Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay, let me say..

I was surprised very much when u said that to me. Though i already had that feeling. I dont know, but i just could feel it. And yeah, once again, it’s unbelievable. It’s crazy.

Sorry to say, but i cant. At least for now. I need to know u more. I need to have our time together before deciding this important thing. Because i’m not a kinda girl that easily plays with a relationship. Maybe i was, when i’m a teenager. But for now, i’m thinking forward, i’m thinking about my future also. So yeah, u already understood, and everything is as simple as the beginning now.

Thank you for liking me. I cant call it love, Cause for me, it’s just too fast. Do u call it love? Or it’s just your rush? What do u feel about me? Feeling is important, It starts everything. But it’s not enough for me if u only have a feeling for me. I cant take a risk, right?

What makes u like me? haha.. How could a short daily conversation in our chat make u like me?! Haha.. It’s weird. Cause it was so random since the beginning. Plus, we’ve never met. Well, u can ask everything to me :) And by the way, answering my questions above would be lovely. lol.



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