Friday, March 12, 2010

Je suis amoureux de Forever 21

I have nothing to do… hihiihi… so i go search forever 21 stuffs.. i hope f21 is in jogja, but my best wish for f21 is just dont change the price.. please.. the stuffs become so expensive here ==’

ah well.. my wishlist :)


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i dont know why i really love this dress.. the cutting is unique i guess.. thought maybe i will be look fat in this dress..hahaha.. dresses below are also great!! :)

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i know i will wear those kind of shoes rarely.. but i still so in love with those platform..huaaaaa…

it’s only f21..we still have so many brands! haha..topshop, mango, zara, pull n bear, dorothy perkins, warehouse, and so on and so on.. @__@ n feels like i want it all.. LOL

sorry for this random post ;)




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