Monday, March 15, 2010

Hectic Day (Journey of Thesis 5)

Wuahhhh.. it’s been a hectic day!!

supa busy since morning.. woke up at 7.30 then met my lecturer.. haha.. twice laa.. lol. aite, so i just be honest with her that i dont know where to start. n now i got the point.. have to determine reorder point first, and forecast the probability of demands. ow yeah.. which is i forgot. haha.. still dont have any ideas to start this =P

met my friends for kkn stuffs at the library. in process of making PKM (program kreativitas mahasiswa) for DIKTI with energy as the subject. if the proposal goal, we’ll get 10 million rupiahs as a support. arghh!! but still so much to do! and due date is at thursday. hell!! =(

continued to have meeting with tata hijau team at 1.30 pm. with a big and heavy rain.. woohoo! i decided not to go home cos i still have a meeting with the south team at 7 pm. oh well.. i’m tired now =(

and my friends ask me to join the karaoke this nite. i dont know if i would go or not. huaaaaaa.. i wanna sleep -______-

see ya. i’m over.



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