Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Name is Khan

This movie is great!! Great messages!! And all is about love :D Whatever your religion, race, and beliefs, there are only 2 differences in this world, the good people and bad people. I cried a lot..haha.. Though i saw this in theatre but i couldnt hold my tears..huahaha.. The saddest part is when Sam died.. And i must admit that Shahrukh Khan acted really good..

Well the story is about a guy, named Rizvan Khan, a Mosleem, who has an asperger syndrome, and has a lil autism. He’s afraid of loud voice, yellow, he scares to be in new place. But though he’s sick, he’s smart. He repairs almost everything.

When he was a child, his mom gave him a lesson of life that school doesnt taught. Well, Khan grows up and moves to US. He finds his love there. They got married. Fyi, Mandira is Hindhu India. So yeah, they have a different religion and worship God in different ways. They live happily, have a good relationship with the neighboor. All is perfect, until..

9/11 was happening. US people start hating Mosleems. The husband (neighboor) died when reporting news from Afghanistan.  That makes his son, which is friend with Sam, angry. One thing happens and make Sam died. Mandira cant handle her feeling and anger. She blames Khan for Sam’s death. She regrets that she married a Mosleem man. She screams at Khan, tells him that he should go meet Mr. President and tell him, “MY NAME IS KHAN AND I’M NOT A TERRORIST”.

After that, the story is just about the journey of Khan in order to meet President of US. Khan struggles very hard, meets so many different people. Because of 9/11, some Mosleems are losing their identity, they remove their ‘turban’ and ‘jilbab’. But Khan is stick to his way. He prays and worships God as usual. He helps Christian people. He donates his money to African hunger kids. And so on and so on..

Okay, no more spoilers. haha.. This movie is worth to see :) I still have my puffy eyes till




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