Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

I missed sunday morning.

i’ve been blogging till late last night. so yeah, i woke up at 2 pm this morning.. i meant, noon. haha.. what a lazy lady..

Planned to go with mom at night.. n yeah, we did it. i dont know what was happening to her. she’s weird.. cos suddenly she wanted to shopping. oh well, she bought the white musk iris eau de toilette (limited edition), and since i have the body shop card member, and that product is 3 for 2, so i bought the same thing also. n for the bonus i took shea body butter. haha.. and i bought a jeans too :)

so yeah, my preparation for kkn stuffs is almost done. i just need one thing, which is ‘gayung’ ! lol. i need it cos i think i will go shower in a public baths. oh well.. i hope i get an appropriate home. and foods of course.

coba4 *my laptop wallpaper part 2*

music of the day : Hey Lloyd I’m ready to be heartbroken - Camera Obscura



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