Monday, March 8, 2010

House of Raminten Tragedy


Let me introduce u all to House of Raminten.. one of hangout places in yogyakarta.. it’s a cafe with traditional food n beverages (call it ‘jamu’) n they also have a place for traditional massage. the location is in Jl. FM Noto 7 Kotabaru, beside Mirota Bakery.

u know what, at 1st i was thinking.. i’ll bring foreigner to this place, because the atmosphere is really2 traditional.. u can feel the javanese atmosphere from the music, the costume of the workers, place, decoration.. they have a horse cart there.. it’s really unique.. but now, what can i say is I DEFINITELY WILL NEVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN.. i was really disappointed with the service.. errrr.. today is my 2nd time to go there.. they always have crowded situation, n it makes me confused. how come?! the cheap price? the traditional atmosphere? what makes raminten always full of customers?



*the traditional atmosphere*

so tonite i came at 8 pm.. my friends was already had their foods n drinks. my cousin still waited her pourige. then i also ordered a pourige which is really2 big, orange, n ice tea.. my cousin’s order finally came. and me? i was waiting for an hour.. i asked the man worker, told him i havent got my order.. minutes later i asked again to another man worker.. i know that added order will take a lil long.. it was 9.45 pm n i asked again to the woman worker. i was mad.. really pissed.. i wanted to scream.. all dirty words came out from my mouth.haha.. i cant be more patient than this.. this is crazy! finally she came out, n said that the pourige was out of stock. haha..haha..haha.. i was like, WHAT?! u made me wait for 2 hours n what i got is a sorry?!! screw u! eat that sorry! cih! =( n my drinks came out at that time too..after 2 hours.. it’s only orange n ice tea!  oh wow, should i go to the kitchen and make it by myself?! she said, sorry, we have many queue orders n bla3.. i dont know what kind of management they applied there.. so everytime i asked to the man workers, they just said yes but didnt check it out?! and after we ordered they didnt check it also? fyi, we order to the woman workers and we have to pay directly after that. they even bring a handie talkie! for what?! accesories?! argghh!! i really dont understand why people keep visiting house of raminten, in fact they have a very2 bad service..


*washbasin pourige. u can wash your face there. lol*

at the end i went to Mc’Donalds n ate my large french fries. hufh.. and also thanks to Kings of Convenience who smoothen my mood now :)




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