Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (part 2 )

Part 2

I’m thanking God for today :) He’s sooo good to me :) thanks Jesus..

so basically, everything ran so well today..i’m so glad.. i met bu yanti for the first time, after deciding my own topic.. a lil bit bored before, cos i was like waiting for her for about 2 hours..hmm.. okay,i was nervous, as usual, cos she’s kinda, u know, a lil bit fierce.. she didnt even notice me,haha.. u know what, 1st she asked me why i kept choosing her as my n then i started telling her about this n that.. about what i already know from cobra.. n i think she’s interested on my topic..i dont know if it’s just my feeling.. but then i had a really good conversation with her :) so yeaa, now i’m really on fire to do my thesis..haha.. i just went to cobra after uni, immediately.. took some datas.. i think my thesis will be really difficult, since there are so many items i will examine..==’ but this is a really good progress for me..

tomorrow i’ll take another datas in the warehouse.. my 1st time to go there too.. tante lian will introduce me to some managers there..just wish me luck :)

i just can encourage my self.. fight oh! oh!




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