Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (Part 3)

Part 3

Today i woke up at 8 am..too early n i still very sleepy now.. i’m ready to sleep again, fyi.. haha.. so my thesis didnt go really far today.. i just made bab 1 last nite.. but it hasnt finished yet also.. n then this morning tante lian brought me to cobra’s warehouse, which is really really big.. n then introduced me to some staffs, for help me on taking some datas or anything.. n i took some photos there.. that’s all.. maybe i’ll write a lil company profile today..


i just wrote some of chapter 4..hahaha..the company profile fyi.. i passed chapter 2 and 3.. i need to go to the library to write it.. since tomorrow is holiday, i dont think i can do it tomorrow.. let’s try on Monday..hohoho..






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