Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photoshoot for Kofenoir

So today i was doing some photoshoots for my friend, who’s helping her friend whom is also my friend.. Hahaha.. So the point is i helped these two of my friends,. The one is from advertising, she does the photo. And the other is the cafe owner.

The cafe name is Kofenoir, placed in Jalan Kaliurang Yogyakarta. It has great menus and coffee, the owner took a hospitality study in Genting. The coffee taste real, says my friend. The chocolate is also good. Pancake is one of my favorite actually. The chocolate is really delicious! ;)

It has a great atmosphere actually, silent and chill. With touch of jazz music. But maybe because of the far away place (from my home specially), not so many people know this cafe. So it’s really great idea to promoting this cafe.

The photoshoot is for promoting her cafe, the concept is that Kofenoir is a cozy place where you can hangout with friends, share the happiness, or maybe sadness too. Great place for lover too.. What we did is really kinda advertising shoots.

Here is some behind the scenes shoot. Will post the real advertising shoots after it’s done with the editing process.

IMG00263-20101003-1329 IMG00262-20101003-1304  IMG00264-20101003-1329 IMG00265-20101003-1329 IMG00266-20101003-1329 IMG00267-20101003-1332 IMG00268-20101003-1335 IMG00269-20101003-1352


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