Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time Traveler’s Wife Review


okey,i’ve been really wanted to see this film for so long..but the copy isnt good yeah,wait for it..n then finally got it! :) good picture but bad usual..haha

okay,so the scene begin at the time when henry was 6 or something..when he had a car accident with his mom, n his mom died..henry time travelled in that car..back to his house about 2 weeks before the accident..young henry met adult henry told him that he can time travel through room n yeahh..

okey,adult henry back to his time..n then he met claire at the library..claire,who supposed to know henry since she was child recognized him..but henry at that time didnt recognize who claire was. n then they got know each other..

claire met henry when she was 8 years..henry came from 30 something (i forgot)..but the point is, at the real time before he went time travel, henry is already getting married with claire. well the story continued,henry get along with claire, they get married..sometimes henry goes timetravel.. claire feels it sucks to wait n always wait..without an exact time or date.or loose him without any one time when they have a gathering, a future henry will come in an injury condition.

problems came when claire got pregnant. she lost her baby maybe bcos the baby has the same genetic with henry, which is she can timetravel too.. they kept arguing each other.. claire hated the fact she couldnt get a normal life. henry told her that he was never met their child before at the future.. henry decided to do an operation (i dont exactly know what operation it is). henry met 18 years old claire, n it was her first kiss there.. henry back to his real time, told claire that he did that operation.claire was upset. one night, she got a phone call from  a younger henry, told her to pick him up.n then they made up. claire got pregnant and this time her baby was saved.

one time 38 years old henry timetravel to the future..where he meet his 10 years old daughter..they named her alba..alba has the same ability like her father..but this time,she can control it. she can go wherever she wants n in what time. alba tells henry that he would die.

n so on..the story goes..alba grows up..n the time is finally come..henry got shoot when he went timetravel to future (it’s his dad in law who shoot him, think that he shot a deer). life goes on.. at the end,39 years old henry back to the future when alba 9 years old..he meets her n claire. voila :)

it’s so touching.. i cried.. i love rachel mcadams..she’s just very2 beautiful..well,this film kinda makes me wanna buy the novel..damn..1st,lovely bones,n then my sister’s this one.. this fil is fully drama..but i didnt get bored..haha..thumbs up!




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