi tau ke Jen, tpJen ga percaya dan tetep pergi ke tempat cowoknya..but finally she found out..okey, bertambahlah satu lagi yg patah hati..

Jen sendiri punya temen, Jes Biel..yg notabene slalu sendirian di hari valentine..sampe dia bikin acara i hate vals day.. Biel sendiri kerjaannya adalah agen buat pemaen football, Sean. Sean pengen mundur dr dunia football,entah gara2 apa..okey,back to Biel..akhirnya dia nanti bakal sm si Jamie Foxx,wartawan brita olahraga..

Ada lagi pasangan Anne Hathway dan cowonya (ga tau siapa namanya)..Anne sendiri pny kerja rahasia,yaitu sebagai pelayan telp seks gitu.. cowoknya akhirnya tau dan gak siap nrima Anne..akhirnya dia ninggalin Anne..pas malem valentine,si cowok pergi nonton layar tancap (ga banget)  di kuburan dia ketemu kakek2 gitu..kakek2 ini biasanya pergi sm istrinya tp malem itu ngga..tau2 istrinya dateng dan minta maaf ke kakek itu.kakek pun juga minta maaf..seharusnya kalo dia cinta dia trima smua keadaan istrinya,yg baik maupun yg buruk..akhirnya cowok ini pun sadar dan balik lg ke tempatnya Anne..jadi lagi deh :D

Pasangan kakek nenek ini..sebenernya adalah pasangan suatu hari si nenek keceplosan ngomong kalo dia dulu pernah slingkuh,makanya kakeknya kecewa..kakek nenek ini punya cucu,Edison..dia murid si Jen Garner.. dia pesen bunga jg di toko Ashton..lucu banget deh liat tingkahnya dan temen2 skolahnya..cute :) okey,kita udah berpikir kalo bunga itu buat temen skolahnya,siapa sangka kalo bunga itu akhirnya dikasi buat Jen.

Ed punya baby sitter, si Emma Roberts. dia dan cowoknya udah merencanakan buat have sex pertama kali.bagian yg paling kocak, cowonya udah siap di kamar si Em, udah naked, bawa gitar dan siap nyanyi, tp ternyata ibunya si Em yg part is hilarious! akhirnya Em memutuskan kalo dia blom siap, n they should wait for it..

Pasangan itu punya sahabat, double Taylor. critanya mreka pasangan yg amat sangat lagi mabok cinta..bagian double Taylor ini gak begitu banyak sih..yg jelas banyak adegan kiss yg bikin

next ada si Bradley Cooper sm Julia Roberts.. setting cuma di pesawat doank.. mereka duduk jejeran..Jul tuh tentara dan jarang banget balik ke rumahnya.dia ngehabisin 14 jam di plane,trs cuma ketemu 1 malam, then mesti balik lagi..Brad sendiri org yg gampang banget ditebak..pd akhirnya bakalan ketawan kalo tyt Brad ini pasangan gay nya si atlet Sean (nanti Sean bikin konferensi pers gitu,yg menyatakan kalo dia gay). trs tar si Jul ternyata plg ke rumah buat ketemu anaknya, Ed.

At the end..Ashton n Jen Garner bakalan sadar prasaan masing2.. intinya they fall in love with their bestfriend.

Hahaha..this is so good..n so meeee :p kayanya gw cuma bisa fall in love sm orang yg udah gw kenal dgn baek..bukan sm seorang stranger pernah sih..mostly hubungan gw berawal dr pertemanan..haha..

so valentine’s day scores 8.3/10.. i just finished downloadin the soundtrack..the songs are easy can download it here :) enjoy!!




Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Got A New Hair :)

AND I LIKED IT!! :D hahhahaa..i think the damaged part is already gone..yeayy!! :) love it love it love it..





Latest Movie Review

hahhaa..instead of doing my thesis, i just keep watching n watching movies.. i know this is bad..but i really get a headache everytime i think about the thesis..T___T

well, i’m gonna make some reviews for these movie i watched :)


well, the whole story is talking about how they live in NY, the habits, n how they meet their couples..simple like that..but i was kinda bored when watchin this film..sorry to say, even though the casts are wellknown..


i borrowed the dvd only bcos mila jovovich played as the main role here..i like her! :) the movie is flat too.. coz it’s like a documentary u can see, it’s based on the actual case studies, but looks like a fiction to me.. c’mon, an alien in earth?


too boring..i dont even know what the storyline is..about firing someone?? well……


i really love this movie!! really..i even cried when i watched it.. so the story is about Mike Oher who had an abuse experience when he was a child, growing up n go to a high school coz his height.. he has no home.. he’s walking alone when he met Leigh Anne for the 1st time..Leigh Anne take him to her house, treat him really well.. she also adopts him.. Since Leigh Anne n her family love football so much, Mike is also interested on that. Mike starts practice.. from zero to hero..  there’s one favorite quote for me, when Leigh Anne have a lunch with her friends, one of them ask about Anne’s husband feeling if she took Mike as her son. “u’re sleeping with a black boy at the same roof”, n she said “shame of u”. i was like, woww.. i really hate people who make a differenciation bcos of skin, race, religion, whatever.. but one thing, it’s so worth to watch :)


i like this movie too! :) it’s so funny how an old woman still have a confusing feeling with her husband, which is already has another wife n even a son.. u’ll see that meryl streep acts so great here.. it’s really entertaining.. so bad, at the end she decides not to continue her affair with her husband..feel bad for the husband too..but it was his choice first to left his family n made a new yeahh..everything has a risk, right?


