Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog banner


okay, finally i found a banner that matched with my blog title.. well, i never explained before why i chose chocolate’s lullaby as my blog title.. and i dont know exactly what’s my philosophy.. haha.. but one thing for sure, that i LOVE chocolate sooo much.. give me chocolates n i’ll definitely swallow it all..haha.. no words called boring for chocolate :) n the lullaby word, i just like bella’s lullaby from twilight movie..that’s why i picked it..haha.. so random..

i just added a tagline for the blog.. feel it, taste it, just like the sweetness of chocolate.. what i can say that this blog is fully about me n my life.. my hobby, my work, everything..

chocolate, there are dark chocolate, white chocolate, milky chocolate.. sometimes we taste it bitter, sometimes sweet. like living in this extraordinary world, there are so many things happen to our lives.. so yeahh, why dont we just take everything bad to be our experiences, learn about that  n change it to something good.. something better for our live. that’s why i just chose the sweetness.. haha..

so yeah,.. i just hope i can share anything here :)




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