Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love is Blind


i got this story from a local magazine.. try to translate this to english.. sorry for my bad english.. but this story is really interesting.. story about a phrase ‘love is blind’

one day, all characters are gathered. they are bored because they have nothing to do. ‘intelligence’ suggests to play hide and seek. the other love the idea n decide that ‘insane’ will take the first place to count. while ‘insane’ closes his eyes and counts, the other go hiding. after finish the counting, ‘insane’ starts to seek the other. ‘lazyness’ is the first one who’s found, he doesnt even want to push his energy to hide. followed by ‘doubt’, who’s still confused on deciding where to hide. n then followed by ‘tenderness’ who hides behind the moon. ‘insane’ finally finds all characters except ‘love’. ‘jealousy’ who’s jealous to ‘love’ because she hasnt been found, tells '’insane’ that ‘love’ is hiding behind the rosebushes. ‘insane’ desperates to look for ‘love’ n he thrusts the rosebushes with a gardenfork random. a sound of cry comes out and makes ‘insane’ stop. it comes from ‘love’ who’s came out from her hiding place with hands covering her face. a fresh blood from her eyes get down through her fingers. ‘insane’ is feeling sorry and regret, “i made u blind,love.. what should i do to fix it?” ‘love’ answered,”u cant fix it. but if u want to, u can be my guide.” start from that moment, when there’s love, there’s insane.

isnt this story so great? everytime u fall in love, just keep your mind being rational.





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