i like this!! :) it goes really deep.. i really wanna read the book.. what  i dont understand is why the murderer took a young girl to be killed? did he make a sexual abusing 1st or what? this movie shows how to deal with a death.. how to live the life after someone left touchy..

An Education Movie Poster

this is last movie i saw..last nite actually..haha..An education is a very good movie to watch. So many lessons for young women.I like it,though sometimes i din understand their conversation..coz they use british accent n i saw it without any english or indonesian’s about 16 years old girl, jenny, makes a relationship with an old man, david..i dont know his age.. jenny is a smart n different girl, she has her own opinion about life n education..her dad pushes her to go to oxford uni.. she thinks school is boring, n with david she can looks at the outer world..she finds something different.. jenny decides to leave her school n takes david’s proposing. one night, jenny finds some letters inside the dashboard n finds out that david is no longer single..he actually has a wife.. jenny brokes so deep.. but with her dad’s support, she can stands up again.. she backs to school n accepted at oxford uni. n met another guy of course, but not too old at this time..haha.. i love this movie :) i like the woman who played as jenny, she’s pretty :)

i still have some more movies to watch,,my sister’s keeper, coco before channel, brothers, bad lieutenant, alvin n the chipmunks 2, the hurt locker, and the box :D




Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super lazy days ever

okey, i just feel that i’m so useless..i dont know why..i have nothing to do’s just watching movie or reading comics..geez..i dont even start to make my thesis..i’m starting to be frustrated everytime i think about that..n i dont have any courages to do that either..oh my God..please help me through this..i really wanna graduate this year..

well,fill my emptiness,i decided to bloggin..hehe..i just wanna show u the watch n wallet i bought already came n i love them! :)

100_0278 100_0279 100_0280 100_0286

anyway, i really wanna have some sandals or flat shoes for outing event..i dont have any sandals properly, for sure..fiuhh.. i’ve been looking at charles n keith web but found only one sandal..geez.. isnt it so bad?! this is the better among the other..

706158-01-06-4 706158-01-01-4

another xiuxiu works :)

xiu25 xiu26 xiu27 xiu28




Monday, February 8, 2010

Xiu Xiu Update :)

xiu24    xiu10xiu12 xiu5xiu9xiu21 xiu18 xiu17xiu20  xiu23

cute cute cute!! love it ♥




Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big Days Out with the girls ♥

These 2 days was awesome!! me n my girls were making a gathering.. it was really really fun! we shared many stories, laughs..well, i’m happy to have all of them :)

The girls are me, nyo2, felly, tepho, yaya, titin, vira, meme, n irene..

1st day, we went to our memorial high school, a place where we all met n made a bond called friendship :) we run to the canteen 1st!!haha.. i missed the soto..yum2! met our teachers..n our class teacher, Mr.Onni.. looks like he got’s means he got an improvement.. haha.. then i went to uni while the other having a photo session at centro’s restroom..haha.. why restroom is always being the best place to take any pics? lol.. went to karaoke (mustdo habit), sang a lot, i’ve lost my voice.. ate haji slamet, went to galeria,,we just didnt have a destination..cover2

2nd day, spent another day with these girls.. decided to go to sundak beach..n i was very excited..take lotta pics again there..haha..hilarious moments!! i hope i can visit the other next time.. so bad we couldnt go to siung and wediombo today.. DSC00349coverme cover4cover3 

another pics on my fb :)

just wish to meet all of u again :) jakarta maybe?? ♥ u all girls..




Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog banner


okay, finally i found a banner that matched with my blog title.. well, i never explained before why i chose chocolate’s lullaby as my blog title.. and i dont know exactly what’s my philosophy.. haha.. but one thing for sure, that i LOVE chocolate sooo much.. give me chocolates n i’ll definitely swallow it all..haha.. no words called boring for chocolate :) n the lullaby word, i just like bella’s lullaby from twilight movie..that’s why i picked it..haha.. so random..

i just added a tagline for the blog.. feel it, taste it, just like the sweetness of chocolate.. what i can say that this blog is fully about me n my life.. my hobby, my work, everything..

chocolate, there are dark chocolate, white chocolate, milky chocolate.. sometimes we taste it bitter, sometimes sweet. like living in this extraordinary world, there are so many things happen to our lives.. so yeahh, why dont we just take everything bad to be our experiences, learn about that  n change it to something good.. something better for our live. that’s why i just chose the sweetness.. haha..

so yeah,.. i just hope i can share anything here :)