Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alone. Scrapbook.

Hyahaha,,looks like a title of horror movie yaaa.. silly.. so glad i’m not the type who scares to any ghosts or horror so yeaa, because of the kkn coaching, which was so so boring, i couldnt go to my cousin’s wedding yesterday.. which means i couldnt go to bandung, i couldnt go to PVJ, shopping!! aaaaaa… i hate kkn!! n now i’m home alone.. my brother has to work.. n i dun have any idea where is si pembokat.. she went somewhere too yesterday.. ewwww…

i have nothing to do.. i have nothing to do.. i cant do my thesis also.. just read the magazine, n only play with the laptop.. try new thing, which is scrapbooking..hahaha..i love digital scrapbooking! here is very useful link with so many digital kits. the digital kits have different themes.. one digital kit usually consists of papers, elements, and the alphabets.  u can download it n the best part is it’s FREE :D maybe at 1st u’ll think that u have to pay for it, but just follow the instruction n fill the blank like usually.. i guarantee it’s free.

go here n happy sightseeing :)

here are some of my creations.. not much, cause it really takes so long to make one scrapbook.. haha.. coba2

banner baru

what do u think? i love my new blog banner!! it’s elegant..haha.. i had a very confusing situation on deciding which fonts i would use for the title.. at the last i picked this one.. i’m about making another really soon! haha..

ah, did i mention that i really love listening lady antebellum now? the songs are nice.. n easy listening.. i’m getting closer to be a country girl i think..haha.. my faves are I Run To You, Need You Now, and Perfect Day. try one! :)




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