Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tis week's update!!

Yaaa, monday, startin the atmajaya basketball days 2009,,, in a rush!! n very2 tired.. geez, woke up @ 7 on monday!! really sux~~ n then presented the 1st assignment abt supply chain management.. gud enough,, hehe.. so yeaa, one task is done!! =D
after tat continued TPFM,, aihhhh, will hav a dateline next monday @8~~ we need to b fast gals.. phewww... n dun forget the paper, submit on friday.. n it means tomorrow~~ YAAA, TOMORROW.. n we didnt even combine it each other n stick those things.. argghhh, still so much to do~~

tuesday,, ohh, i love tuesday~~ no class @ 7, no class @ 9.30.. it's heaven babe~~ hahaha,,, even though i alre printed ma assignment for the 2nd class,,, pheww,, bt tat's ok, coz no need to presented it again.. haha..

wednesday, oyeahh!! another day i liked.. hoho,, no class @ 7, meant no presentation tat day!! hihihi,, bt then presented the industrial control system paper... n then stayed in uni till 6.30,, tis could b the longest time i've stayed on campus.. doin ma template.. n then continued it @ hum.. oh well, it's finally finished.. but still needa fix..

Yayyy,, watched MU-arsenal game tonite!! yippie!! very great game by ManUtd!!

Today, woke up @2 pm.. yeaaa, yeaaa, i know i'm supa lazy~~ LOL.. today's assignment is finishin ma TPFM thingy.. n then go to dinner for lina's bday~~
Tryin a different look today,, which is so DIFFERENT.. haha.. check shirt, mini jeans skirt, stocking, n sneakers.. voila!!
Haizz, i hate ma friends, they teased me a lot!! said tat i juz back from an aerobic!! LOL~~ silly, it called fashion guyz.. huhh... tat's why jogja is so NDESO.. hahaha.. nobody will wear an outfit like tis to a campus, here, in Jogja.. huhuh, poor jogja..


Look at tat super tiny salty fish!! =D

Nahhh, presenting a new way to brush ur teeth.. hahaha..

Happy 21st bday Lin!!!
(Above, left to right : Achay, Ricko, Ai, Lina, Alvin)
(Below, left to right : Tepho, Novi, Me, Sari, Dinar)
(minus : harris) >>> boker po???


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Phewww, had been so busy tis day,,, prepared for the basketball event on monday,, hikss,, almost had a fight wif a parkin guy in front of campus.. sh*t!! y i should pay for a parkin in front of ma own campus??!! juz bcoz it's a graduation day n so many vehicles stop by in front of the campus.. haizzz,,n then should pay 2000 for it!!! i didnt even attend the graduation!! is he blind??!! i wear ma short pants n a tshirt!! geezz, really burned ma emotion!!

Went to a campus event at nite,,, which is so suckss...juz bcoz of achay!! huhuh!! n then suddenly spotted a lil boutique =D quite good, the stuffs r cheap, n i alre liked some stuffs.. but i still wait for my fringe boots to come~ yippie!!

after tat had a lil vodka nite~~ haaha.. playin biliard,, it's been so long since the last time i played it,, hoho.. not as disappointed as i thought before.. won twice!!

Nah, tis one is my drink!! coffee latte~~ XD

And tis nite, tried to mix n match my new n old clothes~~ n voila!! tat jeans shirt looks cool =D

Almost crazy for the assignments!!!

OMG!!!! i hope there were more than 24 hours in a day~~~ plisss, plisss,,, i juz cant arrange my time well,, i think ma scheduling class isnt workin for me.. LOL... i need more time for sleep!!! for play, n for doin tat sux tasks!! arrggghhh~~~ now ma head is really full of skul things,,, STRESS : mode on (definitely)~~

i juz did ma office template n the services template, make it perfect~~ so now, it's 100% done!! Yeaahh!! n then did ma resume for supply chain management class~~~ haizz,, but i still needa ask to alvin abt the results of our task~~ i couldn understand it completely... n needa present it at monday class~~

another assignments to go:
tis mornin will hav a technical meeting for the "Atma Jaya Basketball Days" event,,, plizzz, i dun want to play!! dun ask me to b one of the player.. BIG NO NO~~~ i cant play basketball~~~ LOL
n then do ma group work job for industrial control system class~~ haizz, tis is definitely sux thing,, i dun like it!! n doin ma "introduction chapter" for the MPTI class @Tues~~ tis one which i hate most!! present the industrial control system paper @Wed.. Hell yeaahh~~

