Friday, September 24, 2010

How much does the price for virginity?

Hello!! Back with some life lessons! :) Looks like everyone loves what i wrote about Chinese cultures huh? Dont forget that i was already providing the english translation, since i saw people outside Indonesia viewed that page, i believe they didnt understand at all. Hahaha..

My topic this time is about virginity. Yeah, again about pro and contra. These days, lots of people know about sex, pratically do it with their couple or maybe just a one night stand. And when i talk about sex, it means sex before marriage, not a legal one. Well, i’m not judging that sex before marriage is bad, or whoever has done it is bad, it’s up to you guys. Whether u wanna do it or not, it’s your right and it’s you who’s gonna take all the consequences. Sex is great, I agree! But what if they did sex because something forced them?? Is it still great??

Now, how much does the price for virginity? Some people are still respecting the virginity and they’re willing to pay high for it. I mean in the prostitution world. Woman who’s still virgin will get a very high price. Virginity is a very precious thing, yes. And maybe that’s why some people who feel stuck in one condition, they aren’t thinking further. They sell their virginity to get some money. Is it wrong? Well, i dont know. It must be their condition that force them to do it. And once again because virginity costs a very high price.

One day i had a very interesting yet scary conversation with some guys, high quality players considering their ‘player’ records. They are wow in all these women things! Lots of history, really. I should say thanks to them so i get more knowledge about how jerk is a man. Haha.. Not every man, but i think the majority. Well, let’s call this guy : X, and the girl : Y.

This is a real story, again. X is someone who’s really experienced about women, any kind of women. Sex is a part of him. One day he spent his afternoon in front of computer, joining a chat forum with dirty nickname, “Guy who needs sex”. Suddenly a girl, Y, called him. She offered her virginity for 6 million rupiah. She promised that she was still a virgin, never had sex before, and that she would be bleeding when they had sex. This smart-ass guy then said yes, with one condition, that she must be bleeding when they had sex,. Later X went to Y’s place and they had sex. Y was bleeding but she didnt know, and X had cleaned everything from his P and her V. The sex was over, X gave his empty ATM card to her and his secret code to take the money. X went home. This girl never knew before that she had just been fooled, she went to ATM and found that no money inside that account. She texted X and called X, but X didnt respond it. End of story.

Pretty amazing story, huh? This X guy is totally fucking lucky jerk, right? Hahahaha.. And this pityful Y girl is really poor, she didnt get something, besides she just lose everything. I was like, “what kind of idiot is she?” If i was the girl, i’d like to asked the money first, at least half of it. Had sex and asked for the other half. Well, just reminding all of you girls, dont try to sell your virginity, dont ever think about it. Or if you have a very urgent condition, think smart. Dont ever be a fool, because what u’ll loose is everything. I feel really sorry for this girl though.



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