Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unique Shoes

Aloha world.. it’s almost 4 am and i didnt sleep yet..haha.. surprise2 :D i’ve been watchin the stepfather.. played by penn badgley.. it’s a thriller one, n quite rushing my adrenaline.. haha.. it was supposed to be a 1,5 hours film but i made it into 2,5 hours. lol.. i was busy downloading some scrapbook stuffs.. ;p

while i was searching for some digital kits, i found this website n i think this website is completely complete! haha.. it’s awesome.. if u’re interested about art, photo, design, graphic, or anything about that, than just visit it..

n i found this pictures also.. very2 unique shoes :)

0009bfa4_medium 0009bfa5_medium 0009bfa6_medium 0009bfa7_medium 0009bfa8_medium 0009b88f_medium 0009b891_medium 0009b893_medium 0009b53a_medium

do u know that i still have 5 digital kits to download? haha..will be busy well enjoy the website!! :D

good night world.





dreamy princess said...

luculucu.. unik unik yaa.. manusia tu emang ada2 ajah.. hahaha

Susan Yoe said...

yg dari pandan unik banget yak..
wedges boo..hahaha..