Saturday, October 16, 2010

Liaison Officer Experience

I suddenly remember about my experience being a liaison officer for the International taekwondo tournament on November 2009. I've always been really interested about something international. Maybe it's because of my obsession to go abroad. I've never went out of Indonesia, fyi. And I really wanted that for the whole time! So yeah, when they opened a recruitment for a liaison officer, I had no hesitation to apply, and thank to God and Mr. Nico (the head of LO) for taking me into the comittee.

I love to practicing my English with a native speaker. Well, English has always been my favorite subject since school :) So yeah, that was a really rare opportunity. Before the D-day, Mr.Nico told me that I would handle the Laos team, which has a Korean leader. Very surprisingly, the team (3 boys and 1 girl) couldn't speak English at all. Even the basic words! So I just used my hand to act my words! It was really frustrating first cos I was really hoping to have a great bond with them. And the team leader, is actually the vice president of Laos taekwondo team,just like what I said on my blog last year. And I didn't know that until I saw it on the internet after the event. He was really bossy first. It's really obvious now, since he got the position and also connected with the important person of Indonesian taekwondo, Mr.Leo. First day he arrived here, he made a complain to me that I didn't know about any internet at the hotel. Well, sorry because I never go to Saphire Hotel before, so yeah I had no idea about any internet room there. And I also remember that he asked me for a headache medicine and I gave him Tolak Angin, but he didn't really believe me about that and asked the other about how good is Tolak Angin, and they also recommended it. Haha! Then he gave me a full responsibilities to took care the children. He left them with me! Oh well, it was awesome cos I couldn't communicate with them. I just tried my best to understand them and offered a basic needs like water and food. So I accompanied them at the practice and also at the match day. They striked the poomsae competition with a very good result and I was so proud of them. I know I had nothing to do with their perfomance there, but I guess their comfortability here was also mattered and affected their performance. It's a good point, right?! :D

To be honest, I was a lil bit jealous with the other LOs at the first day,. My friend, Erika, handled two guys, one from Australia which is actually Indonesian, and one from Korea which stays in Surabaya. They are totally good looking. Haha! Our hearthrobs ;) The others, handled some teams from Malaysia, which are having a good English, so they could communicate easily. The Thailand team has a very funny leader, named Mr. Thoh. He even treated us in Ohlala the second night. The Kamboja team also speaks English. But well, every LOs had their own happiness and weakness.

Well, the night after the match, the kids thanked me and said that I was great (in English, lol). And also Mr Vice President praised me in front of those people. And I was flattered. I never thought before that my doubt thoughts on my team were wrong, they appreciated me. The day after was just happy things, I took them to short trip around Jogja. And they were really happy. It was only me and my team that got a spare time. And we became more active each other. So yeah, it was really fun to be with them.

I hope they learn English well in their school. I only connected with the girl until now. But since she doesn't understand what I'm talking about, she won't reply my comments. She answered my email, only said hi and miss me, but then didn't answer my questions. LOL.

Well my point is, do what u do with all your heart, your passion, and you'll get an extraordinary thing as a reply. Do not underestimate people or something before u really do know them, sort of don't judge a book by its cover. I was in trouble at the first day, but then I got it clear at the end. And over all, this was a precious thing and a great experience for me. :)

100_0165 xoxo,

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