Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big Days Out with the girls ♥

These 2 days was awesome!! me n my girls were making a gathering.. it was really really fun! we shared many stories, laughs..well, i’m happy to have all of them :)

The girls are me, nyo2, felly, tepho, yaya, titin, vira, meme, n irene..

1st day, we went to our memorial high school, a place where we all met n made a bond called friendship :) we run to the canteen 1st!!haha.. i missed the soto..yum2! met our teachers..n our class teacher, Mr.Onni.. looks like he got’s means he got an improvement.. haha.. then i went to uni while the other having a photo session at centro’s restroom..haha.. why restroom is always being the best place to take any pics? lol.. went to karaoke (mustdo habit), sang a lot, i’ve lost my voice.. ate haji slamet, went to galeria,,we just didnt have a destination..cover2

2nd day, spent another day with these girls.. decided to go to sundak beach..n i was very excited..take lotta pics again there..haha..hilarious moments!! i hope i can visit the other next time.. so bad we couldnt go to siung and wediombo today.. DSC00349coverme cover4cover3 

another pics on my fb :)

just wish to meet all of u again :) jakarta maybe?? ♥ u all girls..





chrieezzz said... fun...
do it again do it again...

Susan Yoe said...

yukk...yukk...round 2 with ivonne this friday bad u cant join us..