Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sat Nite

I have a new font.. hahaha… can u read it? it’s one of so many fonts i’ve downloaded for my scrapbook thingy.. haha..

I feel empty. i miss someone who can fills my heart. Someone who makes my heart beats so fast. Someone who makes me feel comfort. Someone i trust.

Is there anybody out there who can do that things? :)

But what my friend’s say is also true, it’s better to be single than to be together with the wrong people.

Relationship is complicated.

Some people say, it’s hard to have the same mission, vission, and perspective between two people. But a nice quote also say, that God created us to be different. That’s why love exist. To unify that differences.

Well, what do u think?

Anyway, i just made a wallpaper for my lappie..haha.. i’m tired of using celeb’s face. Now it’s time to create something more personal. and voila!! i loveeee this :)





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