Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Journey of My Thesis (part 4)

Hahahaha.. yesterday i went to the new library..woohoo!! it’s a 4 floor building.. kinda cool for my uni..lol.. but it’s kinda hard to find the book there.. since so many books are placed there, from all the faculty. but i just needed to look at some thesis. so yeaa, i went down to the basement n got what i need. haha..

yepp, i was doing my chapter 1,2 and 3.. but i aint finished it yet.. with my mineral bottle, my music, and a very quiet room, i’ve been really enjoying myself there..hahaha.. i will go there again soon. really soon. but wait, i forget one thing, it’s so hot in the thesis area. errrr!! why they didnt put some ACs there?!

anyway, i havent got my datas till now.. i think mbak deti is forget that she should check her email. so i’m deciding to go there tomorrow. so bad, i’m lack of focus n encourage now..haha.. oh God, please dont let it happen.. lol. the rest of this week, i think i will be busy with the kkn stuffs. *sigh*

and again.. i’m tired.




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