Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Card For Sister

bush bday

Happy birthday to you, sist :) I’m really grateful to have you as my sister. Wish all your wishes come true.



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parenting Tips

I was watching Kick Andy when I found this interesting fact. Why kids don't want to tell their parents if they done something wrong? Because parents usually get angry. Parents is also a human which is not perfect either, so why get angry when you can just forgive your kids and even better you give and teach them an explanation.

So what do the kids need? They need a validation, consists of 3P. First, PENERIMAAN (accepting), how you accept your kids' condition, good or bad, right or wrong. Second, PENGHARGAAN (appreciating), it's good to appreciate your kids. You can't only focus on the negative things, people usually do it. In case a kid gives 16 right answers of 20, parents usually too focus on the 4 wrong answers. "How could you answer it wrong?? Blablabla" And yeah, that shit happens over and over. Third, PUJIAN (praising), don't hesitate to praise your kids, tell them that they make you proud as a parent. (Taken from Kick Andy)

And also remember, that we don't raise a kid only, we raise another future adult (my sister's quote). So don't treat your kid as a kid forever, teach them how to grow up so they can socialize themselves inside the community.

My story... I can't understand why my mom is so underestimating me. She keeps complaining why I didn't take my first chance on sm*rt. I believe I deserve a better one! Why she couldn't accept it?! I know my capability, okay?! I can get something bigger than that. I know it! And while I'm still waiting for A*M's result, I told my mom that the candidates became 6 people, and she said "berat, berat" (english : it's hard). Why the hell she said that instead of "I know you can do it, San" or maybe "you're good enough to be chosen". Why she didn't give me a positive words and encouraged me to keep trying and fighting?? I still believe in myself, why she can't?! I'm really pissed off. That's why I don't really like to talk to her.

You know, me as a child needs supports and positive words, not all of those complains or pesimist feeling. We don't need it okay?! It will be really good if parents understand their child and support them no matter what happen. Be wise.

Well, I hope this post is useful for parents and future parents :)

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