OMGGGG, when will tis ended?? i cant take it anymore~~

haizz, gtg sleep, or wont wake up today~~ hahaah~~~

*dun u think tat u juz a cure for her broken heart??*


Friday, April 24, 2009


Yayyyy!!! I got ma new banner!!! yes,, yess,,, thx to achay who edited it, in a hurry of course.. hahaha... will make another soon~~~


Nah,, i almost changed ma blog url,,into,,,, bt unfortunately, it's used by sumone... hiks hiks.. tat facebook thing, i took it from queenbee's blog (thanks!!), n then i took the cutie bear @ The playlist songs is ma favorite songs now, so yeaa,, ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random pic!!

Tis pic was taken last saturday~~
I had a meetin, wif all Atma Jaya Basketball Days Crew.. hahaha,,, bt then we talked abt nothin~ e guys were gamblin,,, silly~~~
so sweet they were accompanied me.. bt the wireless connection @Koffepot was really2 sucks.. dunno wat happened.. it wasnt like tat when we went there before.. so yeaa, we moved to earth cafe which was so much HOTTER than @Koffepot.. hohah!! bt then i got ma CHOCO MELT!! Yummy!!! =D

Tis one we took @photobooth timezone~~ suckz print...


I had been very2 busy tis week~~~ fiuhhh,,,, finally i can write on ma blog again~~ didnt open ma polyvore, didnt open ma blog.. damn assignments were in front of me last week~ haizzz.. now they do,, again~~ juz finished ma work actually~~ then go bloggin.. hehe..

Hmmm, wat did i do last week?? well,, went to the waterworld n had so much fun there.. look at tat underwater pic!! so silly~~ i never did it well.. hiksss.. n then a short funny story when we taken tat LOVE pic.. hahaha... y guy should shy wif their armpit hair... HAHAHAHA XD, then cut it if u shy!! LOL!!
See the differences between the 1st n 2nd LOVE.. Hahahaha...

the other habit i hav now is hangin out wif friends n ma cousin @ cafe near campus,, juz for go online for free.. silly.. n our habit will never end, takin pic everywhere...

Nah, those things r gifts frm ma cousin after she back frm surabaya.. a lil thing, speaks our character based on our bday.. n very2 strange, our bday is on a sequence date.. so 9 dec is ricko's, 10 apr is voo's, 11 aug is mine, n then 12 may is achay's...

i love ma feet in crocs!! so cute!! hahahaha... e fact tat crocs is achay's,,,i want it, i want it.. =D
hiksss, i really FALL IN LOVE wif FOOTWEAR!!! more than clothes, or the other accesories.. n now i've been very confused to decide which one better between tis cute shoes.. i had asked ma friends, n they gave me so many considerations... GEEZZZ, still cannot decide which one the best!! =(

The 1st pic (the BLACK one) is the ankle boot, tat i really adore since last year~~ n havnt bought it til now.. LOL..more formal, n fit in any situation.. n i think it's more suitable to use it here, in Jogja.. But i love the 2nd pic too (CREAM), looks different, n i dunno~~ i juz like tat.. but mayb i'll order in a brown color.. not as creamy like tat..haizzz... WHICH ONE!!!????

Haizzz, sumthin wrong wif the weather here.. It's so HOTTTTT every day n nite.. but sumtimes rain is fallin down too.. so unpredictable.. n i hate to drive ma motorcycle under the bright sun n in e cold rain.. T___T


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ven's 21st bday!!

Yayyy!! it's her bday!! Happy bday girl!! wish all the best 4 u.. hiihihih.. nice occasion yesterday!! lots of takin pics, lots of food.. OMG, so fully~~ hahahaha... n of course, singin time!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MinHo CF

I like tis CF, coz he looks so SEXY here~~~ ahahahahah

Polyvore's addict!!

