Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love Xiu Xiu Meitu



okey,,i got a new game that really fun to do.. it’s not a game actually,’s a photo editor..but so many cute stuffs.. but the most interesting thing is we can put our head to an animated gif they can funny..

you can download the application here..choose the below download icon..coz it’s more not pick the 360.. i’ve already tried it too.. well, the only problem for me is i dont have chinese letters on my yeah, the letter shows very weird..

some pics i already created..



hahaha..this is so fun!! <3 you should try this as well. have fun! :)

 dear readers, dont forget to read the tutorial about xiuxiu on my following post. I hope it’s useful :)




audrey said...

aku udh donlod dan lg bikin gif kepala yg gerak2 itu tp gmn caranya biar bisa 2 kepala? aku coba bikin 2 kepala tapi jadinya 2-2nya kepalaku sendiri :(

ρღℓɑʀɨs292 said...

nice blog....:)
keep it up

Aijalonica Lei Papa said...

LOL this is sooo funny! I also find Meitu Xiu Xiu fun!
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