Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Kaleidoscope

In the first couple months, I was just busy spending time and having fun with my greatest friends in Jogja : Chries, Ling, Evan, Voodoo, always in my heart.. *najis gak* hahahaha… and of course another gorgeous fellas!! I miss you guys!! :* We were exploring Jogja’s restaurants and also another cities near Jogja, it was really fun! Eating, playing cards, monopoli-ing, camwhoring, I really miss those things!! =) Also making a birthday surprise which is sometimes really absurd haha.. 247839_1942225629310_1052539577_32127074_8254068_n248249_1916252179990_1052539577_32090038_2946027_nIMG-20111225-00307

So, after every denying and phobia, after so many years, I went to the dentist! Hahaha.. ain’t afraid no more!! LOL


and this was another happiest moment in my life, what I’ve been waiting for and fighting for. Thank You Jesus for your blessings! Got a lot experience from the office, hiking in the forest for the first time, didn’t go shower for 5 days, dancing in front of the directors, it’s been a blast! =) But the most is because I have new family here :

BDP 14

-Agnes, Dila, Dira, Bella, Dewox, Ngae, Arya, Ivan, Lily, Choky, Gio, Mami, Monche, Nnx, Nat, Ricky, Rizga, Sam, Sety, Tamim, Ve-


First time! Watching international concert of my favorite artists!! Bruno Mars and Train!! Woohoo!! Both of  them were great n very entertaining!! Already have concert schedule for next year : NKOTBSB and Gaga! Let’s roll baby!! :))edit_¸±±¾IMG00779-20111205-2247

What’s different on this year?!

The happy feeling of having my own money, buying things with that. Haha!! And the sad feeling in the end of the month, LOL. I admit that I’ve spent a lot, I feel like I go shopping almost every week! –____-  Note! Note! This will be one of my 2012’s resolution, I MUST LEARN TO SAVE MY MONEY! Haha.. :D

Being far from my hometown for quite long time. I went to Jakarta on July and never go back til Christmas. So yeah, spent my birthday without my family. I never wanted to go back to Jogja, but I’m kinda miss Jogja when I’m in Jakarta, I miss the foods!!IMG-20111225-00283_¸±±¾

It’s been A YEAR OF BLESSINGS. I couldn’t stop say thank God for everything happened in this year. I feel completely blessed, there are so many grace in my entire life this year. I feel like He always gives me His help in the very right time. Never stop being faithful to Him, search Him and everything will be added to you :)

Last but not least, another happy moment is meeting you, my baby buncit, AOM  See you soon! :*



Welcome 2012!! xoxo!


Monday, December 12, 2011

BC* Days

I love taking part in a big event :) So for about 5 months in BCA, I already took part in 2 events.. haha.. Free dinner and fun ambience!

The first one was for BDP’s graduation ceremony, it was held to celebrate the graduation of BDP 1 until 8. Actually they already finished the first year long time ago, don’t know why it took so long to celebrate it. And the next graduation will be held in the next two years!! Which is gonna be my graduation too.. Hahaha..

So I was dancing with some friends from my class, Kalimantan Dance called Giring2, also Papua Dance. and another dance for closing part. Hahaha.. I was quite nervous at the opening dance, because the only audiences were the board of director and another important guests.


The next event was a national seminar about Indonesian economy. Well, I was just being an user for the guest, registering them to the list. It was pretty busy and too crowded to be handled. The layout was very disorganized. Hufh.. I believe the guests were also unsatisfied. But I guess the event itself went pretty well, the sources were good, they gave great informations about economical class in Indonesia. I didn’t really hear the presentation lah. I was busy camwhoring all the time, lol.Tanah Abang-20111207-00189kemp6star4IMG00064-20111207-1444

Cant wait for the upcoming event!! Wish I can take another role there! haha..


xoxo, S