Juz sum new crazy collection.. colorful rite? Slip tat blouse on e skirt~ voila!! i like e colorful shoes n e envelope clutch~ =D

n tryin to make an interior design now.. haha.. one of ma hobby actually.. but never developin it so far.. i call it a comfort corner.. hehe.. n i like a japanese interior..
Yayyy~~~ akhirnya hari ini pemilu.. sempet bingung juga sih harus milih siapa.. bt yeaaa, still, i had to make a decision.. Masalah dari anak muda kaya aku adalah kita ga terlalu mengenal calon2 anggota DPR tersebut...

Jadilah untuk DPR RI, aku milih Agus Bastian, SE, MM dari partai demokrat, no urut 2.. hahaha, knp aku milih dia, soalnya aku suka liat mukanya bapak itu,, kesannya baik.. hehehe... aneh.. daripada aku harus milih yg nomor urut 1, liat mukanya aja udah ga suka.. =p
Trus untuk anggota DPRD aku pilih seseorang dari PDS, sebuah keadaan mengharuskan aku memilih partai itu.. haha.. sedangkan untuk DPRD kabupaten aku pilih tetanggaku deh~~ XD
oya satu lagi, buat DPDm aku pilih GKR Hemas aja, seseorang yg namanya uda pernah aku denger..

Kembali lagi k masalah pertama, kebanyakan anak muda kaya aku, kita bukanlah pengamat politik, jadi kita gak tau calon2 yg ada, malah ada temen aku, yg katanya sih cuma ngisi tanda tanya aja d kertas suaranya.. udah gitu yg bagian DPD malah digambarin kumis2 gt sama dia.. konyol~~~

yah siapapun yg terpilih nantinya, smoga aja membawa sesuatu yg lebih baik buat bangsa kita..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Ukayy guyz, two days later is goin to be the election of Indonesian's legislatif.. n after tat, an election to choose our Mr. President..

Every people above 18 years old can use their rights to choose our government for the next 5 years..

Well, ma problem is, i dun even know them~ hahaha,, i'm not a politic viewer, bt i think like any other indonesian leader, they talk n talk only... will they make it happen??

But i dunno y i cant juz ignore it n become a GOLPUT,,, i mean there's something inside me tat tell me to make any decisions~ Hahahahah....


Only 1 THING (Lee Min Ho)



Since the 1st time i saw him on Boys Before Flower~ Ghost!! Suddenly i'm meltin.. yeaaa,, best Doumyoji for me~
He looks like Jerry Yan actually,,, but i love him more... OMG, cant say anythin~ Juz perfect face~ Hahahaha...

Which one better? the curly or the straight one? LOVE BOTH!!

Hikssss, i really love his smile on tis pic~ imagine tat the girl was me, n he's smilin at me... XD

He got a very proporsional body,,, damn tall.. but i think he needs more muscles there~ hehehe..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lots of postin!!!

1st, i juz saw fast n furious 4.. n i think it's so COOL!! yeaa, really rocks!! the action stuffs, the guy, the car, the music,,, LOVE IT!! i was juz downloadin the soundtrack.. haha.. i dunno why i love tis pitbull song so much.. krazy,, beat up plssss.... =D
ahh, i remember, i was shockin when i heard TVXQ's song (Rising Sun) on tat movie.. yeaa, a korean song,, but it doesnt appear on their official soundtrack..
so bad coz letty has to died~~ ooopppsss, SPOILER here!! hahaa.. i'm not talkin anymore... i give tis movie 8/10.. coz i was always curious to see wat would happened next.. n for vin diesel, wif his extra body.. well, he has a very biggggg arm.. hmmm,, wonderin if he hugged me.. will ma body crash??? XD

2nd, i juz bought tis mini dress~~ well, is it a dress, or a long shirt? i watched it frm ma magazines since last year, n yeaaa, i decided tat i must hav it since the first time i saw it.. ahahah.. i juz like it soo much~~

3rd, i changed ma internet package, so now i can download anything without thinkin the size.. haha.. i like ma new package~~

4th, back to ma habit,,, doin something in polyvore.. ma last creation.. like it~ an outfit for a casual events.. so GREEN =)