Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latest Movie Review

hahhaa..instead of doing my thesis, i just keep watching n watching movies.. i know this is bad..but i really get a headache everytime i think about the thesis..T___T

well, i’m gonna make some reviews for these movie i watched :)


well, the whole story is talking about how they live in NY, the habits, n how they meet their couples..simple like that..but i was kinda bored when watchin this film..sorry to say, even though the casts are wellknown..


i borrowed the dvd only bcos mila jovovich played as the main role here..i like her! :) the movie is flat too.. coz it’s like a documentary u can see, it’s based on the actual case studies, but looks like a fiction to me.. c’mon, an alien in earth?


too boring..i dont even know what the storyline is..about firing someone?? well……


i really love this movie!! really..i even cried when i watched it.. so the story is about Mike Oher who had an abuse experience when he was a child, growing up n go to a high school coz his height.. he has no home.. he’s walking alone when he met Leigh Anne for the 1st time..Leigh Anne take him to her house, treat him really well.. she also adopts him.. Since Leigh Anne n her family love football so much, Mike is also interested on that. Mike starts practice.. from zero to hero..  there’s one favorite quote for me, when Leigh Anne have a lunch with her friends, one of them ask about Anne’s husband feeling if she took Mike as her son. “u’re sleeping with a black boy at the same roof”, n she said “shame of u”. i was like, woww.. i really hate people who make a differenciation bcos of skin, race, religion, whatever.. but one thing, it’s so worth to watch :)


i like this movie too! :) it’s so funny how an old woman still have a confusing feeling with her husband, which is already has another wife n even a son.. u’ll see that meryl streep acts so great here.. it’s really entertaining.. so bad, at the end she decides not to continue her affair with her husband..feel bad for the husband too..but it was his choice first to left his family n made a new yeahh..everything has a risk, right?


i like this!! :) it goes really deep.. i really wanna read the book.. what  i dont understand is why the murderer took a young girl to be killed? did he make a sexual abusing 1st or what? this movie shows how to deal with a death.. how to live the life after someone left touchy..

An Education Movie Poster

this is last movie i saw..last nite actually..haha..An education is a very good movie to watch. So many lessons for young women.I like it,though sometimes i din understand their conversation..coz they use british accent n i saw it without any english or indonesian’s about 16 years old girl, jenny, makes a relationship with an old man, david..i dont know his age.. jenny is a smart n different girl, she has her own opinion about life n education..her dad pushes her to go to oxford uni.. she thinks school is boring, n with david she can looks at the outer world..she finds something different.. jenny decides to leave her school n takes david’s proposing. one night, jenny finds some letters inside the dashboard n finds out that david is no longer single..he actually has a wife.. jenny brokes so deep.. but with her dad’s support, she can stands up again.. she backs to school n accepted at oxford uni. n met another guy of course, but not too old at this time..haha.. i love this movie :) i like the woman who played as jenny, she’s pretty :)

i still have some more movies to watch,,my sister’s keeper, coco before channel, brothers, bad lieutenant, alvin n the chipmunks 2, the hurt locker, and the box :D





Dniz said...

eek kw!!
niatane meh baca nggo preview2 sbelum ntn...
malah akeh spoilere...

Susan Yoe said...

wkwkwkkw..mana ada??!!
aku ngasi spoiler cuma yg an education sama it's complicated yoo..laene ga ada..