Friday, September 24, 2010

Food Journal : FoodFezt


Foodfezt is a dining place, where u can find lots of tenant there.. They provide food with so many variances. U can find international food like steak, special food using mushroom, makassar’s special food, and traditional food like bakmi jawa, magelangan, and also Indonesian food.

The place is quite cozy cos it’s semi outdoor, and there’s also live music and free hotspot. The price range is standard. But the taste is sucks. It’s not worth to pay a standard rate for a below standard food! I recognized yesterday that they had just increasing the price, since they changed their menu list. IMG00224-20100923-2137 IMG00229-20100923-2142 IMG00230-20100923-2142 IMG00231-20100923-2143

I didnt get my dinner yesterday (I’m on diet ;p) but i ordered Go Chocolate. It’s a chocolate waffer, with chocolate ice cream, koko crunch, and chocolate pudding. Price is 11K. I wasnt satisfied, because the fact that  i can get a very delicious chocomelt with 12K. This Go Chocolate, didnt taste really suck, but just standard. I remember i ever ate magelangan in Foodfezt, tasted like crap! i even prefer magelangan in burjo near my friend’s place.


The worst thing happened to my friend who ordered fish steak. She chose the single fish steak with mashed potato. Cost 18K i guess. But what she got was a super duper small fish steak with mini mashed potato. hahaha, crap! She tweeted me that she was hungry again by the night. LOL.


Anyway, u can get a delivery service by calling : 0274-554554. Food fezt is in : Jl. Kaliurang KM 5,5 Yogyakarta. And if you are a foursquare freak, they have a lil interesting thing like foursquare privilege. If u’re the mayor of Foodfezt, u’ll get a free drink. Kinda unique!! That’s all my review, think again to visit this place! :)



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