Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was really having troubles on choosing kebaya for my graduation ceremonial.. I mean it's just once in my life time, and I've never worn any kebaya before, so I want everything to be perfect at the D-day. Basically I want a modern kebaya, you know the sexy one, like something u'll wear in a wedding ceremony. Like the Miss Universe kebaya or kebaya from Anna Avantie. You know what's my point right, I want something different. But this time, I couldn't find any!

I went to Christine Salon and found a white old kebaya. I didn't really like it, I just thought that it's the best they got that fitted me well. IDR 150K. So I moved on to another salon, Kamaratih. I found that black kebaya, quite good. But too bad it's black. It wouldn't fit the day because it's gonna be really hot tomorrow. IDR 100K. Then I went to a small designer house near my home, they actually sell kebaya, but also rent it. I found a pretty red kebaya, but the size was too small for me, and also the rent cost IDR 200K. I also went to another salons, ended up at Curly. I actually had a very good choice there, the color is blue and it's very pretty, but it's just too expensive. IDR 500K. What the hell.. Beside, my friend had ever worn it at her graduation last July. Hell no I will take photos with the same clothes as someone who knows me.

Well, till yesterday I finally decided to choose one. This kebaya is a lil bit different, because it has a colar, a blazer colar. And I think it's pretty unique. It's like having 2 part of colors, the upper one is light green, and the below part is dark green. I actually chose to have the tosca bustier, but it didn't fit me very well. Meant, I'm too fat to use it. Damn! And the light green either!! So the owner gave me the dark green bustier. The kebaya has flower details and also blinks everywhere, but not too over. It's just perfect. And also she promised to making me a new jarik, the white one with narrow end. I don't like the jarik that has a wide end, u know like a fish. It will make me look bigger. Haha.. But still confused on deciding what color will I use for the jarik, white or darker one. I think the white one. Anyway, I found this kebaya at a salon near my house. It's not a big or wellknown salon, and this kebaya is the owner's. That's why it's different, one and only. And the best part is the very cheap rent, only IDR 40K :D eurika!!

Here is some kebaya I tried :)


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