Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY n Valentine (-1)

Wake up in very early morning..kyaaaa…cos my sist came n woke me up..oh, thanks sis..haha..but she brought me charles n keith sandal..yeeayyy!! :)


i have been busy this morning till afternoon..haha.. made some pies with friends :) everything ran good,n we were busy with making the topping for the pie..we forgot that we still have some pies in the! n the chocolate topping,it’s supposed to be chocolate mousse, that can stand up..since we just boiled a chocolate block, the topping couldnt stand properly.. u can see the result..

100_0336 100_0337  100_0340 100_0342  100_0345

100_0352 100_0349


the last is mine :) 4 pies for me,mom,sis n bro..haha.. no special person ;p

So, Happy Chinese New Year n Happy Valentine to all of u!!




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