Monday, February 22, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (Part 1)

alright..start from now, my blog will count the day n the progress of my thesis.. i definitely can be stressed up everytime i think about this. but it wont start if i dont take any action.. so yeah.. i just made a call to tante lian (the owner of cobra dental),told her i would go there,ask n find some datas..i dont know..we’ll see next.. n yay,she’s home =) this is a good progress.. but shit,it’s raining now..NOW! damn!arggghh!! this is surely ruining everything!! =(

*off the record*

i’m scared everytime i think about thesis. i’m afraid to meet my lecturer, i’m afraid if i couldnt finish it at the right time, etc. i dont even know who’s my lect till now. oh geez.. i chose bu yanti yesterday, i dont really know her, not really closed. i enrolled her class once only. overall she’s good, i can easily understand her..but i was really nervous when i first met her. cos she told me to change the place to do the analysis.. i’m afraid if i had to find another place..

i really hate looking for the place for my thesis.. u dont know how many places i’ve been searching.. 1st, at my aunt’s factory..they produce thread., i wanted to analyse the scheduling. but it wouldnt work becos this factory has made a contract with the supplier n the consument.. so there isnt a problem in scheduling. n then K24, a drugstore, they didnt allow any research there because of some store secrets (i didnt understand at all,what secret?!). n then there’s a golf glove factory. oya, and a hand tractor factory not so far from my home..too much procedure  n i chose not to go there. n then there’s a bakery shop named parsley, they afraid my research will disturb the production yeah, finally i moved to cobra dental.. i hope everything is going well here :)

gtg now.. my 1st day..


i’v been in cobra for 3 hours..had an interesting talk with tante lian..n i think i know what i’ll the progress ran well done today :)

n almost forgot,i already knew who’s my’s bu yanti n bu yayan..exact with what i wrote on the paper..please be nice to me..hehe..




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