Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last party on January

Here it is.. the last party on January.. dnis n vita’s belated birthday fun..haha.. lol part when one of friend made a rap song called ‘mimpi buruk’ bad!!hahaha.. funny part with bidipbidip but the best was when two bday people got into a very dirty drain..yuckss!!

though some people didnt use their costumes, but the other did it well.. lol.. so we got a school girls n boy, taekwondo athlete, ultraman, cowgirl without boots, terrorist, someone from army, scoutboy, imitation jesus, gipsy girl without hairband, invisible man.. here comes the pics..


mine is inspired by becks.. can u see my braided bang?haha..20448_276765229317_550139317_3181624_3300992_n



Last pic we took..after the bday guys took a bath..hahaa..what a stinky day!! :D




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