Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super lazy days ever

okey, i just feel that i’m so useless..i dont know why..i have nothing to do everyday..it’s just watching movie or reading comics..geez..i dont even start to make my thesis..i’m starting to be frustrated everytime i think about that..n i dont have any courages to do that either..oh my God..please help me through this..i really wanna graduate this year..

well,fill my emptiness,i decided to bloggin..hehe..i just wanna show u the watch n wallet i bought yesterday..it already came n i love them! :)

100_0278 100_0279 100_0280 100_0286

anyway, i really wanna have some sandals or flat shoes for outing event..i dont have any sandals properly, for sure..fiuhh.. i’ve been looking at charles n keith web but found only one sandal..geez.. isnt it so bad?! this is the better among the other..

706158-01-06-4 706158-01-01-4

another xiuxiu works :)

xiu25 xiu26 xiu27 xiu28




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